Why Traveling Alone Was the Best Thing I Did as a Mom

Being a mom to three kids, I always thought that me traveling without my family would be the most daunting experience for us all.

How will my husband juggle his job, the kids, and the house? Will my kids be okay without me? What will I do alone in a foreign land? Will I be safe?

Even though these questions occupied my mind, I decided to take the plunge one fine day and try solo traveling. Ever since, I have been taking a break from everything and everyone to explore unknown destinations all by myself.

Vacationing solo has been a life changer for me (I am addicted to it now). Here are a few reasons why I am so passionate about taking time out of my busy schedule for lone trips.

1. To Connect with Myself

super-mom-with-baby-boy-hiking-in-backpackBeing social beings, what often scares us humans the most is loneliness and the lack of social endorsement. Traveling alone, however, encourages us to fall in love with solitude. Solitude is being one with ourselves (it doesn’t necessarily mean we are lonely).

At home or during family vacations, I am often fraught with the logistics of making things work, completing routine chores, or prioritizing others.

As moms, we are so busy getting through the day that we often miss the opportunity to connect with our inner self or think about our purpose in life.

Going away alone makes me mindful of my thoughts and appreciate the world around me in a manner that is not filtered by anyone else other than the locals. I connect with myself, dream, and make me-plans.

What I enjoy the most about traveling alone is that I can live life at my own pace, stop by a place that interests me, and spend carefree hours sipping wine and absorbing the moment. I have done this on several occasions! I was in Tuscany last year when I simply stopped by a terrace restaurant to marvel at the stunning mountainous landscape while enjoying my caffè al ginseng. It helped me take a break, set new goals, and feel recharged.

2. To Shed My Fears and Insecurities

mother-and-baby-son-in-a-camper-vanAt first, traveling alone seemed scary and overwhelming. My mind was always full of scenarios where I would be exposed to an intimidating foreign environment in the absence of my near and dear ones.

Though traveling with family and friends offers a bit of comfort and security in a new environment, it often deprives us of excitement, exploration, and adventure that come with solo traveling.

Traveling alone helps me confront my inner fears and insecurities. Rather than looking for social support, solitary travel triggers a flight-or-fight response in me.

For instance, when went to Botswana, I aspired to complete the adventure tour through the lush Okavango Delta wetlands. On several occasions, I almost gave up as I wasn’t used to living in the wild and had never been exposed to the harsh tropical climate. However, I met several fellow trekkers who offered the necessary encouragement to complete the expedition, thereby enabling me to enjoy the wilderness and overcome my apprehensions. When I finally completed the tour, I felt empowered and victorious.

3. To Make New Friends

daughter-and-mother-at-the-seaI am no social butterfly; however, traveling pushed me to overcome my awkwardness of interacting with strangers. Solo vacations are highly invigorating and social as I always tend to bump into someone who has an incredible story or an important life lesson to share.

Hanging out by myself enables me to meet like-minded people from around the globe and learn about their culture and take on life. One thing that helps me make a connection with fellow travelers is the common passion we share for travel and adventure and our ability to tell stories.

4. To Value My Health

travel-hitchhiker-woman-walking-on-a-roadWithout a doubt, traveling alone encourages me to take charge of my physical and mental health. Solo wandering around the planet allows me to pack my bag, and disconnect from technology and my mundane life.

I have learned to take care of my health by eating healthy, going for massage therapies, and enrolling in yoga and meditation sessions. In fact, when I was in New Jersey, I visited this wellness cafe that used cannabidiol or CBD oil, balms, and tinctures that helped me unwind and get rid of stress. For once, I learned to relax and care for my health using natural products!

Nobody deserves invigorating solo trips more than us mothers as we tend to lose ourselves in the devotion of caring for our families. My relationships are important to me; however, my solo adventures taught me that detaching from the ones we love once in a while and prioritizing ourselves is important too! That’s what gets me going on these rejuvenating solitary trips.

Author Bio :

Joy-SmithJoy Smith is a speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, mother of four, and grandmother of six. After trying a number of poor quality CBD products, she teamed up with her family to develop an organically grown, full spectrum hemp oil to help people who suffer from a wide array of ailments. Visit Joy’s website to learn more https://joyorganics.com/