Olive Leaf Extract & Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition that can affect people of all ages and genders. When left untreated, it paves the way for strokes, heart attacks and damage to the nervous system. While lifestyle changes and a proper diet are always important for treating this condition, there are a few other things you can do. One of them is to add olive leaf extract to your daily health management regimen. Here are a few things you should know about hypertension and how olive leaf extract can help.

What Is Hypertension?

hypertension-checkHypertension is another name for high blood pressure. While everyone will experience short periods of time when blood pressure readings are slightly elevated, people with hypertension experience a constantly higher level that never seems to dip back into a normal range.

There are a number of symptoms associated with hypertension. Keep in mind that you don’t have to experience all of them in order to have this condition. Any two or more could mean that you need to do something about your high blood pressure. Some of the more common symptoms include frequent headaches, irregular heartbeat, unexplained tiredness that seems to linger, blurry vision and some discomfort in the chest.

What Causes Hypertension?

doctor checking blood pressure old womanStress is one of the most common reasons for hypertension. That stress may have to do with a traumatic event that you are finding difficult to manage. That would include the death of a loved one, the end of a romantic relationship or the loss of a job. It’s not unusual for worries about what will happen now that some event has occurred to negatively impact your blood pressure.

It could also be the result of ongoing tension in the workplace or within the family unit. When you find yourself facing ongoing difficulties in the workplace, either due to the nature of the job or your interactions with coworkers, it can affect your blood pressure. The same is true when there are difficulties between family members. The fact that nothing is getting resolved and you feel as if things will never change can trigger blood pressure problems.

Certain types of health issues may also lead to an increased risk of hypertension. Kidney disease is a prime example. If you’re suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol, that could also contribute to an unhealthy increase in blood pressure. People who live with type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at a greater risk of developing hypertension.

Identifying any factors that could be affecting your blood pressure levels is important. Once you know what’s behind the hypertension, it’s possible to take action designed to get things back to normal. That action could include taking olive leaf extract.

How Does Olive Leaf Extract Help?

olive leaf oilWhat is it about olive leaf extract that makes a difference? There’s an active ingredient within the olive leaf known as oleuropein. The properties of oleuropein are one of the reasons why it’s able to help with many of the underlying causes of hypertension. Here are some examples of how the right daily dosage can help.

1. Helping You Deal With Stress More Effectively: It’s not always possible to avoid stress. What you can do is minimize the impact it has on your mind and body. Olive leaf extract can feed your brain and your nervous system so you’re able to fight off the ill effects of stress. It won’t make those tasks at work any easier; what it can do is help you keep a clearer mind and remain more emotionally balanced.

2. Calming the Nervous System in General: Anyone who has ever dealt with a diagnosed anxiety disorder can tell you that the mind seems to constantly be on high alert. That not only keeps you on edge all day, but it also makes it harder to enjoy recuperative sleep at night. By calming your nervous system and helping to regulate your fight-or-flight response, your mind will relax and sleep will come easier.

3. Lowering Bad Cholesterol Levels: Bad cholesterol clogs the arteries and blood vessels. That, in turn, makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood to every part of the body. That stress can pave the way for a heart attack. Thanks to the way the extract helps remove bad cholesterol from the bloodstream and ultimately from the arteries, your blood pressure goes down and you’re at less risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. Helping You Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight: Excess pounds increase the odds of developing high blood pressure. Thanks to the effects of olive leaf extract, it’s easier to not binge. You’re also more likely to eat a balanced diet. Because the extract can help battle fatigue, you’re more likely to exercise more often. All these combined help you maintain a healthy weight and enjoy normal blood pressure levels.

How Long Does It Take Before the Extract Makes a Difference?

Studies vary in terms of how quickly olive leaf extract begins to have an impact on your blood pressure levels. When combined with a sensible diet, exercise and monitoring by your doctor, it’s possible to consistently enjoy normal levels in as little as eight weeks. This is based on dosages of 1,000mg per day, usually taken in two doses of 500mg.

Can I Take the Extract Along With Blood Pressure Medication?

nom-illness-drugWhile you may be looking for a natural solution for your hypertension, remember that seeing your doctor is important. That’s because you may not be aware of all the factors contributing to the high blood pressure. As part of the treatment, your doctor may prescribe medication along with urging you to make changes in the way you eat and how often you exercise.

Do discuss olive leaf extract with your doctor. A medical professional can provide advice related to how the medication would interact with the extract. The goal is to ensure the supplement helps achieve the desired effect without causing your blood pressure to dip below a healthy level.

Many people find that when they take olive leaf extract under the care of a doctor, they see consistent improvement without running the risk of triggering any incidents of what’s known as hypotension. In time, you may find that your doctor feels the prescription medication is no longer necessary and that you can manage your blood pressure with olive leaf extract, a proper diet, and exercise three or more times a week.

How Do I Select the Right Type of Olive Leaf Extract?

girl-with-the-olive-branchIf you want to enjoy the greatest benefits from taking olive leaf extract, it pays to know what’s in the product you buy. Ideally, there will be little in the way of fillers and more in the way of actual extract. Do expect some additives that are designed to keep the extract stable and fresh.

While it may cost a little more, you would do well to invest in a product that’s made without altering the chemical composition of the olive leaves. One prime example is known as d-Lenolate. Preserving the natural balance of nutrients found in the leaves ensures you get the full nutritional value. Consider capsules that provide around 500mg of extract; they’re easy to swallow with a little water. Along with helping to lower your blood pressure, there’s a good chance you will notice a few other pleasant benefits if you go with this type of product.

Are you living with high blood pressure? Along with treating any underlying causes, consider adding olive leaf extract to your approach. You may be among the many people who find that this one supplement helps them maintain healthy blood pressure levels and improves their quality of life in general.

Author Bio:

Geoff Melcher is the Vice President at East Park Research in Las Vegas, NV. East Park Research has studied the healing properties of the olive leaf, resulting in the development of a unique olive leaf extract formulation – d-Lenolate.