Why is Autumn a Hair Loss Season? Hair Care Point you Want to Practice Eight Now

It is said that autumn is the “season of hair loss”. The hair is the easiest to fall out of the year, and the amount of hair is totally low.

Why is hair easy to fall out in autumn?

Autumn Hair Loss

Summer and midsummer days there are many people who have exhausted both mentally and physically due to heavy rain etc. It may be that more people suffer from hair loss than usual.

It is said that there are a lot of hair loss in autumn because its habits still remain in human beings as animals change from summer hair to winter hair.

Besides that, the damage of the body and the scalp received in the summer leads to hair loss.

During the summer, the scalp is often exposed to strong ultraviolet rays, sweat is easy to sweat, besides the effect of cooling is bad, blood circulation is bad, and the harsh environment for the scalp continues.

Also, at the turn of the season from summer to autumn, lowering of physical strength, accumulation of fatigue, mental stress and so on overlap, making hair loss easy to occur from damage of the whole body.

What is the cause of fall hair in autumn?

“In fall, there will be some feeling that hair loss will increase somehow.” Many people are aware of it. Indeed, it seems to be true that autumn will result in increased hair loss.

Where is the cause of it?

Dr. Anil Garg, a hair Transplant Surgeon taught me.

Damage due to ultraviolet rays that was bathed in the summer • Sebum discoloration

“The scalp is the part with the most sebaceous glands in the body.The scalp that spent the summer is full of sebum and dirt in the pores.The sebum becomes lipid peroxide (oxidized sebum) by ultraviolet rays and damages the hair root Give hair, it will be easy to get out. “

Ultraviolet rays harden the scalp and blood flow is stagnant

“The amount of ultraviolet rays that took in the summer accumulates like a piggy bank, the scalp becomes hard and the blood flow gets worse. Because the nutrition does not reach the hair and the growth of the hair is hindered, just in the fall of the next season, Inevitably, the hair loss increases. “

Summer eating habits and disorder of autonomic nerves

“In summer, nutrition tends to be biased because it takes a lot of cold drinks and noodles etc. Therefore nutrition hardly reaches the hair. In addition, outside is hot, inside is cold, etc., it is cold and hot, The autonomic nervous tends to be disturbed. When the autonomic nervous is disturbed, the hormonal balance is also disturbed, which appears as hair loss. “

This behavior promotes hair loss in autumn!

Why falling hair easily occurs in autumn? Hair care method I would like to practice.

It is surprising that the influence which was damaged during the summer appears in autumn. However, I cannot be relieved even if it falls. It is said that if you do the following actions, your hair will go out more easily.

Use a strong Shampoo with strong washing power – Leave it wet for a long time

“Since the autumn scalp is in a delicate state, irritating things happens and it causes further hair loss. For example, washing with a shampoo agent with a strong detergency or washing it without properly drying it is a long Leaving it for a while, bacteria propagate and it becomes a stimulus. “

Frequent coloring and perming

“Coloring and perm, as well, will irritate the scalp and cause hair loss promotion.”

Do not take a bath – Shower only is done

“Beware of people who do not have bathing habits properly soaked in bathtubs. When shower alone, the way of washing becomes complicated, dirt is not falling properly in many cases.In addition, those who do not immerse in bathtub, Because the body is easy to cool down and blood flow is also worse, there is a tendency for hair loss to increase. “

Sleep deprivation – diet disorder

“Sleep shortage and disturbance of eating habits are also a major factor to promote hair loss”

Hair Care Method to Prevent Hair Loss in Autumn

How can I keep my hair in order to prevent hair loss during autumn?

I taught the hair care method I can do.

Oil care before shampoo

“On the scalp that I spent in summer, oxidized sebum and dirt are accumulated in the pores.It is important to remove it securely without burdening the scalp.It is recommended that” oil care “before shampoo.It is before the shampoo It can be easily done because it only makes the dry scalp adapt to scalp-only oil and cosmetic vegetable oil.It can remove the oxidized sebum and dirt firmly without burdening the scalp. “

Shampoo agent, scalp-friendly items

“The scalp that I spent in the summer is in a very delicate state.A shampoo agent with a strong detergency may cause irritation by drying the scalp.A shampoo agent should be used as a scalp- let’s do it”

Habitual to promote blood circulation

“The nutrient source of hair is blood.When blood flow is bad it will cause nutrition to reach the hair and it will cause hair loss to increase.When you warm your body with a bath every day, exercise, massage, etc., blood circulation Let’s try to promote habit. “

Incorporate the autumn ingredients in a balanced manner

“The season of harvesting, the autumn ingredients are rich in nutritious and high-quality foods. It contains abundant quality proteins and oils that are necessary for hair. Sweet potatoes, chestnuts and other various vitamins and dietary fiber are also abundant and it also has the effect of warming the body.Mushrooms raises immunity and it also has the effect of resetting fatigue of summer.Let’s take advantage of autumn ingredients well and prevent hair loss “

Take good quality sleep

“Hair is reborn during sleeping, especially in autumn, it is a good sleep and it is also important to increase hair growth.Slowly bath in a bathtub, cook aroma, lightly stretch before bathing Let’s devise a way to get a good sleep. “

The main reason for the increase in hair loss during autumn was caused by summer ultraviolet ray damage. However, everyday care becomes more important for such weak scalp in the autumn. Aware of the weakness of the scalp, I definitely want to review my lifestyle for hair loss prevention and to regain healthy and strong hair as soon as possible.

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