7 Do-It-Yourself Pregnancy Tests: Practical and Feasible

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing but becoming pregnant can be very difficult for some people, luckily there are solutions for this, like fertility clinics such as Fertility Plus. Pregnancy can be good news, bad news, or something in between. Good news for people who actually yearn for having a kid. Bad news for those who do not want the pregnancy due to certain problems. People may also consider pregnancy as the so-so news if they have some kids before.

Whatever people may interpret pregnancy, it is important to validate whether a woman is pregnant or not. Pregnancy is still an important issue. By knowing if a woman is pregnant, people related to it can make some strategies to deal with the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tests

Usually, a woman will do pregnancy test if she feels something different with their body. Unexperienced women may not realize that they fall pregnant until the doctor says so. But it is important to notice some physical signs after the last time she got along with her spouse.

The most common way to see if a woman is pregnant is by looking at her menstrual cycle. Women with regular cycle will not find any difficulty. However, other women may have irregular menstrual cycle. It can be difficult to see if she falls pregnant or not. Other symptoms of pregnancy are rather similar to pre-menstrual signs. They include nausea or morning sickness, frequent urination, losing or gaining appetite, swollen or more sensitive breasts, fatigue, weakness, mood swings, abdominal bloating, and unusual sensitivity to smell.

Things may get more complicated because some women do not feel any symptoms in their first trimester. It can be confusing especially for those who are wondering their pregnancy status. Therefore, pregnancy test is the best way to confirm.

Even though you can purchase pregnancy tester at drugstores or pharmacy, you may want more economical and practical way. Good news, you can do homemade or do-it-yourself pregnancy tester. It does not cost you any fortune because all tools and things you need are there in your home. Here are some ways you can try as pregnancy test.

  1. PowderBleach: Do you have bleach for your clothes? If yes, you can use it as homemade pregnancy test. If the bleach is in the form of powder, then you need to dissolve the ¼ cup of powder bleach into fresh water. If you have the liquid bleach, then you simply need to put ¼ or ⅟2 cup of bleach.
    Then, you have to add some of your urine. It is recommended that you use morning urine because it is believed to be more concentrated. See the reaction. If it forms a kind of foam, bubbles up, or produce hissing sound like coke after the bottle is opened, then it is a sign that you are pregnant. It results the otherwise if there is no reaction of bleach-and-urine mixture.
  2. Tylenol and Peroxide
    Tylenol is usually used to get rid of headache and peroxide is important as anti-infection agent. People may use peroxide to overcome acne. That is why you may have these two ingredients in your home.
    Peroxide If you need immediate result of pregnancy test, you can use the tylenol-and-peroxide formula. You will also need a plastic cup or bowl. You can use recycled mineral water then cut the upper part so it will be like a plastic glass. Put about ¼ cup of peroxide into the plastic, followed by two tylenols. After that, put your urine into the mixture. Wait for some seconds. Does it turn into blue liquid? If yes, then you are positively pregnant. However if the mixture color remains the same, you are not pregnant.
  3. Toothpaste
    ToothpasteThe best toothpaste is the one having white color. It is because some toothpastes come in green or blue. Put some toothpaste into a special tiny jar or bowl. Remember, do not use the same jar or bowl for foods, it is repulsive. Then, add small amount of your urine (it is best that you put the first morning urine) into the toothpaste in the bowl or jar.
    Watch the reaction after some moment. Be patient as the reaction may be longer than you think (three minutes or so). If the toothpaste turn into bluish or bubbles up, then you may be pregnant.
  4. Sugar
    sugarAgain, you will need a special tiny jar or bowl and your first morning urine for taking this test. Put two or three tablespoons of sugar into the bowl, then add the urine.
    To see if you fall pregnant, wait for a moment. When the mixture clots then you are pregnant. If the sugar is immediately fused with the urine, it means negative.
  5. Soap Bar
    Soap BarYou do not need to use the whole soap bar for this. Instead, cut a part of the soap. It does not need to be too tiny, though – two or three inches will do. After that, go to bathroom and put some urine on the top of the soap. You can hold the soap on your palm or using bowl. If the soap begins to bubble up, it means positive. Otherwise, you are not pregnant.
  6. Simply urine and a jar
    urinePut some amount of your urine in a jar. Again, it is best to do it right after you wake up in the morning. After that, put the jar containing the liquid on flat surface, yet make sure that it will not be contaminated by other substance like water or dust. Leave it for 24 hours. Then look at the urine. If it have slightly white layer on the surface, you are likely to be pregnant. If not, it can be negative or you can repeat the step from the beginning. This test is for people who are patient enough to see the result.
  7. Vinegar and Tuna Mixture
    VinegarHow to use it? It is not that you will make sushi because you will need to blend vinegar and tuna. After that, put the blended formula into a special bowl then leave it overnight at room temperature. Do not put it into the fridge. In the next morning, immediately after waking up, pour some of your urine into the vinegar-and-tuna mixture.
    See carefully if there is any color change in the blend. If the liquid changes into dark green color, then you may fall pregnant. If there is no change in liquid color, the result is on the contrary.

Remember, those tips are for alternative and private use. If you want more accuracy, go see a doctor after doing homemade pregnancy test. It is important so that the doctor will guide you or suggest some advice’s to go through your pregnancy phase in healthy way.