Drinking alcohol is good or bad for health

Drinking alcohol is considered as worst habit nowadays as it affects the entire society. It makes the tears in family failure in life. It stimulates the individual to do the senseless activities. Likewise, there are a lot to say about the negativity of Alcohol. The reason I have chosen this topic is to state Alcohol is also good for health.

Yes! Alcohol has the positive side that helps to heal the various disease cause and symptoms of the body. But How much alcohol I can take? What are the benefits of drinking alcohol? When can I drink the alcohol? You might have this queries in your mind. Here I have the answer for all these queries that may help you to have a clear cut idea about alcohol. Here you go.


What is Alcohol?

Alcohol has the active ingredients called Ethanol. When the yeasts digest the sugar it will produce the ethanol from the rich foods such ass grapes and grains. It has the ability to reduce the shyness and conscious and tempt the people to do unwanted things which are leads to relationship breaking.

How much alcohol can I consume a day?

This is a most common question from the people those who are not so addicted to alcohol. I can classify the drinkers into three types based on how much amount of alcohol consumed by them. I.e. Addicted and Moderated. People from these two categories are considered as the drinkers but they are consuming alcohol in different quantity.

The Addicted drinkers are consuming alcohol without any limit. The moderated are the drinkers they don’t have any severe side effects like addicted people. Women can drink 200ml of alcohol per day. Similarly, men can drink 400mls per day to live the good life.

Positive side of Alcohol

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol has the wide range of benefits to the body. Moderate consumption of alcohol makes the body elements active. Here you can find what are benefits of drinking moderate alcohol.

  1. handAlcohol can reduce: Drinking wine or beer to wind up the day is the habit of most of the people. Wine and beer really help to reduce your mind stress and depression.If you have the stress you will show it with your lovable one of course so drinking wine or beer will make you deal with your mental stress.
  2. Alcohol for Cardiovascular: Cardiovascular disease is a severe cause which is the most common reason for heart attacks and strokes. Moderate drinking will help to reduce the cardiovascular causes. It will increase the HDL in the bloodstream. It reduces the blood pressure and decreases the concentration of fibrinogen. It relieves the anxiety and stress. It also reduces the chance of diabetes.
  3. Alcohol and Diabetes: Moderate alcohol will reduce the type 2 Diabetes, a metabolic disease which affecting 8% of world population. Type 2 Diabetes caused due to the lower level of glucose. Moderate alcohol consumption helps to reduce the insulin resistance which fights against the diabetes symptoms. Check this link for more about Type 2 diabetes symptoms.
  4. Alcohol in Endothelial function: Endothelial cells release the impaired nitric oxide which is associated with the cardiovascular causes. Moderate alcohol helps to increase the nitric oxide which clears the blood vessels and relax the vascular smooth muscles. It also regulates the blood pressure and improves the endothelial function. The high level of alcohol consumption will reduce the endothelial function which will lead to the cardiovascular disease.
  5. Alcohol reduce the iron absorption: Increasing level of iron absorption will cause the hemochromatosis which is a genetic condition the caused due to the high level intake of iron foods such as red meat and fortified grains. Alcohol controls the over intake of iron. Redwine is helping to reduces the absorption of heme iron as it has the polyphenols content.
  6. Alcohol prevents from Cold: Alcohol helps to prevent the common cold. The especially red wine has the power to reduce 60% of cold. Drinking 14 glasses of red wine prevent the development of cold as it has antioxidant content.

Negative side of alcohol

  1. dislikeAlcohol and cancer: Alcohol causes cancer which is one of the most serious diseases. Drinking alcohol will cause the variety of cancer on mouth, colon, throat, liver and blood. Consuming more amount of alcohol will increase the growth of cancer cells and will lead to the critical stage. Whether you drink light level, moderate level or high level, the chance of cancer is always high.
  2. Alcohol is Toxic: Normally our digestive system produces 3gms of ethanol. If we couldn’t able to metabolize the ethanol then the 3gms will be increased and cause the toxic to the body. When you consume the alcohol a lot of enzymatic reaction will happen in the body. The alcohol dehydrogenase is the enzyme in the liver which converts the ethanol to acetaldehyde which increases the many hangover systems.
  3. Alcohol cause the fatty Liver: Fatty liver is related to the sugar and fat intake. The alcohol metabolism will increase the NADH/NAD+ ratio which creates the number of liver fat cells. It reduces the oxidation of fatty acid which adds the fat in the liver. It also causes the inflammation in the liver which leads the failure of the liver.
  4. Alcohol in sleep interruption: Drinking alcohol won’t’ provide the better sleep. Alcohol is really serious sleep disruptor. It let you awake at the mid of sleep and affects the proper sleep cycle.
  5. Alcohol and body weight: After fat, alcohol is the rich energy will cause the obesity. It has the 7 calories per gram which increase the cholesterol. Beer consist of calories similar to sugary soft drinks and red wine contain twice as beer. The heavy drinking of alcohol will increase your weight. If you are the one, who drink the beer regularly it will make the weight gain.

Tips to live healthy life with alcohol

approvalMake sure, which type of alcohol you are drinking. Redwine is good for health as it has more antioxidants. But consuming more amount of red wine also danger to health.

Standard drinking is good. But most of the people are confused about standard drinking. The term “Standard drinking” is defined as women can intake a drink per day and 2 drink per day for the man.

Never drink at empty stomach it will burn your stomach. Intake the drink while you having food.
Drink the less concentration of alcohol such as beer and red wine.

Bottom Line

Drinking is not always a bad option. It depends on how much alcohol you are consuming per day. Moderate level of drinking is always good for healthy. Never intake too many hard drinks. Make everything in a line. Always plan for a moderate drinking. Make the better drinking companion, who not always take you for the drinking party and give the importance to fun and joy of the life. Check out our blog for more health tips to live a healthy life.