Want to Stay in Shape? Work with a personal Trainer Today!

In today’s world of irresistible fast foods, ever increasing fast food chains and non-stop commercials of mouth-watering high calorie dishes, it is very difficult to stay in shape. Today, obesity is a real issue among children and these fast food chains and irrational eating habits are to be blamed for that. Even though they are the direct culprits, many other factors add on to the problem of obesity. Earlier, people used to walk or cycle to the nearest store and often to their workplace. Now, with ever-increasing car numbers, this trend of walking and cycling has fallen behind. Moreover, even in offices most of the works are mainly desktop jobs, thus people do nothing but just keep sitting in front of their laptops for 7 to 8 hours straight. Even children stay huddled up in their homes with video games and television, and hardly engage in outdoor activities like they did few decades back. All these small reasons add up to make people unfit and obese. It is almost like people have forgotten how to lead a healthy life. The want of taking the shortcut for every possible thing lead to all the innovations to lure people, and in turn, has turned people into lazy beings.

Turning into non-functional beings have grave threats on health. A wide variety of serious health issues can arise from being unfit and obese. Some of them can be life threatening as well. People are slowly becoming aware of this scary side of the story and trying to take every step possible to put an end to this. Apart from keeping away from all the deep-fried greasy good, people have also started taking exercise seriously. People have been trying their best to adopt healthy practices and take out some time from their busy schedule for heading to the gym. The earlier people realize the importance of staying healthy, the better it is for their long-term health. However, with all the workload, it is always not possible for people to make time for gym without proper motivation. In order to give that motivation, your personal fitness coach has a major role to play in your fitness routine.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer


A gym without trainer is pointless. With rows and rows of complicated machines, you will hardly know which one to use. This problem can easily be solved if the gym comes with a personal fitness coach who will keep in mind the wellbeing of all its members. The personal trainer will know exactly what you would need and chalk out a fitness chart accordingly. He/she will motivate you throughout and make it seem like achieving fitness is not just your goal but also theirs. There are a few private gyms that are quite famous and branded. Ellis Stockwell is a gym in North London where the personal trainers work as your very own fitness coach. They have 30 years of experience in designing programme that would fit you like a glove, both in and out of the gym. They guarantee to support and motivate you throughout and help you achieve your fitness goal. Here are the benefits of working with a personal trainer:

  • Foster confidence and commitment: The concept of living a happy and healthy life seems to be very simple but the real challenge is making it happen! Some ways by which you can achieve this is to have self-esteem, being confident and believing in your own self. Many studies have shown that your strength levels and body weight are positively correlated with your self-esteem and confidence. The main goal of training should not be to weigh a certain kilograms but to adjust the variables according to your body. This will keep on instilling confidence little by little every week and motivate you to move forward. Adjusting the variables according to an individual’s body type and condition is not an easy job. It can only be done by personal fitness trainers with years of experience.
  • Know your body’s movements: A good trainer will educate and teach you on all your body movements. When you will have a grip over the best way of carrying out certain movements, you can try out various methods of treating sore or tight muscles with utmost care. Even if you know about proper movements in order to solve problems, there will always be some better way of doing it. A good personal coach with experience will care to educate and elaborate on why and how some exercises are crucial in improving postures than the others.
  • Customize workout plan: A general and loosely designed workout plan can never deliver the desired results on time. For magical results you would need a customized workout plan tailor-made for your body. This can only be done by an experienced fitness trainer. From his experience, the coach will know what programme will suit your body type the best and what can help you achieve the desired results. So by creating customized workout plan, a personal trainer helps you to achieve your ultimate fitness goal by keeping your overall fitness level in mind.
  • Be mentally stronger: Adaptability, integrity and accountability are the most crucial features that you need for achieving not only fitness goals but any goal in your life. Personal fitness coach will help you to strengthen these characteristics even further so that you can reap the best results in the long run. With each step they will remind you of these features that will set the basic foundation for a meaningful and joyous life.
  • Never lets you escape: When there are no personal trainers, it is very easy to escape workout sessions every now and then by making every excuse possible. However, it is hardly the case when you are under the guidance of a fitness trainer. No matter what the situation is, he will ensure that you are staying in your regular fitness sessions. As a result of this, you can achieve your ultimate fitness goal in a very short period of time with undivided motivation and determination.
  • Makes exercising fun: Workout can feel like carrying out daily chores if you do the same exercise each on every day. In this way you can easily lose interest and may never turn up ever again! This is exactly where a personal trainer comes in as a saviour. A fitness trainer can easily change the picture and turn a monotonous workout session into an absolute fun session! With all his/her experience, the fitness trainer will have a lot of tricks up his sleeves which can make our workout session ten times more interesting.
  • Gets you results: Achieving your fitness goals all by yourself may seem possible and easy in the initial stage but once you start going down that lane, you realize how difficult it actually is! Losing out even a pound can be a great challenge and gradually all the body aches may overpower your desire. So working with a personal trainer is highly beneficial for you as he would help you to identify and set goals that are tangible in order to get faster results.

The path of fitness is not an easy one, but still if you want to make it a bit more bearable, it is always advisable to work with a personal trainer. Whenever you will feel blue and hopeless, he will always be there to bring you right on track!