What Is Good for Shoulder Pain?

When you hear a word pain, it means it is not a very comfortable thing to bear. Shoulder pains can be very bothering in anything you do, from basic chores to your job among other things, this is because our arms entirely depend on the shoulder muscles, so imagine failing to even move your hands because of shoulder pains. Shoulder pains can be caused by a verity of things; it may be caused by tendon inflammation or maybe impingement, which occurs when the shoulder blade exerts pressure on the soft layers below it, the most common cause of shoulder pain is actually sleeping on one side for a long time, it is not a disease, all in all, pain is pain it doesn’t matter where it comes from. The very common way to deal with shoulder pains is massage, however, this needs special kinds of massage that can work better for your shoulder’s relief, some of these types of massage include;

1. Swedish massage

young-and-healthy-woman-in-spa-salon-traditionalWell, this is the most common massage that is preferred by massage experts, this is because it is more effective when it comes to muscle relaxation. Swedish massage is also best for muscle pains and muscle cramps, it helps the muscles to relax and the pain goes away. So how is this massage done? There are various ways in which Swedish massage can be done, these includes.

  • Petrissage-this type of Swedish massage involves kneading the affected muscles while applying a little pressure, however, pressure increases as the process goes on, this will help the tense muscles to relax and as a result the pain will go away.
  • Tapotement– just from the name, this massage type involves tapping the affected muscle, the shoulder muscles in our case. When this massage is being done, the tap is very gentle not the one that can add pain to the client so you shouldn’t be afraid of this.
  • Effleurage-this involves making strokes along the length of the muscles, this process is normally done when massage is beginning and also ending
  • Friction– this technique involves applying pressure to the affected muscle so that it can release, it is very effective when dealing with muscles in pain.

2. Trigger point massage.

young-man-at-the-physio-therapyThis type of massage is very effective because it goes much deeper than the Swedish pain. This kind of massage targets the points that is not paining but is has a tight muscle that causes pain to other places, for instance in the case of shoulder pain the pain might be coming from another point like from the neck or from the back. These points are called trigger points.

So, this kind of massage focuses on releasing this trigger points that brings pain in other parts, it is suitable for shoulder pains just in case the pain is caused by a trigger point from another place because it is done just at a specific point and not the whole body like other types of massage. The outcome of this massage is a great relief from pain and again it can be instant just after finishing the massage the pain goes away. If you get in such a situation and you cannot move you should call in home service therapist like My Home Therapy

3. Deep tissue massage

physiotherapist-performs-deep-and-de-contractingThis is the type of massage that is responsible mostly for treating pain in the muscles. It involves applying of a deep pressure at the specific area that is affected. This massage is very suitable for shoulder pain because it involves a process that exerts a lot of pressure, since shoulder muscles are quite hard and the pain might just be arising from the very deep tissues of the shoulder muscles. This can be a very vigorous process, not as light as one may think and it may even leave you with a sore, but of course it is very effective

4. Chair massage

young-woman-getting-massage-in-chair-in-therapyThis is actually the best massage if you are experiencing shoulder pains because it is majorly focused around the neck, the shoulder and back pains. How does it work? In this type of massage, as a client you sit and face the chair so that the massage is focused on the shoulders. For this massage you only need to expose the part that is to be massaged and not the whole body. It is best for a quick massage, for instance if you instantly feel some pain on the shoulder you can easily get a therapist and get on with it, and for a short time you are done, it acts quite fast, you will feel better just a few minutes when you finish.

5. Hot stone muscles.

lastone-therapyIn this kind of massage, as the name suggests, a hot stone is used to relax your muscles, funny right? Well, you don’t need to be afraid; the stones are quit smooth you won’t even feel like it is a stone. This is the best relaxing method, but it is quite effective tool in relieving pain especially shoulder pains. The heat from the stones play a very big role in easing up the tension of the affected muscles hence the pain goes away.

6. Sports massage.

sports-massageQuite contradicting right? Sports and shoulder, well you are probably thinking this massage is specific for sportsmen but it is not only for them, it is for relieving pain in specific; this makes it suitable for shoulder pain. This type of massage is the best because it involves almost all techniques in massage. It is quite effective.

To sum up on this, you realize that shoulder muscles are very important because they facilitate the movement of the arms, if you experience pain in the shoulder muscles you should immediately find a therapist to get massaged for relief. The above discussed massage techniques are the best for shoulder pains, so if one time you will have to choose then consider one of them that you feel will be appropriate.