Types of Dental Braces and Its Benefits

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Misshapen or misaligned teeth can affect the overall appearance. It impacts your self-confidence and self-esteem. What’s the recourse? Your dentist will recommend you to get dental braces. But dental braces can be frightening if you have never worn them earlier.

Even though it’s difficult to implement the idea of wearing braces, it carries numerous benefits with it. Braces are designed to enhance your appearance. If you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, dislocated teeth or incorrectly laced jaw points, braces can set them in the perfect position and shape. If you overlook these problems concerning incorrect jaw positions, crooked or crowded teeth, it can result in damage tooth, tooth decay, gum diseases, speech problems etc.

Usually, the right time to wear braces is between 10 to 14 years of age. In between this period milk teeth is replaced by permanent teeth. But if you think wearing braces can be embarrassing as an adult, you need to reconsider this thought. Even though braces are mostly worn by children, it is designed for adults too. Tooth problems can happen to anyone irrespective of their age. Not everyone gets the opportunity to wear braces in childhood due to financial constraints or lack of awareness. But age should not be a bar constraining you. There is no other orthodontic treatment better than braces to deal with teeth and jaw-related issues.

Types of Dental Braces

teeth-model-with-wired-dental-bracesThere are different types of dental braces with that you can choose from as per the doctor’s recommendation. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Traditional Metal Braces– These braces are created from metal. They contain wires and brackets. Braces are attached to the teeth of the individual and their positioning is adjusted as per the need.
    Recently, heat-activated archwires have been made part of traditional metal braces. Previously it was difficult for an individual to chew food while wearing traditional braces. Now, with the addition of archwires, bodily heat present in the mouth gets utilized to enable swift movement of braces.
    If you have budget constraints, you should go for traditional metal braces. They are inexpensive and effective. They are most commonly used across the world. But, if you are the type who gets conscious easily, they may not be appropriate for you. It’s because they are easily visible and cannot be hidden from the view. You can use colourful bands to cover your metal braces and make them appear attractive.
  2. Ceramic Braces– Ceramic braces are not very different from traditional metal braces. They resemble in shape and size. The only difference lies in the material they are created from. These dental braces are made from ceramic. These braces have a colour similar to that of the teeth and hence less noticeable.
    These braces are more expensive comparatively. Hence, not everyone can afford them. They play the same role as traditional braces by aligning the teeth into their correct position. Because they are less noticeable, people use them without any apprehension. These braces require utmost care once an individual starts wearing them. It’s because they have a tendency to get stained after prolonged use and this can affect your orofacial appearance.
  3. Lingual Braces– If you have worn traditional braces in the past, lingual braces would be nothing new for you. Both are made out of metal. Where traditional braces are attached to the outside portion of the teeth, lingual braces are attached on the inside. Because these braces are placed inside of the teeth, they are not visible. But when it comes to adjusting the teeth alignment, they take more time than traditional braces. Hence, they are less effective. It is difficult to clean these braces simply because they are attached on the inside of teeth. They can cause a lot of unease and discomfort when they collide with the tongue.
  4. Invisalign– If you are uncomfortable with wires and brackets involved in braces, you should go for Invisalign. It consists of aligners that are placed over the teeth. These aligners are plastic made. The aligners can be easily removed and replaced by another set of aligners. You would need something between 18-30 aligners to achieve the target teeth alignment. This type of brace blends in the background and hence is inconspicuous. You will have the freedom to eat and drink as per your choice with negligible restraints. These braces are expensive. You braces are expensive. These are not suitable for correcting major dental problems.
  5. Self-Ligating Braces- These braces resemble traditional metal braces. Clips hold the wires together which makes it easier to clean the teeth and braces. If you need a perfect tooth alignment in a limited period, this will be the most appropriate choice. But if you have financial constraints, these braces may appear costly.

close-up-of-dental-braces-in-the-mouthOnce you start wearing braces, you will experience dull pain in your mouth. You will have to avoid solid food at all costs. It is better if you plan a diet that includes smoothies, milkshakes as liquids can be easily sipped in. A week or two after you start wearing braces, you can begin eating solid food. Ask your dentist to prepare a list of all the food items that you have to abstain from or avoid during the treatment.

If you want your braces to achieve the desired result, don’t take them out during the treatment. You should brush your teeth after consuming food to remove food particles stuck in your braces. Don’t skip brushing your teeth twice a day at any cost if you can’t brush after every meal. Flossing is mandatory to clean gums.

Braces are a blessing for people who have not been gifted perfectly aligned set of teeth. If you want to spot a beautiful and bright smile, you need to wear braces temporarily. Find a dental clinic that provides the required services. Schedule an appointment with them and get your braces in no time. If you are looking for dental treatment in Kochi, Kerala, Dentique Dental Clinic would be the perfect place to get the best treatment with an estimate of the expenditures involved in treatment and decide accordingly.