Your Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Best Gym Clothes

women leg workout at gymThe clothes that people wear should also work as they do. The workout clothes must also look good. After all, what a person wears is another way that will motivate them into exercising well.

However, more than that the clothes must be physically comfortable when a person wears it. If the workout clothes give discomfort and make the workout uncomfortable, then there is a high possibility that a person will quit. Since they feel self-conscious and restricted, they’ll feel less motivated while doing the workout.

This guide will help people in choosing the best clothes that will help them in having a healthy lifestyle.

What to Look for When Purchasing for Gym Clothes?

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Activity Appropriate

No rules are saying that one can’t wear the same clothes for a different type of workout. However, it is still better to wear the workout clothing that is appropriate for the activity. Since there is an exercise that is enjoyable when done longer, wearing the appropriate workout clothes will make a person love the activity.

One example is the comfort that cycling shorts give for people that love long bike rides. Due to the padding that cycling shorts have, it is a perfect choice for biking. Yoga pants and running tights can look similar, but they are both made from different fabrics. Also, both have a different fit.

Running tights are tighter in the waist. Also, it has a drawstring that allows the tights to stay up while a person is running. Then it has a pocket at the back that will help in holding a key. These things might be not that noticeable, but wearing running tights in a yoga class is irritating.

There are designated clothes that are activity appropriate, so when buying workout clothes, it is important to consider the activity that you’re going to do.


Comfort is an important factor when working out. If a person is not comfortable when working out, there is a high chance that their focus will drift away. When exercising, it is important to avoid wearing clothes with fabrics that will irritate or chafe the skin while repeatedly moving the limbs and body.

When wearing workout clothes and shoes, it is important to know that the materials and structure will allow the body to move without any restrictions while exercising. It can also increase a person’s confidence while working out.

Purchase gym clothes that have low spandex in their composition, because it can allow a great range of motion when a person is exercising. Additionally, they can give a comfortable fit without feeling tight on the skin.

If purchasing workout clothes, it is important to focus on how the clothes will fit the body and not the size of the clothing. Most athletic clothing sizes deceive people. There are certain events where the clothes are small because people used the form-fitting that they wear for regular clothes.


Gym clothes are from a different variety of materials. Some clothing is from good old-fashioned cotton, while some are from scientifically designed synthetic fiber that aids perspiration issues. Cotton as materials are easily available and are cheap. Though cotton can sometimes be worn out, they are comfortable when worn for the first time.

Wicking refers to the ability of a material that diverts sweat away from the skin. Also with the help of the material, it is easy for sweat to evaporate. This ability also helps in keeping the skin dry, and the person stays comfortable while exercising. Cotton has a poor wicker ability. It is heavy when a person is sweating because it soaks up all the sweat.

Because of it, the material is both clingy and wet. Tons of synthetic and technical material have excellent wicking ability. With the array of varieties of materials, people can openly choose the type of fabric that they are going to wear while working out. It is also good to consider on wearing different materials for winter and summer season.

Technologically Advanced

There are a lot of workout pieces that has an anti-microbial treatment as their feature. This feature helps in combating odor. While there are workout clothes that feature an ultra-violet protection that will protect the skin from any harmful rays of the sun.

There are also clothes that have a glow-in-the-dark or luminescent jacket and running pants that will keep the wearer visible especially when they are working out in the dark. For hikers that have a huge concern about Lyme disease, there are workout clothes that have permethrin which is a synthetic version for natural insect repellant which is in chrysanthemums.


There are times that people buy at one workout clothes that they think will last a season, while some buy at least five various men’s clothing items. Layering is an excellent idea in saving money. Also, it provides a harmonious transition from indoor to outdoor workouts. The gym clothes that are comfortable to layer are versatile and can help in saving both time and money.

A good start that will ensure a proper layering is to always start with an item that has a dry-wicking feature, it could be a tank top or sports bra. After that, a person can wear a warmer layer like a pullover fleece. Lastly, if heading outdoors, it is a good idea to wear a waterproof and windproof windbreaker.


There are workout clothes that will still start smelling if it gets too warm up. It is due to the anti-odor or antimicrobial of the workout clothes. According to a recent study, there are particles in the workout clothes that is meant to eradicate bacteria and odor.

Both the odor and bacteria can be a risk to the health of a person. Instead of buying clothes that have high-tech feature, there is no harm in using old tricks. Pre-soak the clothing in water that has a cup of white vinegar.

Wicking Ability

Here is the reason why wicking is important. Wicking’s role is to give comfort to the wearer. Since there are people that sweat like there’s no tomorrow, it is critical for them to have a base layer that will keep them dry and comfy.

Lycra and Polyester are synthetic materials useful in maintaining a person dry and also it keeps a person warm during winter days and cool on summer season. For people that prefer an all-natural material, bamboo and wool are the materials that will fit them. Both will give the same benefits, and both have a natural wicking ability.

Clothes That Fits Well

It is challenging to find gym clothes that fit perfectly, but it is also a fulfilling feeling to find one. The best step in choosing the workout clothes is to choose clothes that are neither loose or tight. Balance is the key.

The common problems that some gym-goers make are wearing a super tight top while their bottoms are super loose. Wearing those type of clothes can give constriction to the movement while working out. Always consider wearing clothes that will match your exercise activity. Also, keep in mind that wearing moisture-wicking fabrics is a smart choice.

What are The Types of Fitness Apparel Fabrics?

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Bamboo. It is a piece of fabric that has a natural, breathable and light feature. It is also great in having a moisture-wicking ability. Items of clothing that has bamboo material are efficient in shielding the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Clothes with bamboo will feel soft, regulate the temperature of the body and combats bad odor. Also, it is one of the most flexible types of fabrics that the athletic clothing company utilizes.

Cotton. It is a material that is famous for the comfort that it gives. However, it is also notorious for tearing up the skin after long workouts, and also it is extra in absorbing sweat. For anyone wearing socks made from the cotton material during a humid day, they’ll mostly experience having trouble because their feet will be wet, soft and possibilities of having blisters will be high.

Nylon. In the world of fashion, nylon is a popular material used for manufacturing woman’s stockings. It is a material that has the softness of silk, also quick drying and mildew resistant type of synthetic fabric. Right now, nylon is one of the materials used to made fitness clothes. Except that nylon dries quickly, it also lets the body breathe while doing extra activities. Nylon also wicks the sweat from a person’s body to the surface of the fabric. The sweat then evaporates and does not cling to the body after a workout.

Polyester. It is the most hardworking among the drill fabrics. It is also the famous one that is always on the label of most workout clothes. It is usually a plastic cloth that is wrinkle resistant, lightweight, durable, non-absorbent and breathable.

It means that the moisture from the skin will evaporate instead of clinging into the fabric. Also, it blocks UV rays and insulates a person even if the material is wet.

Polypropylene. The same as polyester, it is also of plastic. However, the different between the two, polypropylene is water-resistant. It also has the feature that forces the moisture to go through the fiber and to let it evaporate.

Spandex. The most famous brand name for spandex is Lycra. It is the material that gives stretch to workout clothes. Spandex is a breathable material that has a wick moisture ability which dries up easily. It is the main reason why it is a staple fabric for fitting exercise clothes.



Wearing comfortable workout clothes are important. It is one of the factors that can affect the exercise performance. Listed above are the things that will help gym enthusiasts find the best workout clothes that will increase their productivity in working out.

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