Foods That Are Best For Your Brain Health

Transforming the proverb “We are what we eat,” we can admit with certainty: our thoughts reflect what we eat. Every single process, including mental, depends on how well your brain is supplied. We tend to omit this detail when getting the signal from it about the hunger and offering some cute “eatable” substances instead of providing nutrition for brain health to enable proper mental and physical performance. It is not about being Mr. Right, but about learning to be healthy and wealthy. Below we offer a list of products that are rich in brain vitamins, memory boosters, and other brain supplements. They can make a great impact on your daily success.

Whole-grains help to focus better

Our brain can only work well when it has enough of energy to fulfill all its multiple functions. Concentration and focus are possible when the organ receives the needed quantity of glucose from the blood steadily. For this purpose, take whole-grains to increase brain power. This product enables slow glucose supply and helps you remain nimble-minded all day around. Other products to choose from: rice, whole-grain bread and cereals, pasta.

Fatty fish boosts the brain performance


Fatty fish is an obligatory component of a daily ration of a person aimed at brain health. This product includes a secret ingredient named EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) so needed for a healthy life of a human being. They are not produced by our body! Omega-3 fats are included in fatty fish in several forms (DHA and EPA), but you can also find them in walnuts, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, soya beans, and their oils. But as fatty acids containing in fish are in active form, they are the best for consumption. Our body does not make any extra efforts to absorb EFAs when we get them from salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, herring, and pilchards.

What is the importance of keeping EPA and DHA levels under control? Well, let’s see. Lack of DHA increases the chances to get Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, not taking into account usual memory loss. When the level of both DHA and EPA are normal, we are more stress-resistant and in good spirits due to the production of serotonin. These are true brain vitamins for studying.

Linseeds, chia, and omega-3 dietary brain supplements containing only plant-based material are highly recommended to vegetarians and vegans. To choose the supplement corresponding to your needs, contact your doctor.

Boost short-term memory with blueberries


According to the investigation held at the Tufts University, the USA, including blueberries in the menu, a person boosts her short-term memory preventing the memory loss. You can also look for this component in fruits and vegetables colored in purple and dark red. They are rich in specific memory booster named anthocyan in.

This admirable berry is just as tasty as rich in antioxidants, including fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, and gallic acid. They protect your brain against the negative impact of stress and degeneration. People with great overload at work and students should consume such products of this kind to compensate for the heavy load. Of course, students have more options in this concern as they can check this site to find an affordable professional assistance in writing assignments of any kind to cope with the abundance of tasks. You do have a choice, just sort out priorities.

Tomatoes help to win the battle with the free radical damage


These vegetables include the most effective antioxidant named lycopene that ensures protection against free radical damage preventing thus, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Take these natural vitamins to help memory function properly. Enjoy all the tomato variety in delicious dishes combining them with olive oil and pepper for better absorption.

Eggs don’t let the brain shrink


Eggs are rich in B vitamins, B12 and B6, as well as in folic acid. The mentioned components influence the level of homo cysteine in blood. When it raises,a person is more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive deterioration, and the stroke. Scientists had been investigating the effect of folic acid, B6, and B12 on seniors suffering from cognitive deterioration(in its middle phase) who had been taking them in high doses for two years. If compared with the patients with the same disease who were offered a placebo, the brain shrinkage of the first group is less significant. This memory booster is also represented in chicken, leafy greens, and fish.

Once the figurant of the black list making us eat white part only, egg yolks are rehabilitated these days. Yolks consumption is of great importance for pregnant women due to the high content of choline that is so valuable for fetal brain development.

What’s good for the brain is good for the whole organism! Egg yolk can make you a bit happier because it includes the chemical producing the “happy hormones.”There were rumors that eggs should be excluded from a daily ration (at least the yolk) because they lead to high level of “bad” cholesterol. According to the recent studies, eggs are not just neutral in this concern. They can boost the level of “good” cholesterol! By the way, this product offers cheap protein that is an essential constituent of a healthy ration.

Avocado improves cognitive function


One of the top healthiest fruits, this small green creation of nature offers a unique combination of healing properties. First of all, due to the presences of vitamin K and folate.This nutrition for brain health guards you against stroke impeding the blood clots in brain. It certainly increases brain power. Its components boost the mental performance, concentration, cognitive process, and memory in particular. Substantial doses of vitamin C and vitamin B that are contained in avocado are of great use as they are not stored in the body, but represent an obligatory component of every daily ration. Avocados are rich in protein while the level sugar in them is the lowest among the fruits.

This is almost ideal fruit but for his “fat” reputation. Some people accuse him of being too fat for regular consumption, but there is an important argument in its favor: all the fats contained in it are monosaturated, that is to say,“healthy.” They help to take control of the level of sugar in blood and make your skin radiant.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: cold steel arms against brain dysfunction


It is a real brain nutrition. When eaten cold or just not higher than at room temperature, it is a real depository of curative brain supplements, like antioxidants, named polyphenols which can boost your memory and save you from Alzheimer’s. They conquer the proteins ADDLs which toxic influence on brains causes this disease.

The detail you should take into consideration when trying to enrich your daily ration with extra virgin olive oil is that it is only good when eaten cold! In the process of cooking at high temperature, it turns to hydrogenizes.

Certainly, the list is not completed. You can find plenty of other fruits and vegetables capable of contributing to your brain performance, health, and success!