Moringa Oleifera Powder – A great natural food supplement for everyday use

Moringa plants have been in existence in many parts of the world which enjoy a tropical climate that is humid and warm. Predominantly, this plant is grown in the sub-continental region,and the largest cultivation of the plant is in India. In recent times, researchers have discovered series of health benefits from this plant and food supplements are now produced in different forms and different forms. The leaf, the bark and the fruit of the plant are used in making these preparations. Thanks to the numerous health benefits offered by this plant, Moringa is termed as a ‘miracle plant.

Let us now turn to some of the major benefits of Moringa powder

Moringa leaf powderMoringa powder has been in use for several thousand years in the regions where the plant is traditionally grown. Fresh leaves are obtained by businesses that convert them into powder for the benefit of the population in other parts of the world, particularly the Western world. The small, oval leaves of the plant emit a sharp smell similar to the leaves of Spinach. The fresh leaves obtained from the tree are sun-dried,and when all the moisture is gone, the leaves are ground into fine powder. After removing any impurities, the powder is then packed in capsules or small plastic bags.

Rishabh Chokhani, the Founder,and CEO of Naturevibe Botanicals explain that Naturevibe Botanicals have been engaged in pioneering work about bringing the benefits of these lesser-known natural wonders to your doorsteps.

Moringa leaf powder for nutrition

Moringa leaves are highly nutritious and containa significant amount of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and other oxidants. It is also a rich source of anti-inflammatory agents that help with the immune system of humans. This is also the reason why Moringa leaves have been acclaimed as the superfood around the globe.

Consuming Moringa leaf powder regularly will ensure that you get a significant level of nutrition, and at a very high percentage, compared to traditional food supplements. For example, the calcium content in Moringa is twice that of milk, the wholly organic moringa leaf powder from naturevibe can be safely added to your drinks or meal. Alternatively, you can simply add about three teaspoons of the powder to some water and drink it straight.

Moringa leaf powder for disease control

Moringa or Moringa Oleifera leaves are also extremely potent in fighting numerous disease. In fact, according to Ayurveda, one of the most ancient medical systems the world has known, Moringa leaves, the fruit and the bark are helpful in alleviating nearly every health issue, particularly in the early stages of the disease.

Moringa leaf powder can also be consumed daily as a precaution against most of the common diseases, rather than waiting for the onset of the disease. Once you start taking Moringa leaf powder regularly, you can ward off many of the disease-causing elements from your body and stay healthy.

Moringa leaf powder for Healthy Skin

There are multiple nutrients that moringa powder contain in large amount. These nutrients are essential for healthy skin. Thus consumption of moringa powder is best for those how are concerned about their skin. Given below is the description of some of the most prominent nutrients that it contains in highest amount.

  • Vitamin Contents
    Moringa leaf powder contains many vitamins,but the percentage of Vitamin A and Vitamin E is highest. Almost 18 percent Vitamin A and 16 percent Vitamin E is present in moringa powder. These two Vitamins are considered as best for the skin as they make the skin healthy and radiant. Also, these Vitamins play their anti-aging role for the person who takes half a teaspoon of it every day in the morning.
  • Presence of Anti-oxidants
    Along with the large amount of Vitamin A and E, anti-oxidants are also present in it. Anti-oxidants are known for their benefits for skin for years. Moringa powder is just like a storehouse of anti-oxidants that protect the skin cells from damage. Also, they help in repairing the dead skin cells and thus stop the aging process of the skin to a large extent.
    The skin benefits of moringa powder are exceptional,and thus it is now sold as one of the most expensive items used for the making of cosmetics in London.

Moringa leaf powder for Immune System

Moringa powder is known for its ability to boost the immune system of a person. If consumed on a regular basis, it helps our immune system to fight dangerous infectious organisms. This maintenance of good immune system thus helps in keeping a person away from illnesses.

  • Iron and Vitamin Content
    Moringa Oleifera powder has a large percentage of iron and Vitamin A. Both nutrients are known to be best for human immune system protection. The percentage of iron is 32 percent and of Vitamin A is round about 19 percent. This percentage is much higher than spinach which is usually known for the highest level of iron and Vitamins.
    According to some recent studies, it is concluded that even the incidence of cancer can be prevented by using moringa powder, especially the breast and colon cancer. This ability of moringa powder shows that how great it is for the maintenance of our immune system.

Moringa leaf powder for Muscle Growth

Our muscles need sufficient amount of proteins for their growth and development. Moringa is the best natural supplement that provides up to 26 percent protein contents to the human body. All the essential amino acids are present in it; thus, it improves the development of our muscle mass. Moringa powder is great for vegetarians who do not get enough proteins through vegetables. Thus they can use it to compensate for the amount their body needs on a daily basis.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above of moringa powder, it is also known for improvement in vision and reduction in the level of stress, tiredness,and fatigue. Thus, regular use of moringa powder can bring miraculous changes in the human body.