Why Gardening is Good for Your Health

By now you know that here at Keep Healthy Living we are all about helping you live longer, healthier life. That is why we were delighted when the people at WhatShed got in touch with us to share this fantastic infographic about the amazing health benefits of gardening. We know that at first thought, gardening and health benefits may sound like an odd mix, but keep on reading to see why gardening could be the best thing for your physical and mental health.

If we take a look at the physical benefits, first of all, you can see that gardening is a wonderful way to keep your body ticking and healthy. If you are a person who loves to watch those calories, then gardening can really help burn calories in a very productive way. To give you an idea of how good gardening is when it comes to burning calories. Just a couple hours gardening can burn the same amount of calories as busting your butt in the gym for an hour. Moving around the garden, doing things like potting plants, moving stuff around and just taking care of the things you are growing is going to really give your body a good workout.

We know that taking care of our bodies is important to live a full and healthy life, but what about our mental health? Well, gardening does a great job in taking care of your mental health. You can get rid of stress, feel happier and in general, all the studies that have been done show that people who are gardeners are happier and far less likely to be stressed out.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, growing your own incredible looking plants, having a beautiful glass greenhouse full of tasty, organic and healthy food to eat! So if you are looking for a hobby that is going to fit in with your healthy lifestyle, gardening is it.


Infographic Source: http://whatshed.co.uk/why-gardening-is-good-for-your-health/