Top 6 Benefits of Homemade Foods over Junk Foods

Homemade foods are more beneficial than junk foods. They have higher nutrition content than junk and processed foods, making them good for the body. The only drawback of homemade foods is that they usually take more time to prepare in comparison to pre-packaged junk, processed, and fast foods. However, the additional time needed in preparing them is all worth it since you’ll get several benefits that are good for your overall health.


Why are Junk Foods Bad for you?

Before we discuss all the benefits that homemade foods can provide, it is important for you to learn how junk and processed foods are actually killing you. By knowing exactly why junk foods are bad for you, you will surely be more motivated to switch to the healthier homemade alternatives.

  • Causes weakness and fatigue – It is mainly because they lack the nutrients needed by your body, including vitamins and proteins. Such are essential in maintaining your overall health and ensuring that all parts of your body function optimally.
  • Impairs digestion – This usually happens, especially if you constantly eat fatty junk foods. Such can result to digestion problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome and gastro-esophageal reflux. It is mainly because most junk foods are deep fried, causing excessive amounts of oil to get deposited into your stomach.
  • Makes you prone to developing heart diseases – Junk and processed foods can increase the level of triglyceride and cholesterol in your body, thereby increasing your risk of developing heart disease. In addition, you will most likely gain more weight by eating a lot of junk, making you prone to experiencing heart attacks.

Aside from the mentioned negative effects of excessive intake of junk and processed foods, you will also be at risk of having impaired brain function, blood sugar level fluctuations, liver damage, and kidney disease.


Why Switch to Homemade Foods?

Now that you are aware of the different ways junk foods can damage your health, it is time to learn about the many benefits that you can get from switching to homemade alternatives. Here are six benefits of homemade foods over junk foods:

  1. Healthier ingredients
    In comparison to junk and processed foods, homemade alternatives contain much healthier and more natural ingredients. By preparing foods at home, you will have full control of the ingredients. You can choose to use natural and healthy ingredients, instead of the processed and unhealthy ones.
    Note that the processed foods usually served in restaurants, as well as those sold pre-packed in grocery stores, have extremely high sugar, fat, and sodium content. You can avoid taking in excess amounts of the mentioned ingredients by preparing homemade foods usually composed of fresh and healthy fruits and veggies.
  2. Good for those with food sensitivities and allergies
    By cooking foods at home, you or anyone in your home who has food sensitivity or allergy will stay safe. You will have full control over the foods you prepare at home, as well as the ingredients and portions. That said, you can minimize the risk of eating foods that can trigger allergic reactions.
  3. Reduced risk of developing illnesses
    With homemade foods, you can stick to a diet composed mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables, thereby lowering your risk of acquiring various illnesses, such as stroke and heart attack. It also lets you eat produce regularly, which can protect you from cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity.
    Furthermore, most fruits and vegetables have low-calorie content. They are actually rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals – all of which are vital in improving your health. Junk and processed foods are usually the opposite of them as they are deficient in nutrients while also having high-calorie content, making homemade foods more beneficial as far as your health is concerned.
  4. Prevents the intake of harmful ingredients
    Aside from being deficient in nutrients, junk foods also contain a lot of ingredients that can damage your health. For instance, there is the trans-fat, which is often used in plenty of pre-packaged foods, like crackers, cakes, margarine, and cookies, as well as in fast food restaurants.
    This type of fat can increase the level of bad cholesterol in your body while also bringing down your good cholesterol level, resulting in increased risk of stroke and heart disease. You can avoid this by simply deciding to eat healthy, homemade foods as they usually come in their unprocessed and natural form. Most homemade foods also rarely contain the harmful and processed ingredients usually present in their processed counterparts.
  5. Promotes proper portion control
    A lot of fast foods and restaurants actually offer portions that are larger than what your body needs. However, even if you are aware of that fact, you will still have a hard time resisting the urge to eat all the foods served right in front of you. By deciding to eat at home, you will have full control over the foods that you serve for each meal. The result is a lower risk of getting tempted to eat more than what is necessary.
  6. Helps you save money
    Preparing foods at home is often cheaper than dining out or buying junk and processed foods constantly. Note that eating at restaurants causes you to pay not only for your ordered meals but also for the cost of operating them, including water, staff, building, and lights. We can say the same thing for frozen or pre-packed meals sold at stores.
    This isn’t the case for homemade meals as you have plenty of options to save money. For instance, you can choose to plan your meals for a week. By setting a plan in place, there is a lower risk for you to get tempted to dine out and eat unhealthy foods that are often costly.

Most people are already aware of how damaging junk and processed foods are to their health. It is time to make a change in your eating habits and stick to healthier alternatives in the form of homemade meals. You will thank yourself for making the change, especially once you notice great improvements in your overall health.

Authors Bio –
Claire works in marketing team at Brillopak, a premium quality, Robotic Packaging Systems and palletising machine manufactures in United Kingdom. In a former life, Claire worked as a content specialist and she loves writing, reading & cooking.