Top 10 Foods to Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

Heart disease is a common problem that might put the life of both men and women in danger. The symptoms of this problemĀ  are various, ranging from face drooping to headaches.

There have been many people that find it hard to get rid of this health issue as it can not be gone in one day or so. The advice for you in such case is to start to live healthily, starting from your diet and the exercising process. You can start from today by simply cutting down on the processed food that you eat as well as to eat as much as vegetable and drink as much as water as you can. Besides, you should have your own timetable to do workout every day.

Heart Disease

In fact, people who eat healthy and lead a good lifestyle tend to stay away from heart attacks or strokes.

Given below are some typical foods that are beneficial for your health and work wonders in helping you to reduce the risk of getting heart disease. The truth is, if you are patient with this method, you will eventually lower the risk of heart attack by about 28%.

And they are still good even when you do not have any heart attack since they are good for your overall health. Here are top 10 recommended foods for you to protect your heart.

  1. orangeOranges: Oranges are packed with a high amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, which are beneficial for the immune system. More than that, these properties can be good for your heart health for it helps you to stay away from diseases and keeps blood pressure under control. The advice for you is to take oranges every day by eating it or simply taking orange juice every day.
  2. KaleKale: This common ingredient is both good for overall health and the health of your heart . The dark leafy greens have long been considered as the super food as it helps patients to reverse the cardiovascular diseases. The food can offer people with antioxidants, omega – 3 fatty acids and fiber. This is not to mention that they are rich in potassium and vitamin E as well. If you find it hard to consume, you can totally opt for kale snacks and lemon juice so that it can help you to get the best result.
  3. garlicGarlic: This herb is not only a great spice that everyone needs in their daily diet but also works wonders to reduce chances of getting heart diseases. It is super beneficial to solve the problems of unwanted clotting or simply replace your aspirin. It does not bring any side effects and you can be free from worries.
  4. chocolateDark Chocolate: The ingredient is beneficial for people who want to lose some weight as it helps control the weight and blood pressure. It enables the body to stay away from diseases from obesity to inflammation. Thus, dark chocolate is one of the best ways to prevent heart attack. The key properties helping it to do so is the flavanols, which improve blood vessel flexibility so that it can replace some food supplements.
  5. SardinesSardines: It is the high amount of omega fatty acids in the ingredient regarded as the cold-water fish. These fatty acids are essential for the heart health. Besides, the good fats can help to prevent the triglycerdies, to raises HDL as well as to reduce the heart failure. All you need to do is to take it on regular basis to replace the water you take in every day.You can consume this ingredient alone or simply add it to your daily meal or drink the juice. This is a better way to find satisfied results in just a short period of time.
  6. LentilsLentils: Lentil is one of the key ingredients that are essential for your heart health. The trick with this is to take in a decent amount of it every day to receive a sufficient amount of vegetable protein and fiber to fight against hypertension, one of the most common signs of heart attack.
    Some people prefer to take lentils in the raw form. The other add them to their daily meals to make it taste better. You should keep this as the good habit for you will find the better health, not to mention to reduce the risk of heart attack.
  7. almondsAlmonds: The wonderful nuts are great to lower the cholesterol level. Therefore, once you eat this, you do not have to worry about the absorption of cholesterol. The trick is to lower LDL level and generate more HDL more than ever.
    Normally, it would be much more convenient if you take almonds in packages. Alternatively, you can just add it to porridge or to replace the snacks with almonds.
  8. cherryCherry: Another common food to lower the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases is cherry. According to some research, uric acid levels in the blood might be lower thanks to the consumption of cherries. In addition, cherry contains anthocyanins which are believed to prevent heart attack effectively. Therefore, you had better use cherries on a regular basis, including both raw cherries and its juice.
  9. beansBeans: The consumption of beans on a daily basis is a secret for those who want to stay away from heart attack. Folate plays an important role in the nutrition of beans with more than 300 micrograms. It is the crucial nutrient to fight against cardiovascular diseases. If you are not a big fan of beans, spinach or tomato might be great alternative choices. They also provide a huge amount of folate.
  10. WaterWater: Last but not least, water is an important part of the strategy to protect you from heart attack. Several scientific evidence proves that if you drink about 5 cups per day, you are more likely to avoid heart attack than others who drink only 2. Dehydration is a very dangerous condition and not everyone is aware of its potential risks. Therefore, make sure that you have enough intake of water every day to prevent dehydration. Another benefit of water is to stimulate the blood flow to the heart.Besides, these foods only aim to improve your cardiovascular health. In the long run, you still have to be committed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a highly potential threat to heart attack. As a result, you should have a stable weight and keep an eye on the level of your blood sugar.Author Bio: Erin is a freelance writer who has been working for AuthorityRemedies.comĀ  for over 2 years, where she shares reliable information on Home Remedies, Nutrition and Fitness. She enjoys writing, doing yoga and extensive traveling.