Pros and Cons Laser/ IPL Hair Removal

Most women and some men prefer their bodies to be hairless. This is why hair removal treatments immediately became one of the most in demand services in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Because of this consistently high demand, different forms and procedures were developed from shaving to waxing, to more medically and scientifically inclined treatments. Today, when the technology is more advanced than ever, Laser and IPL treatments become one of the most popular options for those who want the experience less painful, less of a hassle and more effective.

Contrary to common knowledge, Laser and IPL are two different procedures. there are some factors that make these two light-based options different. The main one is the process by which the light is produced, the type of the light (wavelengths) and how it is absorbed by the different hair and skin types. On the other hand, IPL produces varying wavelength which is types of light found on a visible light spectrum, while laser produces one single and precise wavelength, an intensely concentrated beam of light that is proven to target hair growth, however, they both effectively reduce the hair growth after a few sessions.

Laser and IPL hair removal can be a great option for removing unwanted body and facial hair without the burns, nicks, and redness of shaving and waxing. However, despite the more innovative promises and benefits, many are still intimidated by the technology behind it. Since it is done by professionals and involves machines, many women can’t help but feel intimidated by it. Thankfully, through research and a little bit of reading, the light can be shed to this technologically advanced hair removing procedures. Meanwhile, others tend to shy away from this option because of its price, relatively higher than the more conventional options.

Regardless of your reason, be it curiosity or you’re in quest of finding the perfect solution for your rapid hair growth woes, knowing the pros and cons of these type of hair removal treatments can be beneficial for you. Is the price worth it? What should you expect before, during and after the procedure? Let this infographic help you decide. This will also help you decide which establishment to choose, given the growing number of clinics offering such services.

At the end of the day, it should always be your choice because you deserve it. These procedures and treatments should enable you to feel good about yourself and unlock your best version anyway.
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