Busy Bees: Food and Exercise Tips for Moms with Hectic Schedules

Moms are extremely busy people. Whether you’re a work-at-office mom or a stay-at-home mom, you barely have time for yourself.

There are a million things to do at home, such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids. Add your work hours to the list of the things that you have to deal with every day, and you’d get a pretty full daily schedule.

It’s understandable that maintaining a home can be exhausting, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Some moms get focused on their family or work and neglect to maintain their health.

To avoid this situation, read on to get ideas on how busy moms can keep themselves healthy by following specific daily routines coupled with healthy food choices.

Healthy Eating: Exercise Routine and Daily Schedule

To start off these mommy fitness tips, you need to focus on your food choices. Your daily schedule will require energy, as well as your exercise routine. Eating the right food can help you have the motivation that you need for your full day.

  • Pre-exercise
    Hydrate before you begin your exercise routine. Stock up on healthy carbs because you’ll need it. Avoid food that’s full of saturated fats.
  • During exercise
    You can’t eat while you’re doing your workout, so it’s best to stick to taking small sips of water during your routine.
  • After exercise
    After your routine, refuel your body with liquids (rehydration), carbs (fuel for muscles), and proteins (repairs your muscles).
  • Daily routine
    If you’re working and you don’t have the time to prepare a full meal, don’t skip your breakfast. You need to eat something rich in protein, like an egg or Greek yogurt. Even if you eat in small amounts, this can help sustain your body until lunchtime.

If you don’t have the time to run across the street and buy something for lunch, bring your food. This option is better because you can control what you eat. You can pack a sandwich made of low-calorie bread with beef or chicken.

Don’t overeat in the evening. If you’re starving, eat vegetables and other food rich in protein. Stay away from carbs in pasta or rice.

Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Body

practice-yogaYour days are already full but squeeze in an exercise routine to your schedule. These activities will help you stay healthy even if you’re busy with everything. These might also give you the extra energy to help you get through your busy days.

  • Make your exercise workout a daily part of your life:
    How you set your schedule is an essential factor in your routine. Some moms fail to exercise every day because they don’t set a specific time for exercise. It’s like a leisure that they do whenever they find the time. Don’t treat exercise as an option. Make it an important appointment that you can’t miss. Do it regularly until it blends in seamlessly into your schedule.
  • Commit to your workout: It’s hard to commit to something else if you’re already busy. However, your health is as important as the other things that occupy your time. Don’t keep putting off your plans to exercise and make it your priority.It’s easy to follow through on your routine once it becomes a part of your daily life. A healthier lifestyle with benefit you, and your family as well.
  • Start your exercise routine early in the day: Some moms prefer to exercise in the evening. The downside to this is that you’re too tired to exercise. You might even fall asleep while you’re on your yoga mat. It’s better to exercise in the morning because you’d have more energy and you’d feel refreshed after sleeping. Another plus factor is that your kids are still asleep, so nobody will bother you while you exercise.
  • A sandwich exercise routine can also work: Some moms are too tired to wake up early, and also have zero energy in the evening. If you’re one of these moms, you can do your exercise routine during your lunchtime. You can do anything that you want, but make sure that you commit to your workout schedule.
  • Don’t worry about the fashion police: You might be conscious of how you look when you’re exercising, and that’s perfectly understandable. If you want, you can prepare your clothes the night before especially when you’re doing your routine early in the morning. Don’t worry too much about your looks.
  • Ask for help if necessary: If you need somebody else to take care of your kids (especially young kids) when you’re exercising, don’t hesitate to ask for help from other people like your husband, neighbors, in-laws, or a trusted babysitter. You can’t focus on your task if you keep watching your kids at the same time. Focus on your exercise routine without any distractions.
  • Involve the rest of your family: You don’t have to do your routine alone necessarily. If you’re worried that you can’t trust anybody to watch your kids, then include them in your routine. You can even make it into a family event, such as hiking or cycling trips which you regularly do. If your kids are mature enough, you can explain to them that you’re going to be busy for a short while. They might be willing to stay with you while you exercise, or they can do their own thing if you know that you can trust them.


mom and child outsideAs a mom, it’s important to stay healthy even if your days are hectic. Don’t disregard your health for the other things that occupy your time. Busy moms can stay healthy by eating the right food and setting the proper schedule for exercise workouts.

When exercising, it’s important always to stay hydrated. However, before you do your workout, make sure to eat food rich in healthy carbs. You can’t eat during exercise, so take sips of water. Load up on protein and carbs after you exercise. For your daily schedule, never skip meals and eat healthy foods.

For your workout routine, you need to commit to the schedule that you have set. You can do it in the early morning if you can wake up early, or in the evening when you’re not busy. If both options aren’t good for you, you can exercise during your lunch break.

You also don’t have to fret about your fashion style. Wear whatever you want. When it comes to your kids, ask for help. If you can’t trust other people to watch your kids, you can include them in your workout routine.