Surprising Secrets You Have to Know About Omni Diet

Young Women With Weight Measurable TapeSome of you may wonder what omni diet is. It is a plant-based diet discovered by Tana Amen. Omni diet is more or less like vegetarian. But you can still eat meat products in omni diet.

The key here is about carefully selecting the food you consume. The founder believes that our body weight depends on what food we eat. You can say that it is such a common finding. However, you will also be asked to get in the depth of your overweight causes. For instance, if you find that you are genetically overweight, so you should not expect that you can drastically lose weight. You can still reduce body weight, but not to be so skinny. If your overweight is caused by particular illness, then you have to check to your doctor to help you set up daily healthy menus.

Another important point of omni diet is to learn how to minimize your sugar craving. This diet is programmed for two until six weeks. It seem such a short time. But not for people who are not used to obtain sugar intake from natural ingredients. Several weeks of their life will feel like forever. There will be always temptation for sweets, especially when you are under stressful condition.

It is better to evaluate if you really need this kind of diet. Tana Amen said she only needed two weeks to lose six pounds. Can you imagine how strict her diet is? She managed to be familiar with natural sugar source. She found that after two weeks, our body can overcome sugar craving and totally adapt with natural food.

Well, the first and the must is that you have to have strong commitment and motivation. Amen did her first omni diet after she was going through several serious diseases and overweight problems. She has vivid goal to lose her weight in order to maintain her health. She knows that being ill is an unpleasant experience. She was tired of being fat and drowsy.

When you do not have such urgency, it is better to choose another diet method, the less strict one, yet you can make sure that you can keep it for a long term. If you have tried several diet methods before but failed, then omni diet can be your next option. It can be assumed that you have been familiar with diet for getting rid of overweight. So you will not suffer from diet panic attack.

Here are some secret advice which can change your body shape. If you follow the rules, ideal body will be yours.

Secret #1: Foods
Main idea of omni diet is about food and lessening sugar intake. So if you have stocks of sweet sugary foods, you had better give them to your neighbor, nieces, or nephews. You can donate them to the less fortunate ones as well. Replace the sweetness with greens and other organic products.

Fruits and Vegetables

Well, if you want to eat sweets so bad, look for organic dark chocolate. It may be a bit hard to find and more expensive than regular chocolates. But it is as tasty as other chocolates. It has natural bitter and sweet taste at the same time.

Being in omni diet does not mean that you have to avoid all delicacies. Who says that organic food is not delicious? If you creative enough, you can make those unattractive foods become delicious ones. Here are some foods allowed for the omni dieters: whole grains, vegetables, coconut oil, stevia, lentils, beans, herbs and spices, almond, and vanilla extract.

Secret #2: 70/30
It is not a new arithmetic formula, but a simple calculation of food intake you should have. In omni diet, the founder suggests 70% plant and 30% protein. How to measure the accuracy, then? Well, you should not take it too seriously. It is no precise measurement of the food.

Omni Diet Food

If you feel that you are eating more greens, less protein, and no carbs and sugar, then it can be said that you have applied onmi diet rule. Foods with protein is easy to get, like organic meat and fish.

Remember, make sure that all of your foods are organic. You can find organic meat from butchers in traditional market. It is usually cheaper than that in supermarkets because you can bargain at traditional market. So are fish. There is no particular suggestion about what fish are good for omni diet. One of the fish is wild salmon. It is not only healthy, but also mercury-free because the fish usually swim against the current and look for the fresh, flowing water. However, we can assume that any fish is okay as long as they are obtained from natural habitat. If your home near to harbor fish market, then it is a bonus.

Secret #3: DrinksĀ 
Young Womens DrinkingDrinking is also important part you should pay attention for. For people whose faith prohibited alcoholism or non-alcoholic people, it may not be too hard. However, people who are used to drink alcohol. The good news is, alcohol is not strictly prohibited in omni diet. You can still drink alcohol twice a week, but no more than that.

Milk is another drink you must avoid while doing omni diet. It contains high gluten as well as fat. Moreover, it derives from farm cows. The farmers usually feed their cows with artificial supplements beside of giving them regular greens. Soy milk is also not recommended. It is because soy nowadays is genetically reconstructed. So it is not organic at all.

There are some suggestions of healthy drinks for omni dieters. The first is of course green shake. You can blend green vegie like celery, spinach, cabbages, and persley, for instance. Twice a week is enough if you do not like the mix. Fresh or distilled water is a must. Make sure that you get sufficient liquid supply during omni diet program.

Secret #4: Exercise
Young Women ExerciseAll diets are nothing without exercise. Make sure that you allocate special time for doing workouts. It can be jogging, gymnastic training, swimming, playing soccer or badminton, etc.

Keep in mind that you have to make yourself ready for being active everyday. It will optimize fat and calorie burning and bulid muscular shape as well as eliminate heart attack risk.

Now that the secrets have been revealed, are you ready for omni diet? Do not be afraid of being hungry and lack of energy, though. Omni diet is good as long as you do it properly. Once again, do omni diet if you think it is necessary for you and it will not threaten your health.