Ways to Stay Healthy

According to a well-known proverb “Health is Wealth.” Getting to know and implement the fundamental secrets of healthy life is not as tricky as it seems. It is as natural as breathing. The key is consistently following specific dos and don’ts.


In this post, we will elaborate ten ways to stay healthy.

1. Get Enough Sleep:

woman-sleeping-sunny-morningIn today’s fast pace life, many people do not sleep for the adequate amount of time. It is the most destructive thing we can do. Improper sleeping patterns can lead to various physical and mental disorders, and those disorders can consequently take you near the pool of death. It can result in high blood pressure, heart attacks and adversely affect metabolism and immune system. During sleep, body repairs its damaged cells. It is not possible when the person is awake. According to physicians, healthy person needs at least eight hours of sound sleep every night.
If you have any difficulty, try different relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga or massage therapy. Solve the sleeping issues as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can never maintain the healthy life.

Make sure that you wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. Irregular sleeping patterns are the main cause of many disorders.

2. Drink enough water:
young-woman-in-sportswear-with-a-bottleWater is what most of the human body is composed of. It is the fundamental building block of life. Make sure you stay hydrated all the time. It is the best natural cleanser for all organs of our body. The body uses water in all its cells, organs to regulate the temperature and perform other functions. It aids in digestion and aids in removing body wastes. Make sure you at least take eight to ten glasses of water every day. It also makes our skin glow.

If you are extra careful about your looks, try different skin moisturizers and skin cleansers along with water. It will help you achieve that fresh and glowing skin you have always dreamed of.

3. Choose your diet wisely:
smiling-nutritionist-showing-healthy-dietNot every dish is right for your body. Choose your diet very carefully. Avoid too spicy foods. They are harmful to stomach. Many oily dishes are also not recommended as they can lead to obesity. Have fresh fruits and vegetables. Make whole grains part of your diet. Look for rich sources of protein like fish and poultry. Eat appropriate amount of other meat sources. Overuse of meat can cause heart problems. Avoid highly processed food. Do not overeat. Make sure you give your body proper time to digest food.

4. Never skip breakfast:
mature-businessman-having-breakfast-in-a-hotelMissing the breakfast is the most common unhealthy habit. We wake up late, run towards the office and skip breakfast in fear of getting late. This is the evilest thing you can do to your body. Wake up early and have proper breakfast.

It will prepare your body for the day. It will provide you energy sufficient for going through the mental and physical exertion throughout the day. It controls blood-sugar level.

5. Stay Calm & Happy:
young-couple-in-the-morningStress and depression cause many health problems. These disorders might be heart troubles or digestive issues. Manage your stress by any mean. Learn how to control anxiety, and it will help you a lot in daily life and keep you away from many problems. In today’s life, it is a bit difficult to avoid stress but dealing with it is not much difficult and will never be. There are many relaxation therapies like yoga or massage etc. Exercise can also help you combat depression.

6. Exercise:
exercising-in-naturePhysical activity is essential for good and healthy life. It is commonly observed that people who are physically active have better health as compared to those who are not physically active. Incorporate exercise into your daily life. It will keep you healthy and fit. According to US department of health and human services, every adult should indulge in highly intense aerobic activity for one hundred and fifty minutes each week. Increasing the duration would result in more health benefits. It improves blood circulation in every part of body and de-accelerates the aging process. If you want to live longer, but you do not exercise, it is like you want to drink the glass of water, but you stay away from it.

7. Work On Your Social Connections:
young-adults-using-smartphones-in-a-circle-socialFriends and family ties improve your health, believe it or not. Good social life is inextricably intertwined with good health. Good relations are beneficial for your mental health. Make new friends now and then. Try to make new connections. If there is any problem in old relations, fix it as soon as possible. Do not keep grudges. Do not be workaholic. Manage time for your friends and family.

According to the survey conducted by Washington State Department of Social and Health services, people with strong social ties live longer and have stronger immune systems.

8. Be Expressive:
expressive-woman-dancing-in-studioThere is no agony greater than bearing an untold story inside you. It can cause stress or emotional breakdown. These problems come along with physical symptoms. Not expressing your feelings can lead to irregular sleeping and eating patterns. Learn to discuss your feelings with trusted people. Express them through any mean. If you are too much introvert, writing down your thoughts on paper would also be helpful.

Social connections are of no use if you do not express. You will be walking amid the crowds, but still be lonely.

9. Stay Away From Drugs:
gang-members-meeting-for-selling-and-buying-drugsIn today’s world, drug addiction is lurking around the humanity like a wild beast. It is the biggest threat to our health. Stay away from the drugs. All drugs have similar chemical effects on the brain. These effects may vary from person to person, depending upon age, sex, the amount used, purity of drug and other parameters. Drugs weaken our immune system. Short-term effects of drugs are hallucinations, cognitive dysfunction, slurred speech, mood swings, concentration troubles, itching skin, drowsiness and memory impairments. Long-term effects are suicidal ideation, irritability, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. They also increase the probability of mouth cancer, liver cancer, and throat cancer.

10. Get Your Regular Check-ups:
the-patient-and-his-doctor-in-medical-officeIt can prevent any small problem from turning into the big issue. Routine checkups are vital. You need to make sure that everything is okay. If you have insurance, take full advantage of it. Utilize all the services of it. These regular checkups should be part of your routine, even when you are healthy and fit. It is much easy to address any disease if it is diagnosed at early stages. Do self-exams, get suspicious moles checked out. If something is abnormal, take action with your doctor.

Author bio:
SaniaSania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.