Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Healthier Place

Obviously, in order to live a healthy and happy life, it’s paramount that you balance your diet and engage in regular physical activity. Finding the time for hobbies and socializing is also extremely beneficial. However, when it comes to improving your lifestyle, there’s little talk about the effect of your personal environment. Aside from designing your home the way it suits you the best, it’s essential that the said environment is healthy for you. Germs, mold, chemicals, etc. can all lurk inside your home and damage your health, damaging the quality of your lifestyle as well. So, what’s the key to a healthy home? Keep on reading to learn some useful tips on how to make your place safe and beneficial for your own well-being.

Say no to chemical cleansers

woman-doing-chores-cleaning-bathroom-at-homeOne of the biggest issues in your home can undoubtedly be related to the excessive use of chemicals and toxic cleaning agents. Of course, the basic rule for keeping your personal environment healthy is to clean up regularly. So what kind of change can benefit you in this regard? Switch to all-natural cleansers. In the end, you may not even be aware of the damage that toxins in chemical cleaning agents are doing to you. Allergies, dizziness and headaches are commonly associated with this particular issue. In order to avoid this and help the environment in the process, you can easily make your own cleaning agents with natural ingredients that will leave your home spotless yet won’t have negative effects on your health.

What candles do you use?

candle stand pot typeAnother obvious tip that will help you make your home a more pleasant place is to use scented candles from time to time. The soothing scent can help you relax, but it’s important that you still keep in mind that scented candles can cause more trouble than good – unless you know what kind of candles to go for. Essentially, the most common scented candles are made of petroleum-based paraffin wax. Now, not everyone will feel the negative consequences of this type of wax, but it is still known to cause allergic reactions, cough, asthma, etc. in some people. Don’t panic. There’s a simple solution to this that will allow you to fill your home with scented candles. Just opt for soy candles, as there’s zero harmful chemicals involved.

Keep the air clear

windy-spring-dayThere are different ways you can make sure that the air you breathe in when you’re at home is actually good for you. Unfortunately, many people neglect this particular aspect of their personal environment, even though it can have huge health consequences. For starters, you have to keep your place dry. Check if there are any leaks, as leaks and moisture in general can cause mold. Once the mold is formed, allergies and breathing problems are bound to follow. Moreover, make sure that you do your best to get rid of dust. If you’re constantly exposed to dust, similar issues such as the ones before are likely to happen. If you want to do your work thoroughly, don’t hesitate to test your home for radon either. This odorless gas can deal you a whole lot of damage, and is even linked to cancer. Luckily, a testing kit for radon is readily available at hardware stores. Finally, if you’re aware that your allergies are triggered by the quality of air, investing in the best air purifier for allergies can effectively minimize the main cause of your health problems.

The question of light

Balcony HomeLight can be your best friend but your worst enemy as well. For starters, it’s true that you need plenty of natural light to function properly and enjoy a mood boost – but only during the day. If possible, allow as much natural light to come in as you can during the day. However, it’s very important that you properly shut out any source of light in the room where you sleep. For a good night of rest, this is a must. You can invest in good blinds or shades, or you can go the easy way and get a sleep mask. Either way, make sure that you sleep in the dark. On the other hand, you also have to worry about artificial lighting. Obviously, you need artificial lighting, no matter how much natural light you can let in. When choosing the right bulbs, avoid fluorescent ones that cast overly bright, white light. This can cause headaches and eye strain. In general, full-spectrum light bulbs are the best choice available.

Drink the best water
elderly-woman-drinking-waterMost people drink tap water, and precisely because of that, it’s essential that you put little effort into making that water as healthy for you as possible. In general, water is usually full of contaminants such as lead, chlorine, E. coli, and even pesticides in some cases. If you don’t want to buy bottled water, the easiest solution to this problem and a healthier place to live in is to get a filter. You can choose between getting a pitcher that you’ll fill every once in a while, or one that’s directly attached to the faucet. You may find this bothersome at first but remember that you’re putting this pinch of effort in order to improve your health.

Take the time to take good care of yourself as you deserve it. And in order to do so, remember that it’s essential to keep your personal environment healthy, safe and comfortable if you want to find the energy and productivity to live your life to the fullest. After all, you spend most of your time at home, and the overall effect of the said space should never be overlooked.