6 Various Types of Foot Diseases Treated in A Foot Clinic

Podiatry is a branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the foot and the lower extremities of the human body. A foot clinic provides treatment for a plethora of foot diseases. These clinics are run by professional podiatrists. From minor foot problems such as ankle sprains to major foot diseases such as neuromas, a trained podiatrist in a foot clinic is capable of treating all types of foot problems.

The Various Foot Diseases Treated in A Foot Clinic Have Been Discussed Here.

#1. Heel pain

heel-painHeel pain makes walking and standing very difficult for the patient. Heel pain can be caused due to inflammation of the tissues covering the heel bone or at the sole between toe and heels. This is a condition called plantar fasciitis. A spike of bone detached from the heel bone can also cause heel pain. This condition is called heel spur. The cause is diagnosed and a suitable treatment is provided to the patient. Cushioning the area, stretching and physiotherapy are commonly employed to reduce pain. Steroid injection to relieve the inflammation can also be given if the pain does not subside.

#2. Ankle sprain

ankle-sprainAnkle sprain is caused due to high force exerted on the ligaments of the ankle which results in tear or excessive stretching. Pain and swelling are the common symptoms of ankle sprain. The podiatrist uses ice packs and compressive bandages to treat the problem. Surgery is done when the ligaments are damaged severely.

#3. Hammertoe

hammertoeIn this condition, the toe becomes flexed or bent at the middle joint and looks like a hammer. Corns and calluses can then develop on deformed joint. Hammertoe is usually caused by wearing tight shoes or high heels. This is a painful condition and requires treatment. The patient is prescribed to wear soft footwear with a wide toe space to relief pain. Muscle exercises to strengthen the toe muscles are also taught to the patient. In case of severe condition, the podiatrist may recommend hammertoe surgery to correct defect.

#4. Arch pain

arch-painPain and swelling under the ball of the foot which extends towards the toes is the main symptom of arch pain. It is caused by plantar plate tear which is a ligament attached to the toe bone. The podiatrist takes X-ray of the area to assess the extent of tear. Ultrasound can also be performed to know the issue. Treatment modalities include anti-inflammatory medicines, using altered footwear, toe strapping and offloading the forefoot by using paddings. Surgery may be done for repairing the plantar plate in extreme cases.

#5. Diabetic foot care

foot-carePeople suffering from diabetes can develop a number of foot diseases such as poor blood flow, diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot ulcers. Therefore, diabetic patients should visit a foot clinic every six month in order to get their foot checked for the diabetic foot diseases. Complete foot check involving skin condition, capillary refill, response to hot and cold stimulations, foot posture, etc. are carried out by the podiatrist. Foot check ensures that the diabetic foot diseases are detected in the early stages and effectively treated. Preventive measures are also suggested to the patients.

#6. Ingrown nail

Ingrown-nailIngrown nail is a condition in which the edge of the nail curls inwards to cut into the toe. This is a painful condition which leads to inflammation and infection of the toe. The podiatrist removes the nail from the flesh and dresses up the nail using bandages and antiseptic.

A number of other foot diseases treated in a foot clinic are lower back pain, pediatric lateral foot pain, corns and calluses, athlete’s foot, rheumatoid arthritis and much more.

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