6 Organic Foods & Its Benefits Listed by Nutritionist for Good Dental Health

Organic foods happen to be quite beneficial for the health because they are free from the harmful chemicals that are often used in case of most crops. But not many people know that consuming organic foods is great for the oral health as well.

The organic foods contain an overload of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the healthy teeth. The non-organic foods that are grown for commercial purpose are often treated with artificial fertilizers for growing beyond the normal sizes.

Even though the non-organically grown substances can look larger in size and look more lucrative, you should not be fooled by appearance. Remember that they contain much less minerals that are required for the upkeep of your overall and oral health.

On the other hand, organic approach is considered as healthy as instead of the synthetic compounds, pesticides, fertilizers and harmful additives they use bio-fertilizers, animal manures, crop residues and similar stuff.

Benefits of Organic Compounds


How your food is cultivated can have a major impact on your overall health and your oral health is not an exception to that. Here are some of the major benefits that organic foods can bestow upon you.

  • Organic foods boost better overall health as they contain more beneficial nutrients.
  • Organic foods also enhance more biodiversity due to crop rotation and use of animal manures.
  • Organic foods contain much less pesticides that are agents such as fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. These are often used in the conventional means of agriculture.
  • Organic foods also have perks from anti-oxidants as they do not go under chemical reactions.
  • Organic foods facilitate eco-friendly farming as they involve less erosion and environment pollution.
  • Organically produced veggies, fruits and milk contain more taste because of the usage of natural resources and because they take more time to mature.
  • Organic crops facilitate better yield due to crop rotation, use of animal manures and likewise.

Now that you know the immense benefits of organic foods, here are some of the organic foods that have proven beneficial for your oral health and you should try to include any or all of these in your regular diet. Just take a look.


  • Organic Apples – Though the apples happen to be sweet, but they are rich in fibre and water. The action of eating apples boosts the production of saliva in the mouth that rinses the bacteria and the other food particles from the mouth. The fibrous texture of the fruit stimulates the gums. However, eating apples is not as beneficial as brushing, but if you are not being able to brush immediately, the apples help to keep the germs off the teeth. Moreover, the apples are also great for the eyes and skin and the organic apples have more health benefits for you as compared with those that are grown artificially.
  • Organic Dairy Products – Calcium is not just great for your bones but also for your teeth. A lack of calcium can lead to a number of oral problems including decaying of teeth as the mineral assists in keeping the teeth stronger. It also contributes to the process of remineralisation that replaces the teeth minerals. Dairy products happen to be powerhouses of calcium and other beneficial minerals that help in boosting oral health. But ensure that you choose the right products. Skip the conventional milk and other dairy products as they are full of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals. Go for organic milk that is full of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients and is completely safe and healthy. You should also have organic yoghurt and kefir that are rich in calcium and probiotics that also help to boost immunity of the body.
  • Organic Strawberries – The summer berries consist of a natural whitener known as malic acid. When you opt for organic strawberries, they also come with a better taste apart from the better nutrients as they are grown with natural resources.
  • Organic Cantaloupe – The cantaloupes are enriched with cooling properties and are rich in water content. Therefore, they help to keep the mouth moist with the production of more saliva. Moreover, cantaloupes are also rich in calcium that assist in the formation of teeth and bones and also maintain their strength and health. The organic muskmelon and other cantaloupes are healthier and tastier counterparts because of the usage of natural resources.
  • Organic Leafy Greens – Leafy greens like spinach, kale, collard greens and Swiss chard are rich in minerals and vitamins and they are low in calories. They boost the oral health and they also combat cavities thanks to the antioxidants present in them. Not only that, these leafy greens also detoxify the body, improve eyesight and digestion and serve as a great source of calcium for strong teeth. Naturally, the organic versions of these are even richer and fresher and can benefit your oral and overall health in a much better way.
  • Organic Nuts- The nuts consist of minerals and proteins that are vital for the overall health. They are low in carbohydrates and hence do not add to the risk of cavities. This is because carbs activate the acid-producing bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay. Moreover, chewing nuts boosts up the production of saliva that reduces the risk of tooth decay. The organically cultivated nuts are more enriched with the proteins and minerals and therefore can benefit your teeth more.

The above are some of the organic foods and their benefits for achieving and restoring a good oral health. You must take care of your oral health by sticking to a healthy oral care regime that includes regular brushing and flossing, having a nutritious diet that consists of most of the above and going for regular visits to the dental clinic. If you ignore your mouth, you may have to go for frequent root canal treatment at inexpensive root canal charges, tooth replacement and even tooth extraction or tooth surgery which is not only heavy on the pocket but can also have serious physical implications. So take care of your oral health if you want to retain a beautiful and healthy smile year after year.