Locum Tenens: About Work-Life Balance and Bursting Myths

Are you a Locum, wondering how good it is an idea to be a Locum Tenens and how to strike a work-life balance? Whether you have just begun with your practice, or you are a veteran, you would have a fair idea about how difficult it is to find a work-life balance being a doctor. As the shortage in health industry continues to rise, physicians at every kind of medical or health facilities are overworked.

It has become a common practice for GP’s to find themselves flooded with work and different cases, with no time for themselves. If this sounds like you, you have the opportunity to strike a balance between work and personal life by opting to work as a Locum Tenens.

Here are three solid reasons to pursue your career in the healthcare industry as a Locum GP—

Work Flexibility

work-life-balance-scalesLocum Tenens is one of the few healthcare employment options for a GP that allows them a great sense of personal freedom to choose when to work and what project to pick. You will be your own boss, being able to decide when and where you would like to take up your next assignment.

As a Locum, you would have the flexibility to work year-round, or you could choose to work on a specific assignment at a given time of the year. For instance, you could decide to work as a Locum during the Summer or Winter season. It will absolutely be your choice to dial down your work to particular months or to work in a full-time schedule, travelling for different assignments throughout the year. Opting to work as a Locum, you will have the opportunity to plan your work schedule around your day to day life.

Less Stress

stressed-office-worker-with-anti-stress-ballThe researches have shown how stress can wreak havoc in an individual’s life. It tears down everything for a person, from mental health to physical well being. That being said, the life of a GP can be very strenuous. However, if you choose Locum Tenens career, it might require fewer responsibilities as compared to full-time practitioners.

Unlike full-time practitioners, a Locum is free of additional responsibilities of doing daily paperwork, meetings and administrative responsibilities. Also, you will have ample free time in your hand to do what fulfills your heart when you will only have to focus on your assignments.

If your current job is stressful and your personal life is negligible, switching to being a Locum GP can visibly reduce stress in your life. It will not only improve your overall health, but it will also result in less exhaustion and fear of missing out on things.

Supplementary Income

retirement-income-concept-gold-money-coinsPracticing as a Locum enables you to maintain financial stability, even post retirement. Locum Tenens profession allows you to experience economic benefits while enjoying the golden years of your life. Many GP’s of retirement age can earn a competitive income while being able to appreciate leisure time.

The exciting travel opportunities that come along with Locum Tenens enable easy integration of both work and play. Locum as a profession is not only attractive for people approaching retirement but also those who are just beginning their career as a physician. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting, Locum Tenens is for you.

If you are a Locum or planning to become one, mylocummanager is your go-to tool. It will not only make your life easy, but it will also help you organise everything in one place—from simplifying your invoice to local GP support, there is so much you can do in one place.

Moving forward, the doctors who are choosing Locum Tenens career are increasing in number. However, there is still uncertainty amongst the well-established GP’s, which stops them from taking a leap of faith. Here are a few myth busters for you to embrace Locum Tenens

Filling Out a Lot of Forms

filing-the-1040-tax-return-formThe biggest concern GP’s have before switching their career as a Locum is the pressure of filling too many forms. While you might feel there are numerous forms to be filled, it is truly a one-time procedure. Also, a Locum agency must ensure that you meet all the requirements for a Locum role.

The completion of these forms will ensure that you have done your part and now you are eligible to secure yourself financially for the same. Rest assured, this for your own benefit and it will be rewarding in the long run.

It’s a Long-ish Procedure

businessman-analyzing-investment-chartsNo, it is not! When you are done filling all the forms, you can begin as a Locum right away. Do not forget it is crucial to submit all the necessary documents on time for hassle-free employment and work schedules.

A Locum Agency will begin analyzing your skills and understand your requirements. It will help them to provide you with an authentic overview of the market and present you with opportunities that will help you grow as a Locum Tenens.

Unstable Schedule

incoming-callLet’s be fair—it is not an unstable schedule but a flexible one, where you get to be the sole driving force. You will decide on your work schedule and assignment. If you need to achieve work-life balance, you need to start somewhere and also make adjustments for a fulfilling life.

There are more pros than cons to being a Locum, having all the time in life to go out shopping with your tribe or catch up with your best friend over a cup of coffee. To simplify, you will have full control over your daily schedule as you gain more freedom to decide your working agenda. Rest assured, you are choosing a perfect balance with a Locum career.

Stunted Career Growth

conceptual-image-of-career-managementIf you believe choosing Locum Tenens as a career path will stunt your growth and will not give you enough opportunities, you are wrong! As you begin to work as a Locum, you also get the chance to add extraordinary experiences to your ‘Resume’.

You will have the opportunity as a Locum to widen your horizon by choosing many different roles at different hospitals with different teams. Practicing as a Locum will give you abundant opportunities and will enable you to grow not just as a doctor but also as an individual.

The Nomad

talk-of-repairmenAs you continuously change your work circumstances and cope up with the uncertainty and risks as a Locum, it is inevitable to not feel like a nomad. You will likely feel as if you do not belong or fit in anywhere. However, there is much to gain in this job profile as you switch from one assignment to another, moving from one hospital to the other.

As a Locum, constant moving will become an integral part of your life. It is crucial for you to understand, even if you will be temporarily employed with a specific team, you do not forget to build a connection. Simply said, building a bond with your fellow doctors can be a significant boost to your career and it will also help you grow as a physician.

Also, it is an excellent opportunity to get a real taste of challenging situations as you move from one place to the other. Working on new tasks, new team and creating a unique experience every time you take up an assignment.

Final Thoughts

As hard it is to visualise a balanced work-life for doctors, choosing Locum Tenes career is truly path-breaking for general practitioners. Not only you will find time to live your life to the fullest, but you will also grow as a professional doctor.

From choosing your assignments, schedule and workplace, creating unique experiences, less burnout and stress, to great income, being a Locum Tenens has a lot of perks.