Best Electric Toothbrush For Baby

What are electric toothbrushes?

Kids are restless. They cannot stay in one place or do one thing with stability. And brushing their teeth is one of them. They cannot brush their teeth by themselves like they should, and that is why electric toothbrushes have been developed so that all you need to do is hold it over their teeth, and let the gadget do its work.

But what can you do in order to choose the best out of all the products available in the market, so that you don’t have to regret later on. So, today we are going to tell you, how to choose an electric toothbrush so that you can find the right choice for your kids.

1. Philips Sonicare for kids, HX6321/02- Bluetooth connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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Philips is widely known for its reliability, and that is why this product can be banked upon. With a brand value like Philips, the product is surely going to be a bit costly, but it is surely going to be one of the best electric toothbrushes for kids.

Manual toothbrushes are said to be highly effective, but that is not the case with Philips since it claims to be up to 75% more effective than regular toothbrushes. And the claims made by the company have always stood to be true, so you can trust what they say.

The product comes with a new Sonicare technology, which provides it more depth, and helps it penetrate between teeth and gums as well. This new age cleaning mechanism ensures that every second you can experience 500 brush strokes, which is certainly not humanly possible.

2. Brusheez – Children’s Electric Toothbrush

Brusheez Children's Electric Toothbrush

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This is one of the toothbrushes which have been developed and designed for kids as well. In order to make your child learn the good habits of oral and dental hygiene, it is good to start at the initial stage, and this product does it at the best price.

A funky toothbrush which feels attractive to kids, so they want to brush, and use it. This Brusheez battery operated electric toothbrush is one of those, which is not hard on the pocket and can be used for all brushing needs for children with the age 3 years and up. Along with the main instrument, the good thing about the product is that it comes with a wholesome kit, which also includes many tools like a protective cover in times when the product is idle, an extra brush head in case your primary one ruptures, and a rinse cup as well.

3. Electric Toothbrush, YAFEELR Children Cartoon Electric Toothbrush
YAFEELR Children Cartoon Electric Toothbrush

Yafeelr may not be a recognized company when it comes to dental hygiene, but this product if there is one of the most commendable ones in the market present today. The main attraction of the toothbrush in itself is the double-faced head, which means that cleaning your mouth has been taken one step further.

The product comes with soft bristles so that the gums are not hurt because those of kids are very delicate and underdeveloped which may lead to bleeding as well. Keeping this in mind, the product does one of the most commendable jobs in promoting oral hygiene among the children so that they can inculcate fees good habits from the initial stage.

There are no worries at all when it comes to its durability, head since the bristles are made out of nylon, which means they are not going to be harmed that soon.

4. Oral-B Kid’s Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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When it comes to reliability, there is nothing that can compare Oral-B. That is the reason why the build quality of the product can easily be trusted upon. The rechargeable electric toothbrush that has been designed for kids by Oral B is one of the most attractive looking ones in the market, and some of the most interactive ways to make brushing the teeth much more interesting. The toothbrush has different characters on its body with Finding Dory as the center movie along which everything revolves, the brush head can move in 360° direction so that overall cleaning of a child’s mouth becomes child’s play as well!

The power head, which can rotate in 360° has been developed keeping in mind the sensitive gums of a 3-year-old or 4 years old since the extra soft bristles ensure that oral care is at its premium without any harm to the gums which are still under development for the toddlers. To notify the kid that it is time to change the area of the mouth to be brushed, different melodies are played, so that the notifications can also make the child smile.

One special thing about the product is the application which can be downloaded from play store or iOS App Store as well, that is called Disney Magic Timer App. The kid can keep track of how much time we should brush in order to maintain cleanliness, and this is one of the best ways in which the child can interactively brush his teeth and maintain a good habit.

5. Aiyabrush ZR101 Electric Toothbrush for Kids
Aiyabrush ZR101 Electric Toothbrush for Kids

The product uses Sonic vibration with the help of its soft bristles which is not at all harsh on a toddler’s mouth and promotes cleaning even from the parts of the mouth which are difficult to reach. The product encourages comfortable cleaning of teeth by the children which is not seen in Manual brushing.

Aiyabrush ZR101 cleanses teeth at high speed and removes any plaque over the teeth. The brush is also suitable to use for the children who have sensitive teeth. The product is known for its high speed delivering 21,000 strokes per 60 seconds. The product is equipped with an app which encourages the children to brush for complete 2 minutes and even sets an automatic reminder 30 seconds before the time to brush. The brush is suitable for all the children between 3 to 7 years old. It comes with a cute packaging which excites children to use it and it also comes in different colors thus, one can choose according to their kid’s requirements. The hi-speed Sonic vibrations done by the brush does not create any unwanted sounds which may disturb the kids while brushing.

So, go ahead and make brushing easier and entertaining for your kids with this trustworthy product in our company’s collection.

6. Olaxer electric kids toothbrush
Olaxer electric kids toothbrush

This electric toothbrush makes children to love the task of brushing their teeth which they generally do not like. This Olaxer electric kids toothbrush is specially designed to encourage children about brushing and take care of their oral hygiene. The product comes with unique features which make brushing playful for the children.

Kids have sensitive teeth and that’s why the product has sensitive and Ultra soft bristles which do not hurt gums while brushing and its vibrations promote deep cleaning of the teeth to prevent them from getting cavities. Its head is also soft because it is made from rubber so, that it does not hurt anywhere in the child’s mouth. It comes in a very cute packaging which attracts the children and it also comes with a collection of stickers. One of the unique features of the product is its automatic timer, the timer ensures that the child brushes for complete 2 minutes and it even has a reminder after every 30 seconds to move the brush to different parts of the mouth. The brush has a long-lasting battery which lasts for up to 3 months which reduces the headache of changing batteries every now and then.

7. Brush baby babysonic electric toothbrush
babysonic electric toothbrush

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Again, an electric brush which is one of the best electric toothbrush for the toddlers. The product is very light to hold for a toddler because it weighs just 1.44 ounces and also has an easy grip to handle for the toddlers who may find it difficult to hold a brush in the beginning. The product is suitable for the children having sensitive teeth because it has supersoft braces and even softer brush head to ensure that the brush doesn’t hurt the baby anywhere inside its mouth while brushing.

The brush is also equipped with an automatic timer setting which ensures the complete brushing of the children’s mouth for 2 minutes and it even reminds the toddler to change the position of the brush after every 30 seconds so that the whole of mouth is cleaned properly. The brush has a unique feature of lightning up while brushing which excites the children to take the light inside their mouth and even helps to look inside their mouth while brushing. The product is even suitable for the toddlers who have just their teeth coming up and it also comes with two brush heads. Go ahead and give this brush a chance.

Now you have been provided with the information about how to choose an electric toothbrush, so that you can find the right electric toothbrush.

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