The Look of Success: Why You Need to have a Good Body Posture

Ever notice how active most successful people are? See how they move around gleefully and effortlessly? What most people don’t notice about them is how their good posture affects their overall mood, productivity, and well-being. Proper body positioning is synonymous with positivity and wellness.

What is good posture and why is it that important? “Posture” refers to the body’s proper alignment and positioning. Posture has a lot of influence on how people move and do their work. Whether it’s running, standing, or just sleeping, proper positioning is crucial towards smooth functioning.
Admittedly, a lot of people have a hard time maintaining good posture because of years of unknowingly doing and keeping unhealthy practices.

When people are used to a wrong position such as slouching, the body adjusts whenever a person begins to move into proper position. Due to these “adjustments,” the body becomes rigid. Pain and discomfort begin to manifest if you try to change this bad habit.

Due to the discomfort that most people feel, they revert to their original posture. People should know, however, that the pain is only temporary as the body is trying to adjust itself. Whenever a good position begins to maintain itself on the human body, a lot of benefits start to show themselves.

Good Body PostureNot only does posture affect the physical and physiological aspects of the human body, but it also affects the psychological aspect. Employers often have high regards for applicants that maintain composure and proper posturing during interviews and applications. Candidates who possess such qualities are more likely to get hired.

As mentioned earlier, posture also has something to do with the mood and productivity of a human being. When people do practice proper positioning, other people are surely quick to notice the “positive aura” around them.

People that slouch, however, is seen as someone boring and not exciting. Those who work and perform proper posturing are more productive and helpful during their shifts. However, a worrying trend that is slowly creeping up is that a lot of people have bad posture habits than those people with good posturing.

Here are some of the effects of having a bad body posture.

Worsens Depression
women shouldersWhether it’s walking or sitting, having bad posture habits can significantly affect a person’s outlook. Slouching is one of those bad habits that people often overlook. Those who slouch are more likely to feel gloomy and depressed as compared to those who maintained a straight back.

Due to the deep roots of humans and posture, vocabulary even makes it a point that words correctly describe proper body positioning: People who are wicked and cowardly are called “spineless,” while those who are proud and positive have a “backbone.”

Problems with Jobs
job interviewMentioned earlier, an employer looks at subtle changes in an applicant during interviews. These changes are mannerisms, choice of words, and of course, posturing. A company often looks for people with positive outlooks. That explains why a lot of life coaches resent people from crossing their arms, tapping the floor with their feet, and slouching.

All of the acts mentioned above denote negative energy and anxiety. A company would never hire someone that looks tired all the time. For a plus on the employment list, always maintain a good posture during interviews.

Keep a straight back, with eyes forward looking at the interviewer. Don’t look anywhere else because it is a sure way to tell if you are distracted. Always use the right choice of words and present that image of confidence.

Your arms should be firmly on your lap or the side of the chair. Avoid unnecessary movements such as tapping the floor with your foot or chewing gum.

Death and Disease
girl sleepingIf a person insists on keeping their posturing habits then they’re in for a surprise: Having bad body posture increases the chances of illness and dying. The body itself will tell the person that something is wrong.

Improper positioning causes problems with blood flow in the body. Blood carries oxygen all throughout the body. With irregular posturing, blood is unable to flow properly, therefore, reducing the oxygen levels in some parts of the body. Having low oxygen level means that the body cannot regenerate well enough to repair any damages inside.

These are just a few horrible examples of what a bad posture can do to a human body. With that said, those people with good posturing experience exactly the opposite. They are more invigorated, active, and productive. Maintaining a good posture isn’t that hard. Here are some tips.

girl-thinking-laptopWork is the most common place for people to slouch and unknowingly commit unnatural posturing. For an average employee working in regular white collar jobs, sitting down on a chair for 12 hours straight is very real. Being seated in such uncomfortable conditions for prolonged periods is the main reason why people develop back problems.

