The Best 5 Food Items for Hair Growth

Are you struggling with problems like hair fall, thinning of hair, dandruff, frizziness? Everyone aspires for long, shiny, and dense hair. Especially as we age, many of the factors like genetics play a significant role in hair growth. Talking about hair growth, our hair grows around 0.5 inches per month and 6 inches per year on an average. But how fast it grows, it will depend upon the factors mentioned above.

Considering diet as a factor, it is ignored by almost every person; consuming a diet lacking the right adequate nutrients can lead to hair loss. On the other hand, consuming a rich nutrient healthy diet can promote hair growth.

So, here are the 5 best foods you can eat to promote hair growth:

1) Eggs

bowl-of-fresh-eggsOne of the major nutrients required for hair growth is protein, and Biotin and eggs are a great source of these nutrients. Our hair follicles are made up of protein, and thus lack of protein in our diet can lead to hair loss.

Biotin is essential for the production of a protein of hair called Keratin, which also acts as a significant ingredient in many shampoos. Research also proves that consuming more Keratin can promote hair growth in people, especially having Keratin deficiency. Biotin deficiencies are uncommon if you consume a balanced diet. However, eating eggs can help maintain proper Biotin, which might be very useful for hair growth.

Eggs along with providing Biotin and protein also provide zinc, selenium and other hair-growth nutrients.This makes Eggs one of the Best foods for Hair Growth and also an excellent home remedy to get rid of dandruff.

2) Spinach

raw-fresh-spinach-with-drops-in-a-colanderSpinach is a healthy green vegetable which can be very beneficial for hair growth. It is rich in nutrients like folate, vitamins A and vitamin C, iron, all of which help promote hair growth. Vitamin A from Spinach helps to produce sebum. This oily substance keeps the scalp moisturized, which helps to keep hair healthy.

A cup of Spinach (30 grams) provides up to 54% of your daily vitamin A requirement.
Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to fuel your metabolism and aid growth and repair of your hair.

3) Sweet Potatoes

sweet-potatoesIf you are concerned that your hair has lost its shine and dimension, you may need to add sweet potatoes to your diet. These are full of vitamin C, which is an essential ingredient for the structure and production of collagen.

Swap out your usual potato dishes casserole or fries instead. Further Sweet Potato is having the beta-carotene that is converted into vitamin A (a fat-soluble vitamin) in our bodies is necessary for all the cell growth, including hair growth.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to dull, dry, lifeless hair. Remember not to overdo it with vitamin A, as too much can lead to hair loss.

4) Avocados

fresh-avocadosWhat isn’t avocado good for? Whether it’s mashed up into guacamole or served on a salad, avocado adds much-needed fat. To a classic plant-based diet–fat that many conscientious eaters sometimes forget is needed for overall strength.

Avocado is full of an antioxidant called alpha-tocopherol that fights against free radicals. These free radicals can stress out your hair and cause dullness. It also has mineral copper, which helps to build elastin and collagen in the body, especially the skin that holds hair follicles.

The reason avocado oil is beneficial for hair is that it contains an abundance of monounsaturated fats, proteins, copper, folic acid, magnesium, and minerals that strengthen the building blocks of your hair.

Vitamin E is a good ingredient because it strengthens the hair follicles and repairs damage caused by harsh chemical treatments

5) Pumpkin Seeds

homemade-roasted-spiced-pumpkin-seedsPumpkin seeds have Omega-3s, which leads to shiny, soft hair and beautiful naturally. These seeds are sources of vitamins A, E, and K, as well as zinc and biotin.

Pumpkin seeds contain linoleic and oleic acid. These oils impact androgen levels in the body (lack of androgen is believed to be the primary cause of hair loss).

They also are chock full of cucurbitacin, a unique amino that is responsible for its effect on hair growth. Throw them on a salad, or top of your favorite plant-based side dish, or enjoy as a mid-afternoon pick me up.

Even if your hair loss levels aren’t as extreme as male pattern baldness, you can still use pumpkin seed to reduce hair loss. Phytosterols have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce inflammation in the scalp. An inflamed scalp is not a conducive environment for hair growth, and by reducing inflammation, you can reduce hair loss significantly.

So that’s it for now, following all the instructions given above and having a very nutritious balanced diet can help you in having very dense black hair and escalating the hair growth.

Author Bio:

Jennifer is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating she embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies.