Water hacks to stay hydrated & healthy

You’ve probably been in a situation before where the one thing you crave over all else is something to drink, just any decent-tasting and not dangerous liquid to wet your lips and pass down your throat. While beer and wine have their charm, the one drink we should prize above all else is the simplest one – water.

Humans can last for nearly a month without food, although those of us relishing a sizeable dinner would challenge this observation. However, we wouldn’t last a week without water. Still, as YouGov found in the course of their research, 17% of people would not drink any water on a typical day.

There are numerous reasons why daily consumption of water is vital. For one, your body loses a lot of water through breathing, sweating and digestion, so it’s essential that this is replenished through consumption to redress the balance. A regular intake of water will also help your blood to circulate more freely and keep your joints lubricated, while externally it helps your skin to achieve a fuller and more radiant appearance.

Water might not seem like the most appetising drink in the world, but it can be enjoyed in forms such as tea or flavoured with herbs to give it a more refreshing taste. It is far healthier than relying on sugar-rich soft drinks and, as this infographic from Study Medicine Europe shows, can act as an effective substitute once you get into the habit of consuming it several times a day.

Water hacks to stay hydrated & healthy

Infographic Source: https://www.studymedicineeurope.com/images/water-hacks-stay-hydrated-infographic.jpg