53 Ways to Get a Free Workout

Sometimes finding an extra hour or two throughout the day can be a struggle. Some manage to find the time and energy to consistently squeeze a workout into their daily routine, but some don’t. Not only is finding the time to fit a workout a hassle, the costs of having a gym membership can be a burden as well. Believe it or not, every year people spend nearly $700 just to stay fit. That being said, some people don’t have the ability to spare that much money and are forced to look for cost-effective alternatives to stay fit.

For those that consider themselves frugal spenders and are constantly looking for alternative methods to stay fit, you’re in luck! There are various classes, free fitness apps, trial gyms, and online workouts that are available. You will find that each one has its strengths and weaknesses, and may also find that some workouts are a better fit for you than others. Remember, that some people are much further along than others in terms of their personal fitness, but these apps and online workouts have the ability to be tailored to your specific needs. To help unleash your full potential, Wikibuy has created this guide on the best ways to get a free workout.

In this guide, you have the ability to choose from various online or in-person workouts. For example, you can experience the Orangetheory Fitness craze with a free 60-minute workout, channel your inner UFC fighter with a 15 day $15 promotion, or unlock 100 meditation and yoga sessions from the comfort of your home using the Daily Yoga app. The options are endless.

This guide will not only allow you to fit these personalized workouts into your busy schedule, but also give you the ability to completely customize your workouts to your specific needs as well. If you find that one work workout is becoming too easy or too hard, you have the option to increase or decrease the intensity by simply switching workouts. That is the luxury of using this guide. Also, you have the choice of taking advantage of these VitaCost coupons that will not only enhance your workouts but also help you in the recovery process.

Let’s get started and take your personal fitness to the next level. Check out Wikibuy’s fitness infographic to help guide you along your fitness journey.

18 Places to Find Free Fitness

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