Are You Suffering From Depression? Here’s How Pets Will Help You Fix It

Amid all the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to look after ourselves. Modern patterns lead to a change in lifestyle and slowly devours our sense of sophisticated understanding. Our minds are completely engrossed in the humdrum of life until a deadly disease knocks at the doorstep. Though the intensity of the disease may vary from individual to individual. But the miscreant now lurks in our mind and body until a successful treatment begins. However, there may be no constructive solution. For such health problems, even the tiniest silver lining can work miracles.

So here we are trying to solve the equation that has affected millions of Americans. It is widely known as depression and it has the power to eliminate happiness from life. Instead, if we look at the statistics an estimated 17.3 million adults aged 18 and above suffer from at least one episode of depression. That makes up for 7.1% of U.S. adults. Subsequently, because so many people suffer from depression it is essential to fight back and leave no room for doubts.

Having said that, let’s find out how pets help deal with depression. It is one of the major therapeutic effects that can help you fight depression. Solely because animals have the power to change human behavior. They provide affection and care in ways unseen but felt by humans through touch. If you constantly snuggle, stroke, or touch your pet, the actions will calm you down. So, are you ready to delve deeper? If yes, keep reading below.

The Company of a Feline Friend

little-kitten-on-woman-shoulderIn a study conducted on cats, it was revealed that owners with cats had a positive impact on their well-being. Around 600 cat and non-cat owners suffering from mental health problems were examined and asked about the impact their feline friend had on them. The reactions were positive and most of them exclaimed that keeping a cat in their company helps them stay calm. Some of the respondents even went on to say that the stroking or hugging the cat is a helpful activity.
So, it is pretty evident that your feline friend knows how to keep you away from the waves of depression. Plus coming home to a cat will make you feel better in several ways. In fact, if you search online you will come across personal stories that prove that pets are wondrous creatures and help fight depression.

The Company of a Faithful Friend

beautiful-couple-relaxing-at-home-and-lovingAs soon as we hear the word ‘faithful’ . It instantly reminds us of a dog. Indeed, dogs have proven their loyalty to humans over time. Perhaps, there is no doubt about that. But can dogs really help fight depression? The answer is yes and several studies prove this fact. I would like to quote one study here too. It is a detailed study that looks over the psychosocial and psychophysiological effects of human-animal interaction. The report revolves around dogs and it says that dogs can improve social interaction, build trust, reduce aggression and increase empathy. So, with all these positive impacts it is most likely that a depressed patient can heal.

Now that you have the scientific proof of the relationship between pets and humans. Let us see how pets can alter your depressed life.

Pets Help You Become Responsible

caring-for-dogHaving pets mean that you have to feed them, take them out on walks, and be there for them. Now, a depressed individual will always look for ways to hide in the room and establish fewer social connections. But a dog can help you indulge in positive activities. Knowing that you have a furry animal beside you will motivate you to go out on walks. In turn, you will interact with several people and feel less lonely.

In addition to this, you also have a chance to become responsible by establishing a routine for yourself and the pet. Instead, a survey conducted on depression stated that an individual with responsibility comes out of depression quickly.

Pets are a Source of Compassion

cheerful-senior-woman-congratulating-dogIn the wake of treating depression, mental health professionals try to channel positive energy by indulging the patients in behavioral activities. Due to which patients experience a sense of belongingness. Similarly, pets teach humans to be compassionate and see the world from a different perspective. Especially dogs, who can create a positive environment without extra efforts.

Additionally, animals’ compassion will feed positivity into the mind of a depressed patient. So, keeping a pet will only help an individual cope with the negative environment.

Pets Provide Unconditional Love and Support

cat-on-a-deskWhether it’s your feline friend or furry friend both have the capacity to provide unconditional support and love. In the case of a dog, the love is infectious. They will always follow you, demand attention from you, and most vitally will be happy to be around you. The energy is contagious and you will always feel loved and cared for.

Your pet will always remind you that you are not alone. This is again one of the contributing factors to reduce stress. They will remind you that you are not alone and there are good things in the world too. In turn, you will stay motivated to bring about an optimistic change in your life.

Pets Will Motivate You to Exercise

training-dog-at-homePhysical activities have long helped individuals stay fit. Not only mentally but also physically. Instead, it is noteworthy that a fit individual will come out of depression sooner than usual. So, all you have to do is take your pet out for a walk on a regular basis. It has been scientifically proven that a quiet walk with your pet lowers blood pressure, anxiety and depression too. With all the benefits exercise has on human health it becomes important to have a pet.

Pets Will Change Your Behavior

girl-studying-for-school-homework-with-dogWhether it is a dog, cat or any other animal, it is hard to ignore them. All the pets have a unique quality and they will leap towards you when you need them. Imagine a furry ball of joy coming towards you, leaping all over you face and showering you with kisses. This simple act is enough to keep you away from anger, frustration, and sadness. So, as soon as you feel the agony kicking in, hold your pet in your arms and pet him/her until a wave of calmness passes by.

Pets have long shared a good bond with humans. There is no denying that a pet will comfort you in several ways. Even the tiniest act of kindness will give an optimistic hope towards life. So, if you plan on getting an emotional support animal just make sure you also have an ESA Letter signed by a certified mental health professional. Because even the tiniest effort towards mental health improvement can make a lot of difference.