5 Myths And Realities About Skin And Its Health

Most of us are always concerned about the health and condition of our skin. We make sure it stays vibrant and wrinkle-free for as long as possible. To make sure our skin stays healthy, we read so many articles and suggestions which educate us on how to achieve our skin goals, but is there any proof that substantiates their claims?

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There are many skincare brands which market specific claims, but their terms and conditions ensure that they don’t overstep on any legal matters by keeping particular circumstances on those claims. It prevents them from any legal obligations toward their claims, which makes marketing, an attractive and straightforward process. Claims like fairer skin or no blackheads are not false but are not valid for every customer as well.

Because of the abundance of information available on the internet, and the fact that everyone is entitled to an opinion makes it difficult and exhausting to know what is right and what is not; giving birth to numerous myths and practices to keep the skin vibrant forever. The following are some myths that are considered correct around the world because of false statistics and misleading testimonies:

1. Myth- Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles than oily skin because it means that the skin care methods are flawed.

Finger OneReality- It is true that dry skin is more prone to wrinkles than oily skin, but the reason behind is not what the claim suggests. The reason why oily skin can fend off creases is that an oily skin means that the skin is thick, and thick skin takes more time to get wrinkled as compared to dry skin. This does not mean that every person with thick skin can calm down, and every person with dry skin shall be worried because other factors go into play too, like hereditary, eating habits, smoking habits, stress and geographic conditions. These factors have a much more significant impact on skin’s health than the type of skin. Applying sunscreen or other skincare products can help in reducing the effects of wrinkles, but taking proper care is necessary invariably. Make sure that the products you use are branded because to put a value on the health of your skin is not advisable, and non-branded products do not always make sure that they clear the different tests which ensure the authenticity and side effects of the products.

2. Myth- Junk food causes acne
Finger TwoReality- Why is this claim even considered when there are no studies that validate this claim that junk food has any correlation with acne or breakouts. However, there are some studies which correlate high-glycemic foods with people who are prone to acne. High-glycemic foods raise blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood, which leads to inflammation, and inflammation is known to aggravate acne. Milk chocolate is one of the many possible causes of acne. Over-consumption of fat or skim milk every day can increase the chances of acne if the person is prone to it. These food and beverage triggers can be controlled and balanced out with anti-inflammatory food & beverages to reduce the chances of acne. Some proven anti-inflammatory products are mentioned below:

  • Green tea (antioxidants)
  • Fruits
  • Green vegetables (salad form)
  • Olive oil

Even though such products will not have any direct effect on your acne, but in the long run, you will notice that the quality of your skin will improve and the amount of acne will reduce remarkably.

3. Myth- Use only one skincare products’ brand

Finger ThreeReality- This is just smart marketing by different skincare brands with the same objective: high sales = high profits

It is not a lie that brands try to add ingredients in different products that are efficacious when used together, but it is not valid for all products or brands. Specific brands target their customers by producing kits which include solutions to a particular problem, say acne, and when all those products are used together, the results will be better and as expected. This is what makes such myths a reality; quickly escalating the sales of many brands.

4. Myth- Facial exercises prevent wrinkles
Finger FourReality- Actually, the opposite is true; muscle contractions contribute to wrinkling. There is no concrete proof of plumping benefits. Just imagine your face as a piece of paper. What happens when you fold it from the same point multiple times? Does it get plain or is it more etched than before? The latter is true, right? The case with your facial skin is quite similar. Don’t contract your muscles more than necessary, or else be ready for it’s after effects. If you want to lose fat from your face, then you need to work on collagen, elastin and fat reduction; none of which is contributed by exercise.

5. Myth- All skin changes occur at the age of 18
Finger FiveReality- Skin damage has no direct correlation with the age of the person. If you expose your skin to the sun, be it 18 or 30 or even 45, your skin will get damaged; which can also lead to skin cancer because of the harmful UV rays. It is true that at the age of 18, people undergo hormonal changes which result in skin changes, but it does not mean that no skin damage appears after a particular age. Shield your skin with sunscreen daily! You can always use makeup to smoothen your skin tone, but that will not rejuvenate the health of your skin. Alpha hydroxy acid is a preferred exfoliant because it contains all the right elements to cleanse your skin and bring back its charm. Consult with your dermatologist once before using any strong skin care products because skin reactions can lead to rashes, acne and even skin cancer.

Note: Not all skincare products suit all types of skin, so it is better to consult your dermatologist before using a particular brand or product to make sure its ingredients are not harmful to your specific skin type. You can even learn about these technicalities by opting for cosmetic courses to take an educated decision!