10 Natural Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

Growth and old age is a natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Have to lately noticed your mom telling you same things repeatedly or your dad being annoyed at littlest of things? Chances are that your parents are growing old and need care. Here are 10 natural signs that suggest that your parents need home care.

  1. Grimy Appearance: You notice your parents have started lacking in personal hygiene. They are starting to have body odor and are keeping a grimy appearance. This suggests that they need help and personal care.
  2. Difficulty In Sitting and Standing: Are your parents facing trouble in sitting down, standing up or taking the stairs? Chances are that old age is affecting them and they need your help.
  3. Becoming Forgetful: Your parents are misplacing items of everyday use, unable to retrace steps or failing to recall names, places, etc. This indicates general forgetfulness and is a warning sign that shows that your parents need help.
  4. Frequent Falls: Frequent and unexpected falls are a major warning sign of your parents needing help. It is likely that you may not be present at the time of the fall, however, do keep an eye out for cuts and bruises.
  5. Frequent Mood Swings: Everyday mood swings and changes in temperament may indicate cognitive issues. Depression and loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed are warnings signs indicating that they may need help.
  6. Missing Tasks and Appointments: Your parents are starting to miss appointments and forget simple tasks. They are forgetting to close the washroom door or keep the shoes on the shoe rack on an everyday basis. This indicates loss of memory make it clear that your parents need help.
  7. Dents on the Car: If you find dents and scratches on your parent’s car or piles of unpaid traffic tickets, chances are that are facing troubles while driving. This is not only dangerous for them but also for others around them. This needs to be addressed at the earliest and proper care needs to be provided.
  8. Skipping Or Missing Medication: If you find your parents skipping medication or overdosing on it, chances are that they are not able to follow or read prescriptions. Another warning sign that indicates they need special care.
  9. Having Spoilt Food: If you find your parents are developing the habit of leftovers, they surely need help. Having leftovers meals do find it difficult to not only cook but also go out for groceries. This should not be neglected.
  10. Lacking in In-house hygiene: This refers to general cleanliness of your parent’s house. Does your parents’ house have started to stink lately? This is because they are no longer able to keep it clean by themselves. This needs your attention as unhealthy living conditions may lead to many diseases.

It can be difficult to see your parents age and struggle with basic tasks. Keep in mind that they need your help. Providing proper attention and care will not only help your parents but also keep them happy. Check out this infographic shared by 123 HomeCare for more information.


Infographic Source: https://123homecares.com/ten-signs-parents-need-homecare-infographic/