The Body Cleanser! Food does cleanse

Just the way, food helps the body to gain minerals and vitamins (mineraler og vitaminer), it also helps us detoxify the body of all the extra substances. While having a regular body cleanse is an essential for a healthy body inside and out.

But we first need to conclude what a detox or cleanse actually is and why is this so much talked about?

people-detox-diet-drinkSimply explained, it is that process through which a person clarifies his body of all resins and toxins. Where we require to get rid of these toxins because these are poisonous food substances that are badly effecting our health. Toxins might include just so many of the present eating ingredients that are made up of artificial flavors and chemicals, because anything that is not natural must be made up of some chemical substances, which eventually upon consumption becomes a hazard for health.

In today’s world of processed foods we are constantly consuming harmful toxins that too knowingly; since they are present in everything from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the food we consume. Therefore it is essential to detoxify the body of these harmful organisms as we go on with them, since there is no such way of remain protected from these unless if we get covered in a superman’s shield!

But, as we are unable to be that superman or superwomen we are bound to adapt the detoxification processes to deal with such an unavoidable situation. So, let just cleanse now!
You must be wondering if the body cleanses where it all goes.

Our skin, lungs, liver, kidneys all are organs that play a huge role in helping the body detoxify. Even, sweat excretes the waste toxins of our body through pores. Such that other organs work to eliminate waste through their own channels and for their own purposes. Even the brain removes toxins while we are asleep, and it becomes essential to keep our organs healthy in order for them to detoxify properly.

However, the process to detoxification is going on for ages, among our ancestors which relies upon resting and cleansing the entire body from in and out. In detoxification, the body obtains good nutrients and removes the bad toxins and in long-run protecting the body against any diseases.

Detoxification not only is about the body with its physical health, but also about the brain, and that comes from meditation and yoga etc.

Basically toxins are given a place in the body when our organs are not functioning properly such as kidneys, lungs, liver etc. that processes the elimination, but when these systems are compromised the impurities are not well removed and thus harms the body.

Ever wondered how detoxification might help cleanse?

  • It can do the job by stimulating the body organs to work properly
  • By regulating the blood flow.
  • Calming the organs through right diet.
  • Cleaning the blood of impurities.

But what exactly tells you that this is the right time for a body cleanse?

Well, this varies from person to person, some might get symptoms like bad skin or allergies while others may feel fatigued or stressed. It can also be possible that we get some internal infections, bloating or even menstrual problems is a sign that you need to detox your body just right in time now.

Now that we are well-aware of the entire cycle; toxins, detox importance, its necessity and how it helps the body, we ought to understand how it works and with what it works.

First of all we are supposed to stop the use of toxic substances already in our consumption that have high concentration of fats, added sugars, preservatives, and all other harmful substances in order to prepare the body for healing process, while you may substitute all the harmful stuff with natural products (naturlige produkter).

However, the detox patterns are based on individual needs and requirements. In a general practice, it takes a week to have a proper cleanse which includes letting the digestive system rest along with putting it on liquids that cleanse the body.

But the simplest and easiest way of detoxing the body that actually works well regardless of their personal requirements includes:

  • Taking at least 8 glasses of water in a day will flush out the toxins out of the body naturally. With this, increase the fiber intake and super foods while reducing processed foods.
  • Go on lemon cleansing, this involves drinking Luke warm water with lemon juice in it but extensively over a period of time up to seven to eight days. Some people might add raw honey to the lemonade to make it good to taste. This cleanse is considered to be the best among detox methods that not only flushes out toxins, but also aids in weight loss. Yet again it depends upon the nutritionist’s advice according to one’s own body requirements.
  • Weird, but Sea Salt works, it helps cleanse the body from its toxins, being a natural disinfectant. This process includes drinking a glass of salt water empty-stomach and wait until an hour for the toxins to flush out.
  • Another great way of detoxifying the body is through vegie smoothie that helps in removing the wastes from body but also help in retaining the essential nutrients in the body. This might include making a smoothie out of beet root, apple, carrots, kale and if required a banana too. This not only tastes great but is a very healthy way of body purification.
  • An addition of herbal teas to your diet is another great detox factor. These purifies the blood, and remove any built-up impurities in it.
  • Exercise daily, that’s an essential for a healthy and toxin free mind and brain. In particular yoga and meditation(yoga og meditation). Exercise improves blood circulation and digestive system.
  • Get enough sleep and manage your stress.

But what is more important is that you are required to keep your body clean and detoxified even after you are done with entire detox process, because we believe in prevention rather than cure.

Cleanse before the disease cleanse you!