Best Gym Memberships for Your Money

In order to lead a healthy life, we need to have a proper diet and also exercise a little every day. While some people choose to exercise at home or run in the park, others like to go to the gym. When choosing to go to the gym you have more advantages because there are qualified trainers that can help you get the best workout for your body.


Here we are going to show you a small list of the best gym memberships for your money. Check their websites for more information.

LA Fitness
Choose LA Fitness if you want to enjoy their nontraditional approach to sport. This gym has both the basic workout program but also has some unusual classes and a lot of sport courts. Most of their 700 gyms are in the US. They also have some gyms in Canada.

The initiation fee is a bit pricey compared to other gyms in the US. You need to pay $99 regardless of the gym plan you choose. Nevertheless, the monthly membership plans at LA Fitness are quite affordable and they also include some discounts for a family plan.

Their strong point is that they provide a lot of extra amenities. LA Fitness offers you spas, saunas, and even a Kids Club where you can leave your children while you exercise.

24-Hour Fitness
Looking for a gym that is open non-stop? This is the best gym for people who have a nontraditional schedule. 24-hour gym started as a single club and it expended a lot over the years. Now it has more than 400 locations in the US.

The best thing about this gym is that you can go there at any time. Besides the standard cardio equipment, they also provide basketball courts and swimming pools. When it comes to the costs and fees they have great deals. If you only want to save money, buy an annual membership. They initiation fees are between $0 and $50 and their monthly fees are from $29,99.

Due to the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, the cleaning staff is not always available, especially during the night. This is why they have some problems with maintenance, but most of the times their equipment is up to date and is high-quality.

Planet Fitness
If you are looking for a judgement free zone gym then you need to check out Planet Fitness. Their judgement-free policy is great for people who are new to exercise because they can enjoy their workout without anybody looking down on them.

The fact that is has more than 1,400 locations, makes it very easy to find. Their small startup fee ($29) and the monthly fee ($10) makes this fitness gym one of the most affordable choices. They have great equipment and some amenities that you can enjoy every time you go there. While being low cost, this gym gives you what you need and more compared to other gyms.

Lifetime Fitness
Although it started out as a single luxury fitness club, Lifetime Fitness now has more than 1,100 gyms all over the US. This club is the best if you want a luxury gym that meets your standards. Due to the fact that it is a luxury club, the initiation fee is very high and it can get up to $200. Their monthly fees are between $60 and $160. They have discounts for families of for dual memberships.

The level of hygiene and equipment maintenance is great at this club. This gym also has locker rooms and showers full of amenities like shampoo, soap and towels. Lifetime Fitness is focused on making their club a luxury one and that is why they have many extra amenities including swimming classes, cycling, and rock climbing.

Crunch Fitness
This is the best gym membership for your money. It has a lot of great classes and it is praised for its creative and unusual workouts. Their only problem is the number of clubs. There are only 88 Crunch Fitness clubs in the US. This means that they are hard to find and they can be too far away from your location.

When it comes to the costs and fees this gym is budget-friendly. Starting from an initiation fee of $9.95 and a monthly fee of $9.95, the costs can for up to $39.95. Compared to other gyms, this a very affordable one especially because it offers a lot of amenities. Enjoy their basic workouts along with yoga classes, dancing and other for a great price.