8 Reasons Why You Should Do Low-Carbs Diet

By now, I bet you’ve heard about low-carbs diet. It’s a diet where the emphasis is put on reducing carbohydrate intakes instead of fat. If usually you are told to follow the food pyramid, with carbohydrate on the large bottom and fat on the narrow top, this time you switch them around.

Many people has been following this diet, instead of the more traditional low-fat diet, and proclaim that they really got better – in both health and body shape. If you have a certain health condition or body shape to attain and haven’t yet convinced to do this diet, here are 10 reasons why you should try it now.


1. Help you lose weight effectively
The most important thing about diet for me is that it should work. Low-carbs diet popularity came from its effectiveness. Many studies have been conducted and reported that low-carbs diet is indeed effective to lose weight. This study, for example, compared low-carbs diet and normal-carbs diet and found that low-carbs group lost more weight than the normal group in short term.This other study, meanwhile, compare low-fat diet with low-carb diet for obesity patients. Both group shows weight loss, but patients on low-carb diet lost far more weight than patients on low-fat diet. There are countless other studies on this subject as well.If you find that this type of diet doesn’t work within a few weeks, keep a diary and look at your calories in, calories out (CICO) to see if you burning off enough of what you eat to create a deficit. This is necessary to lose weight.

2. Help you lose weight fast
Law carbs diet is also popular for how fast it works. Although it varies from person to person, most of us can expect to lose several pounds within two weeks. In fact, you can even lose 10 kg for a month without exercise on low carb diet.

3. Lower blood sugar
Carbohydrate is actually made from the same component as sugar. When you consume carbohydrate, your body digest it by breaking it down into sugar (glucose). Limiting your carbs intake means your body won’t be getting that much sugar. This is why low carbs diet is encouraged for people with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. This diet is even said can reverse diabetes naturally. Also, even if you don’t have diabetes, following this diet will lower the risk of getting it.

4. And consequently lower glycogen
Glycogen basically is glucose that is stored on your body instead of running on the bloodstream or being burned into energy. It’s excess glucose, more than your body needs.That’s why, this diet helps as well if you have GSD (Glycogen Storage Disease).

5. Lower level of insulin as well
Insulin is a hormone that control the level of both fat and sugar in the body. Insulin is the one who take glucose in your bloodstream and convert them into energy. At the same time, insulin is also the one who make your cells save fat instead of using them as source for energy. Lower carbs intake causes a drop in the level of insulin, which therefore allow your body to process more fat at energy sources.

6. Help control your craving for carbs and sugar
Many people who have tried low-carbs diet report that they have no problem controlling craving, especially for salty or sugary food. Sweet food are actually addictive. If you’re used to consume sugar, your body will develop a need to have it most time of the meal. However, if you follow low carbs diet, sugar is not safe to consume. The first few days are maybe the hardest time, because your body fights back by making you crave for sweets. However, after several days, your body would learn to survive without sugar, and you won’t feel the craving anymore.

7. It’s easier than low-fat diet
This relates to the previous point. Since you’re able to control your craving for carbohydrate and sugar, you’ll be less likely to succumb to the temptation of ‘comfort food’ even when you’re stressed. Another point is, while you certainly can’t eat anymore sweets, bread, noodles, pasta or other carbs-laden food too much, you still have a broad choice of tasty food, from meat, egg, to many dairy products. Just be careful to check if those food has any hidden carbs.

8. You’ll be more mindful about what you eat
Because you have to watch your carbohydrate intake, you will naturally develop a habit of understanding more about stuff you eat compared to before. You’ll check what a type of food contains, see how much carbs, fat, protein, vitamin and mineral it has. You’ll then naturally select which food is good for you and which is not. On a normal diet, you’ll think that this is too much of a hassle, but with diet, you’ll notice that checking what you eat before actually eat it is actually easy. You’ll also develop a habit not to consume too much processed food, since you’ll notice how much additives they have that may or may not be detrimental to your diet.

9. Better metabolism
Normally, your body derives energy from carbohydrate and sugar. In low-carbs diet, you want to replace carbs with protein or fat. Carbs as energy source is faster to process and burn. Fat as energy source burns slower and takes more oxygen to process, but ultimately it gives you twice amount of energy per gram compared to carbs. Therefore, you’ll be less likely to be depleted of energy. However, during the first few days when your body is going through adjustment, it’s usually just the opposite. However, don’t be alarmed, because as you keep going, your body will recognize fat as the main source of energy and you’ll reap the benefit of low-carbs diet.

Low-carbs diet help you to look better, by helping you losing weight if you have extra weight more than your ideal BMI. Low-carbs diet also help you perform better on your daily life, by giving you better metabolism that makes you more energetic. Finally, low-carbs diet make you feel better, because it increases your satiety and even help you lose some appetites. Even better, it helps reduce your craving on carbs and sugar.

So, have our 8 reasons above convince you to try low-carb diet?

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