7 ways how good health improves your confidence

How you carry yourself everyday matters a lot. You can choose to have negative or positive thoughts dictating your daily activities. Negative thoughts and feelings lower your self-confidence, and you walk around feeling down, beaten and worthless.

Good health goes hand in hand with self-esteem. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love also depend on how well you take care of your health. Good health will dictate your ability to succeed or fail.

We all need good health to improve our confidence and boost our self-esteem.

Below are 7 ways on how good health can boost and improve your confidence: –

  1. young women eating appleEating healthy: Having a balanced diet every day, will improve your immune system and add nutrients to your body. Eating healthy does not include consuming junk food. Junk food will leave you feeling full but with no energy. This may leave you with no motivation, and a person with no motivation or little motivation lacks confidence.  Eating healthy includes having mood boosting foods in your routine diet. The foods you eat should contain carbohydrates, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, proteins and foods rich in fiber. Avoid by all means food with caffeine, sugar, and lots of fat. Alcohol should be avoided or consumed at low rates. Drugs are not part of a healthy diet and should be avoided unless they are prescribed by the doctor. Part of healthy eating includes taking lots of water. Water rehydrates the body, and this helps in bodily functions. A dehydrated body makes you feel weak and tired.
  2. exercise-womenExercise: Physical fitness is very tantamount to staying healthy. When you are physically fit, you feel confident, and your self-esteem is at a high. Lack of exercise leaves your body feeling rigid, and you may feel like not doing anything but just sit and laze around. If your body is not fit enough, you lack enough confidence to go out there and freely interact with other people.  You can choose to join a gym or opt to do exercises from the comfort of your home. There are so many exercises you can do at the comfort of your home. These are exercises like – jogging, sit-ups, yoga, jumping rope and many others.  Gym exercises include aerobics, weight lifting, leg presses, treadmill and many others. Always make sure you have the right gear for your exercises.  For example, if you decide to do weightlifting as an exercise either at the gym or home, make sure you use good powerlifting shoes. Lifting weights with the wrong kind of shoes may harm your ankles or legs, but the best weightlifting shoes will give you the comfort you need. Another way to exercise at home is by cleaning. Clean and arrange your garage, mow the lawn, do some washing or anything that will keep you busy and make you break a sweat.
  3. yogaGood mental and physical health:Many people out there suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, worry, fear, constant headaches, body tension and many other physical and mental ailments. All the above will contribute to lots of stress to the body, and this will leave you feeling tired all the time and not ready to go on with your daily chores with confidence. The above can easily be avoided by eating healthy and a visit to a physician if it is something you cannot treat yourself. Good mental stability will boost your confidence, and an improvement in self-confidence will mean less mental and physical ailments. Make regular visits to your doctor for checkups. Don’t wait until your pain is unbearable for you to seek medical advice. Go as soon as you think something may not be right. Better still, when you have stayed for long without a medical check-up, just pop in at the doctors and have checks to assure you that all is well.
  4. magic-cube-hobbyChoose a hobby you love: Doing something that makes you happy is a very healthy way of improving your confidence. If you love to sing, sing your heart away and be happy. If you love to write, write your joys and worries away and feel the relief that comes with doing that. Get that book you heard about somewhere and read it. Join the choir or start helping out in the Church. Do some community volunteer work. You will be surprised at how much joy volunteering gives you. When you are giving your time back to the society your confidence is greatly improved.
  5. detoxDetox: Our bodies carry a lot of toxins that we can’t get rid of easily. These toxins may sometimes leave us feeling tired and sweaty and having an overall unhealthy feeling. When we feel like this, our self-esteem is affected. Detoxing once in a while rids the body of unwanted toxins Toxins are harmful substances in the body like chemical pesticides, foods with artificial ingredients, metal substances, harmful pollutants and many others. While it is unavoidable to have toxins in our bodies, it is possible to control them. We naturally detoxify our bodies by passing out body waste. There are however other ways to detoxify. These help cleanse the body, eliminate all toxins that are not eliminated naturally by the body organs and leave your body feeling wonderful and light. A sure way to improve your confidence. Detoxifying makes you feel new, and this is a great healthy way of improving your confidence.
  6. Be your own personBe your own person: Do not be a copycat. We are all created differently. Do not ever compare yourself with another person or ask yourself why you are not like them. Genetics vary from person to person. One person may be a junk food addict yet looks very okay, and you may be eating healthy and not look as good. Do not stop eating healthy because you don’t look as good as the other person. Be yourself. Every person has his or her own weaknesses and strong points. Focus more on your strong points and work harder on them. When you stop thinking about other people and concentrate on yourself, and what you can attain by yourself, your confidence will improve.
  7. Smile oftenSmile more often: A smile does wonders to a person’s confidence. It makes you feel composed, reduces stress and relaxes your feelings. Smile at people, flirt, start up a conversation, think of a happy past occasion and smile about it. Smile at strangers, and even at people you think do not like you much. Smile away, and you will notice how your confidence improves.

With a great attitude, self-love and good health, you can boost your self-esteem and have great confidence in whatever it is you want to do.