4 Guilty Pleasures You Must Give Up

Humans were guilty of some or the other thing even before the term ‘guilty pleasure’ was introduced. To this day, when I think of all the guilty pleasures it mostly reminds me of my bad food habits. Instead, there is nothing wrong with it but it becomes a habit that can lead to serious consequences over time. For example, you are planning on losing weight but the comfort of food hinders you from starting a healthy routine. Now, this is good for your guilt but not for the fat that has so fittingly accumulated on your body. Eventually, we have to agree on the fact that we all are in the same pool. Due to which it is hard to identify whether to be proud of the guilty pleasure or just hide it from friends and relatives.

We all have that one guilty pleasure that is equivalent to self-care. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that after all one guilty pleasure does not define your character. In addition to this, we are all sailing in the same boat as I mentioned earlier. You may binge-watch Netflix all day, or hide from the reality of the world inside a novel. But no matter what, people will tell you it is vital to stand above all your desires. Except I think that it is important to know the truth and have a sense of self-control. But how and what is the truth?

The truth behind guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasureIt is worth noticing that the real problem is not your behavior but the guilt that makes you feel bad. Everyone thinks that they need one guilty pleasure because it works for them. Instead, it is true. They work effectively and we like them. Now, who doesn’t like to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. All of us go through it almost everyday of our lives. Because it is a luxury that everyone can afford. Similarly, drinking a glass of wine everyday after work is relaxing. That’s why it is hard to let go of these pleasures. Because you are moving out of the comfort zone and striving towards the immediate need.

And at this point, there is only one truth that prevails. The actual truth behind a guilty pleasure is that of conformity. One that stops us from doing what we want. Don’t eat the chocolate cake, get up early or you will be late, don’t cry on comedy chick flicks else people will start judging you. So, basically, it is an insistence that makes us more responsible. In turn, I think that in order to overcome a guilty pleasure it is vital to first feel guilty. So that it can help you stay away from all the practices you think are not good for you. But here are some solutions to help you overcome a certain type of guilty pleasure.

How to overcome guilty pleasures?

guilty-pleasures-to-eat-or-not-to-eatIt all boils down to one question? Is your life fine with guilty pleasure? If you say yes! Don’t think much about it and do your own thing. But if you are in dire need of a change you definitely need to work towards it. Nothing can bring about a change if you don’t strive towards it. So, how about following the four solutions mentioned in this post to help you overcome guilty pleasures.

Strike a balance between responsibilities and pleasure

Guilty Pleasures NatureThe moment you realize that you are avoiding daily chores for a reality show. Stop there and contemplate. Do you think it is easy to enjoy the show with a constant thought running at the back of your mind? Of course, it is not. Your brain is trained to function in an orderly manner and guilty pleasures are all about guilt. So, every time an advertisement comes. The urgency to finish the task will flash in front of your eyes. Instead, it is not easy to give up the pleasure of binge-watching 25 episodes in a go. But without proper balance, the condition of your house will go haywire. Subsequently, make sure that you complete at least one chore before watching the show. In turn, your mind will be at ease and you will be able to enjoy the show thoroughly.

Choose pressure over pleasure

family fun icecreamI know it may sound a bit harsh right now. But a little pressure will do you good. Especially if you want to improve your life. Though don’t let that pressure define who you are. Because society is deeply embedded with values. Values that force us to be perfect all the time and some values that constantly remind us of self-improvement. Holding such levels of pressure that are good in the eye of the society will form low self-esteem over time. So, this is not the type of pressure that you need. The pressure that I am talking about is more about making a promise to yourself. A promise that will constantly push you towards being a better person.

Earn your pleasure

you are as old as you feelIn other words, make yourself worthy of guilty pleasures. For example, you have a diet chart that restricts you from eating your favorite food but you want to have your favorite dish. Certainly, that diet will help you achieve the fitness target. But if you have been following the routine with sincerity, there is no harm devouring a sumptuous meal once a week. In fact, you can make a chart and adjust one day for the specific food item you miss. Similarly, five days of hard work in the office deserve some serious fun. So think of your guilty pleasure as a reward. If you like binge-watching shows. Do it over the weekend. After all guilty pleasures are not monstrous but tiny self-care practices.

Don’t associate guilty pleasures with immaturity

A very nice family dinnerThe second you start associating guilty pleasures with unprofessionalism and immaturity. You have officially entered the circle of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Plus a person with low-self esteem will have a hard time overcoming guilty pleasures. So, stop thinking about the societal norms instead concentrate on self-love. This way self-doubt will not cloud your judgment and you will focus on the things that make you happy.

Guilty pleasures have a bad reputation but it is not the indulgence that comes in the way only the attitude towards it. An unclean house cannot be fixed immediately. Either you can hire a cleaning service, tip your house cleaner and then binge-watch whatever you want. Or else you can motivate yourself to clean on a regular basis. The choice is entirely yours. So, This is how I deal with guilty pleasures. I am sure you have your own fix. If yes, let us know in the comment section below.