9 Ways to Handle Menopause

Menopause is the time that marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is the end of the production of estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries, along with the cessation of the menstrual cycle for up to one year.

Menopause often occurs in women around the age of 50 and is a point in her life when she hasn’t had her period for a year.

To be fair, a lot of women find the idea of menopause uplifting, especially given the absence of the monthly ‘chore’. However, menopause is often accompanied by a number of symptoms that can be negative in their impact.

What are these symptoms?
young-sick-woman-sitting-on-hospital-bedThe symptoms of menopause include: hot flashes, night sweats, increased anxiety, frequent urination, increased irritability, fatigue and a few others. As symptoms may vary from person to person, treatment is usually tailored to fit the woman in question.

So, what next?
woman-questioning-in-front-of-a-blank-wallThat there is a pause at the end of the word does not mean every other aspect of a woman’s life needs to be put on hold too. Menopause simply means you’re getting older, not that you are actually old. In fact, menopause should be seen as the start of a new chapter.

How do you handle menopause like a boss?
portrait-of-masseur-in-spa-salonYou can choose to walk through menopause like it’s just another challenge you’re sure to overcome. Here are some tips to take with you.

Nurture your body
young-woman-eating-healthy-eco-foodEat well. Consume more vegetables and fruits; supplement your body with beneficial diet additions; drink enough water; take as much protein as you need; eat at the right time and regularly. Also, take up exercising or yoga. You don’t need to over-work yourself. Try walking, aerobics and anything that keeps your body in shape. Exercising gives you the feeling of control over your body, keeps you fit and helps ease tension.

Shed excess weight
wooden-fork-wrapped-tape-measureMenopausal symptoms may be magnified if you’re carrying excess weight. If your job is sedentary and has made you gain weight, then find time to do some exercise daily. In addition to helping you shed extra weight; exercises are proven stress relievers and can also improve your mood and sleeping habits.

This is also the time to stop smoking. According to a research, women who smoke heavily are likely to start experiencing the symptoms of menopause earlier by as much as 2 years. They are also prone to more hot flashes, added the study by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

Stay cool and hydrated
senior-woman-holding-a-glass-of-waterAs much as you can, make sure the temperature around you is at a breezy, comfortable level. Leave the windows open for more natural air. If indoors, keep the thermostat at a cool level and have your wipes handy to ensure you’re always feeling and smelling fresh.

Also remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to help manage the symptoms of menopause better. Be sure ice water is always within reach, whether at home, in the office or at meetings.

When you drink lots of water, the puffiness under your eyes can disappear, as well as the dark circles. You may also notice the occasional stiffness and discomfort in your hands go too. You’ll get relieved of your joint aches and your skin will glow as new.

Dress for convenience
detail-of-woman-dress-in-sunlightFocus more on clothing that makes you comfortable, especially layered dresses. This is to allow you peel away pieces during a hot flash when outdoors or at the workplace; and so you can then wear them back on later if you need to warm up.

Loose clothes are a preferred option as you’re likely to sweat less in them. Skip on silk, wool, and other stuffed or tight-fitting fabrics which can trap heat and increase your body temperature. Instead, wear clothes that ‘breathe’ and allow good air flow through them.

Be positive
happy-cheerful-young-woman-have-positive-newsThere is nothing as positive as a well-balanced mind. Mix with people who radiate sunlight if you need to, and indulge in laughter and other fun activities. Go out with friends, read a book, go and see a movie, watch the stars, or go sightseeing. In short, do what you need to do to keep your spirits up.

Find a hobby
rear-view-of-woman-hands-at-her-hips-observingYou might have one already, but time and more prioritized activities may have pushed it aside. Hobbies are great stress relievers, involving doing what you enjoy and want, just because you can. Grab that book, work the garden, join that cooking group or take a dancing class.

Rest as much as you need to
red-haired-girl-smiles-enjoying-the-suns-raysWomen are known for multitasking. Even sleep is multitasked. Make room for rest, even if you have to say ‘no’ to some other things or other people.

Pace your body, sleep when you should, relax when you can and enjoy every bit of it. If you’re already used to going without so much sleep, say no more. Our bodies have the ability to readjust when needed. Therefore, set new sleep limits and learn to adhere to them.

Pamper yourself
women face washGive yourself treats when you need to; massages, foot rubs or eating out instead of cooking. When you think of being pampered, you know all the things that come to mind, so indulge every once in a while.

Get an expert opinion
When something is generalized, we often feel we already have all the information needed. However, experts are experts for a reason. Get in touch with a menopause specialist, who is well versed with the menopause lifestyle and find out all you need to, especially when there’s something you don’t understand; symptoms are often identical in different situations. It never hurts to find out more than you already know.

Menopause symptoms can last for four months to four years. Short or long-termed, you’ll agree that it’s better to make the best of every moment. You can’t control these things, how long they’ll last, when they’ll begin or end. However, you can control how you handle them. That is the most amazing thing about being a boss.