New Year, New You: Top 10 Beauty Tips For 2018

Most of us make grand-plans for the New Year. We set goals so high that we are often left feeling guilty when they don’t quite work out.

As our trial month (also known as January) comes to an end and 2018 really begins, it could be beneficial to re-evaluate and set new goals for the continuation of the year.

Beauty is a huge industry that most of us get caught up in on the regular. Here are some top tips to stick to in 2018. We will have you ahead of the game and save you some time and money too.

Simple Skin Care

young-naked-womanGone are the days of your 15 step Korean Beauty regime. In 2018, we want to save time and spend less. There will be a rise in multi-purpose and multi-tasking skin and beauty products. This mirrors trends in Japan where products were made with busy schedules in mind. Look out for companies that are creating more “all-in-one” products to save you time and money.

TIP: Find some “one makeup product, whole face” beauty tutorials on YouTube. Let’s just say; I never thought you could achieve a whole makeup look with one eyeshadow palette.

Less Is Best

young-woman-with-lotion-washing-face-at-bathroomNatural makeup was on the rise in 2017. In 2018, we are taking it to the next level. 2017 was “no makeup” makeup,but 2018 is simply no makeup. Think 2016 Alicia Keys and the fact that we all really can’t be bothered putting on a full face only to break out later in the week.

TIP: Try having one focus area for your makeup and make everything else simple. A bold red lip paired with glowing skin, no eye makeup and light feathery brows are the 2018 go to!

Clean And Cruelty-Free Makeup

makeup setWe’ve all seen Legally Blonde. When Bruiser’s mum is saved from the animal testing lab, our hearts melted and we swore to live by cruelty-free makeup and skincare.

With technology constantly evolving and becoming more sanitary, there is no need for testing on animals anymore. There are hundreds of makeup and skin care brands that do not test on animals so making the switch is easier than you think.

Some cruelty-free brands include:

  • The Body Shop
  • Aesop
  • Bareminerals
  • Smashbox
  • Sukin
  • Too Faced
  • Charlotte Tilbury

Support Inclusivity

young-beautiful-woman-applying-make-up-by-make-upThere is no doubt that the beauty industry is introducing more inclusive lines that will suit every skin colour and tone. Make-up is not one size fits all,and it is important to look at what brands are doing and react responsibly.

Tarte recently released a new line of foundations inspired by their multi-million dollar product “Tarte Shape Tape”. 13 out of the 15 shade range catered for people with “porcelain” to “tan” skin shades. There were 2 shades most likely thrown in as an afterthought that catered for people of colour. Assuming that “deep honey” and “mahogany” will work for all deeper skin tones is borderline laughable.

In 2018, look for makeup brands that support inclusivity and cater for all.

Wild Brows

woman-doing-makeup-outsideThe days of paper-thin eyebrows are well and truly out the window. Feathered eyebrows are still at their peak,and it doesn’t look like they are going away.

We are always on the quest to look younger and fresh and brows are our top tip to do it. Brush up your brows to get the 2018 look! For brows this year, the bigger the better!

Natural Hair
girl-with-long-natural-hair-hairstyle-braidI don’t know about everyone else however, the idea of not turning on a heat styler before work is liberating. 2018 is all about embracing your natural state.

Textured and natural waves are on trend and extremely easy to achieve and maintain. Rock some sea salt spray in towel dried hair and watch beachy waves form as it dries. Simply chuck your hair into a low, messy bun and you’re ready for a Friday night!

Average Is Better Than Average

young-women-in-the-car-smiling Larger implants are on the decline, with more clients requesting “average” size implants.

Complementing this, the trend of a teardrop-shaped implant is continuing to rise. The teardrop shape provides a more natural and realistic implant for those seeking a subtle-looking enhancement.

TIP: Stick to our shores to do your plastic surgery. Sure you might save some pennies flying to another country however, the health risks far outweigh a couple of paychecks. Remember, money is replaceable; you’re not!

Non-surgical, The New Surgical
close-up-of-cosmetologist-hands-doing-4d-laserAs the years go by, there are more technology developments and advances in the world of plastic surgery. Non-Invasive surgeries including laser treatments are being used to help shape, tighten and lift. (Yay, no needles!)

Traditional plastic surgery including body contouring and breast augmentations will remain the go-to for dramatic changes.


beautician-make-stone-massage-spa-for-woman 2018 will see a rise in superfoods and collagens. More people are looking to holistic health approaches and vitamins and collagens that support hair growth, glowing skin and tummy healing are here to stay!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is responsible for many things. Below is a list of ways collagen improves our body:

  • Skin, hair and teeth health
  • Reduces joint pain and degeneration
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Protects cardiovascular and liver health

Searches for “self-care” on Pinterest have increased by a whopping 537% this past year. We are looking for more ways to treat ourselves at home and save money on expensive spas.

TIP: Pop some essential oils into your bath, grab a glass of wine and enjoy a staycation.

Skin Touched By The Gods

Whether you have tanned or fair skin, you need be glowing in 2018! With our focus on skin care and looking after our skin in the sun, lather up on sunscreen and embrace your natural skin colour instead.

TIP: Forget the sticky fake tan and turn your sights towards a body shimmer. Grab some body shimmer and with a large stippling brush or beauty blender, add the shimmer to areas of the body that would be naturally kissed by the sun. This will create a natural-looking glow and have everyone asking which beach you went to on the weekend.