8 Amazing Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil

An estimated 64% Americans are in favor of legalizing weed, a 2017 Gallup survey revealed. Who would have imagined that marijuana would gain such widespread acceptance? Although cannabis legalization has only gained momentum recently, the plant has actually has many medical applications in the ancient world. One of the earliest records that describe the medical use of cannabis can be traced 10,000 years ago in China.

The most well-known way to enjoy the benefits of weed is by smoking its leaves but did you know that cannabis essential oil is extremely potent as well?

Cannabis essential oils are extracted from marijuana flowers and Its benefits are wide ranging. In fact, just a few drops could dramatically affect your health. Here are 8 amazing benefits of marijuana essential oil.

Relieves Stress and Promotes Relaxation

woman-playing-with-fidget-spinnerStress is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic. Many serious illnesses are linked to stress including high cholesterol, diabetes and heart ailments. Aside from affecting health, stress can also impact a person’s relationships and performance at work. Cannabis oil may be one of the effective solutions for stress management. Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, one of the hundreds of naturally occurring cannabinoids the compounds that interact with body to produce various health benefits including stress relief.

A 2013 study showed that cannabinoids were helpful in regulating emotions of a person experiencing a stressful situation. The cannabinoids worked by reducing the stress receptors in the brain.

Promotes Appetite

happy-teenagers-together-eating-fast-food-junkThe munchies are not just the product of Hollywood legend and pop culture. Marijuana can indeed stimulate appetite because it triggers the hormone in the body that is responsible for hunger. This is useful for people who want to increase their weight especially following an illness.

If you want to regulate your eating habits or improve your appetite, you an add cannabis essential oil into your diet. Sprinkle cannabis oil to your salad or cook it with your favorite food. There are many books as well as blogs that specialize on marijuana recipes. Make sure to do some research so you can make your meal not just healthy but also delicious.

Improves Heart Health

Heart HealthHeart disease is the leading cause of death in America. A number of studies carried out on animals have revealed that cannabis oil helps dilate blood vessels. The findings of the animal study were seen to be applicable to humans a well. This is an important development because many heart illnesses like high blood pressure are a result of blood vessels getting clogged.

In addition to improving blood circulation, marijuana essential oil also contains many antioxidant properties which could lower cholesterol and fight off cardiovascular illnesses.

Helps Pain Management

black-man-having-a-heart-attackMarijuana has been used to manage pain since ancient times. In fact ancient texts from India reveal that cannabis has been applied as an effective treatment for pain. Because of its high cannabinoid concentrations, cannabis essential oil has very potent pain relieving properties. It works by inhibiting neural transmissions in the brain so patients no longer feel discomfort. Cannabis oil offers relief from both chronic and acute pain. Because of this benefit, marijuana is useful for helping people experience a more comfortable healing process.

Makes Skin and Hair Healthy

senior-woman-checking-hairline-for-hair-lossCannabis essential oil may be applied topically to treat various skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and skin itching. Aside from factors in the environment, many skin conditions are triggered by stress and anxiety. In this case, marijuana essential oil can treat the root of the problem by helping patients effectively manage stress.

If you suffer from acne or skin dryness, you can also apply cannabis oil as a treatment. Regular applications can improve the natural protection of your skin and therefore prevent skin damage. Seed oil from cannabis sativa is also know to fight signs of aging like wrinkles and treat blemishes.

Treats Bowel Diseases

abdominal-painThe cannabinoids found in marijuana are well known for having effects on the body’s digestive health particularly in treating bowel problems. In particular, studies have shown that cannabis oil is helpful in helping patients treat bowel illnesses such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, THC and CBD can significantly affect various functions of the body including those that are related to gut health. These active compounds found in cannabis also work by ensuring that the cells found in the bowels have a tightened bond.

Improves Sleep

woman-sleeping-sunny-morningSleep is probably one of the most underrated human activities. You’ve probably traded good quality sleep in order to finish an important school project or just to stay out late with friends. What people don’t realize is that lack of sleep is linked to many impaired bodily functions including memory loss, decreased sex drive, low energy, lack of focus and weight problems. Cannabis oil could be an effective cure for insomnia. First, some people have trouble falling asleep because they suffer from anxiety and because cannabis is helpful in managing pain, they may be able to treat anxiety and experience better quality sleep. Secondly, marijuana can effectively lower a person’s energy levels so it can induce relaxation and, ultimately, sleep.

Promotes Good Eyesight

closeup-of-an-eye-of-a-black-manGlaucoma is a common eyesight proble that can eventually result in poor vision. In the case of glaucoma, patients experience fluid breakup which cause pressure on various parts of the eyes including the lens, retina and even the optic nerve. Cannabis oil could be a good way to prevent eye problems because it can decrease intraocular pressure which is vital in preventing glaucoma.

Cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire across the U.S. but It is important to keep in mind that the laws in your state for using and selling the plant may be different from other states. Cannabis oil is highly concentrated and could still show up in certain tests. That said, make the most out of your experience with this cannabis product by keeping yourself up to date with the rules in your area as well as drug policies in your workplace. Some companies still maintain a zero drug tolerance policy and may even require employees to pass a drug test and penalize those who fail the said drug test.