It is advisable for an employee to go on breaks for 15 minutes to an hour every working day. By just standing up, a release of pressure from certain parts of your body happens. Standing up also hastens blood circulation.

girl-yoga-naturalOnce a person is standing up, he or she should move slowly and gradually stretch their extremities. Stretching loosens up muscles and painful knots in the body. These knots are the ones that cause discomfort when a person tries to transition into a different position immediately.

Stretching warms up the blood and provides a feeling of relaxation when done in appropriate situations.

Deep Breathing
girl-happinessDBE or Deep Breathing Exercises help calm the mind and body. It also helps the body when preparing to shift from a bad posture into a good one. DBE promotes proper lung expansion, letting more oxygen inside the body. Doing deep breathing exercises reduces stress, making a person more energetic.

Food and Beverages
food-beveragesBeverages such as beer and other alcoholic drinks depress a lot of things in the nervous system. Certain chemical imbalances can happen which often lead to the body feeling tired and weary. Intoxication is real, and there have been cases in which being drunk leads to problems with posture.

Lumbar Support
adult bed black coffeePillows and seat wedge significantly help a person while sitting down to maintain their posture. These materials provide support to the standard contour and bend of the spine. This action releases stress and allows more comfort during working hours.

Sleeping also can be a way to maintain regular posturing. Products like ah beard mattress provide beds that attune itself to a person’s healthy posture while sleeping.

woman high heelsPeople should dress not just to look good, but to function satisfactorily as well. Another factor that people tend to miss is that some clothes are bad for posture. Wearing excessively high heels can cause pain in the foot for some women. When the foot is in pain, its task of holding up the whole human frame becomes difficult. Back problems begin to happen next.

Stand on all of your foot
woman leg shoesPeople should stand and bear all their weight on their foot. Center of balance should also be kept in mind. Most people keep their weight focused over their heels. This behavior can trigger the weight bearing joints in the legs and feet to become weak.

The feet and the back are the most important components when it comes to posturing. Problems arise with posturing if the spine and feet have lots of problems.

Posturing Tape
women girl fitnessPeople with severe posturing problems have the option of using posturing tape to make them more aware of their posture. Ask a friend to put it on your back. These are easily removable and will provide relief for the wearer.

Professional Help

doctor-holding handsIf you’re already suffering from ailments brought on by back problems, then it is best to consult a physician or a chiropractor. These professionals treat people accordingly to their needs. Not all people have the same reaction when facing posture problems.

Doctors can suggest several diagnostic tests such as undergoing MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These tests are usually broad and can immediately find out the cause of the problem.

Chiropractors, on the other hand, are more focused on touch. Neck and Spinal Manipulation are favorite tools for these professionals to cure people of posture problems and a lot more.

Regular Exercise
women exercisingExercise significantly improves posturing in the human body. A day in the gym can increase cardio, essential for deep breathing and circulation. Resistance training or Strengthening makes the body more prepared when it comes to everyday routines.

A person does not have to bulk up in getting benefits from the gym. A lot of simple exercises such as box jumping and squats can strengthen the foot upon landing. The back also is affected by the way it receives impact. It’s important to keep in mind that all things in excess are considered wrong. Add moderation to your exercises and maintain a healthy diet.

Posture is everything. The human body has its usual ways of positioning itself. Work, injury, or any other factor causes the body to adjust. People get used to this adjustment, and irregular posturing begins to develop.

If people insist on keeping their bad postures, a lot of debilitating effects can happen. From depression, reduced blood circulation, and discomfort, these are just a few of the things that can happen.

However, maintaining a good posture is not such a difficult task to do. Proper clothing, exercises, a healthy diet, and discipline is all it takes for an individual to attain an overall feeling of well-being.

Author Bio

Leslie Wyman is a writer and a blogger by heart. By profession, she is an interior designer keen on giving advice about beds and bathroom design. Leslie is particularly interested in the sleeping patterns of people and how it affects their personality. During her free time, Leslie likes going to the gym with her friends.