Graves’ Disease Diet – Increasing General Health by Healthy Balanced

Overview of Graves’ Disease diet

Graves’ disease diet is famous among those that have this state. According to medical experts, Graves’ disease diet is an autoimmune system disorder that leads to excess thyroid hormones and most common cause of hyperthyroidism. It normally strikes strange substances as unknown invader. As it produces antibody that attacks certain cells in thyroid, it sends excess thyroid hormones all over your body. Great amounts of abnormal thyroid hormones can pump up heart rate, inducing weight gain and reactions to high temperatures.

Thyroid is very vital due to metabolic system that includes energy gain from the food intake. Graves’s disease diet has proven that it can decrease its symptoms. If you suffer from this disease, figure out some points related to this diet and keep it up intently.

There are any possible symptoms leading to Graves’s disease diet. It could be anxiety, nervousness, focus problem, increased appetite, sudden weight loss, fatigue, and hair loss. Some patients may go through other symptoms. They may feel discomfort or itchy and bulging eyes. Others may suffer from high fever, insomnia, loose bowels, and rapid heart beat.

Many people are unsure of what had caused Graves’s Disease diet and why certain people get it while not the others. Few factors can be its common cause such as stress or other autoimmune disease. There are some other possible causes of Graves’s Disease diet. It could be genetics factors, smoking, emotional or physical stress, and excess intake or exposure to Iodine. Most women are more unsafe to this disease than for men. You should note that those in the age group of 20 – 40 have higher chances of exposing to this disease.

Basic Plans of Graves’ Disease Diet

Your foods intake mainly plays a great role in restoring your health back to normal. Many people state that Graves’ disease is incurable. Yet according to medical experts, this disease is certainly curable, and diet is one key in treating this disease.

If you are ready to follow a healthy way to treat this disease, then figure out some basic plans of Graves’ Disease Diet as follow:

  • Stay focused on healthy and balanced diet to build up your immune system. It includes routine workout, quality rest, and managing stress.
  • Besides healthy diet, some other factors may affect your health. It is vital to get rid of toxic substances or foods that will risk your health.
  • If you have strong craving for junk foods or sweets and carbs, it would not be easy to change overnight. Under such facts, it is best to take it slowly. First, put it on a set of rules to make you get rid of these desires, and thus it will make a change to healthy diet much easier.
  • Changing eating habits and testing for food allergies is a best plan. Visiting allergy doctor cannot be the best option, and usually they will only perform some lab test. The simple way is keep away from certain allergen products in case you have any food allergies.
  • Set up your meals on fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, nuts, and healthy fats. Restrict any foods with trans-fats, cholesterol, sodium (salt), intake of alcohol, and added sugars.
  • Consuming or limiting specific foods will not totally treat Graves’ disease. Yet, healthy diet should be part of general treatment.
  • It is hard to get large amount of vitamins and minerals you need during the diet. Taking diet supplements can be helpful, as they can make up for what your diet may be lacking. Focus on using supplements that will upgrade amount of nutrients intake in your diet plan. Consult your doctor prior to adding any supplements to your diet.
  • Anyhow, one of the best way to support healthy and balanced diet is active living. Get your routine workout for at least 30 minutes daily on most days of the week.


Graves’ Disease Diet: Allowed Foods

In line with Graves’ Disease Diet website, there are some rules of what foods you should avoid as vital as what you should eat.

Berries: all kinds of berries are complete with antioxidants to boost up your immune system. Eating berries cannot prevent Graves’ disease diet, but it can protect your overall health.

Dairy products: Untreated Graves’ disease diet can cause bone loss that lead to osteoporosis. Once you treat this disease, you will need calcium to rebuild those bones. Gain lots of calcium from dairy products, such as cheese, milk, and yogurt. You can also get it from canned foods but still keep it in modest amount.

Veggies: Broccoli, cabbage, and kale may reduce some amount of thyroid hormone, but you cannot treat this disease solely by eating these veggies.

High Iodine foods: Seaweed and shellfish specially, are rich in iodine and minerals. It is vital for thyroid health and function. Yet, the cause of an autoimmune disease such as Graves’ is usually much more complex than to be simply justified as lack of iodine. Certainly, excess intake of iodine-rich foods may also affect Graves’ disease diet. Just keep in mind, self-control is the key, no excess allowed.

Coconut oil: This saturated fat that  supports thyroid function and health incites thyroid hormone and metabolic system. Adding coconut oil into your diet may lose your weight and reduce cholesterol.

High Vitamin D and Calcium Foods: Such as salmon, eggs and mushrooms, they can prevent osteoporosis. This problem can occur if this disease goes untreated.

Protein: Chicken, turkey, beans, and nuts are sources of protein—vital nutrient that builds up muscle and gives you more energy.

Fats: Omega-3 is fatty acids in salmon and other fish, olive oil, and nuts such as sunflower seed, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and others.

Fermented soy foods: Feel free to eat soy in its fermented state. Soy contains anti-nutrients to impair the body to ingest many nutrients.

Purified water: drink great amount of purified water. Keep away from any non-alcohol drinks, and even most fruit juices, which can be high in sugar. Doctors may have various opinions as to what type of water you should drink.

Graves’ Disease Diet: Limited Foods


Wheat or other grains with gluten: Remove wheat, barley and other gluten grains from your diet if you suffer from this disease.

Non-fermented soy foods: they are part of some triggers to this disease. If you eat soy, keep to little sums and pick fermented forms.

Caffeine: Caffeine products are like coffee, soda, tea, and chocolate. As strong stimulant, it can cause disorder on those suffering from thyroid disease.

Allergen Foods: If you have allergy, you may need to get rid of the foods from your diet. Common allergen foods include wheat (gluten), eggs, seafood, soy, milk, and protein.

Artificial Sweeteners: There are reports of possible cause to Graves’ disease diet among numerous health issues with artificial sweeteners.

Sample of Graves’ Disease Diet

Keep in mind that this is just a sample of daily menu when I first explore about Graves’ disease diet. You can slightly modify it based on this menu sample:

• 2 cups of purified water, 1 cup mixed berries smoothies, healthy form of protein powder, and one tsp of flax seed oil.

Mid-morning snack: 

  • Apples and sunflower seeds


  • Chicken stir fry: mixed organic veggies, organic chicken

Mid-afternoon snack: 

  • Mixed smoothies of banana, berries


  • Roasted turkey
  • Mixed fresh or steamed veggies (e.g., long beans, zucchini)

Evening snack: 

  • 1 cup mixed nuts (almonds, peanut, walnuts, cashews)

Here is one healthy dish of Graves’ disease diet recipe. It will be pleased to add this menu to your meal. You can check other recipes at Graves’ Disease Diet and Graves Disease and Thyroid Forum

Chicken Stir Fry



Two skinless & boneless chicken breasts boiled in water, shredded into cubed pieces

2 handfuls fresh green beans, sniped

Two long carrots cut into 1/2 inch, slashed lengthwise

One red and yellow bell peppers, thinly sliced

1/2 cup chopped green onion

One medium zucchini halved, cut in thin slices

One small yellow squash cut into thick slices

1-cup fresh peas

One tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp chopped big onion

Salt and pepper to taste

Any other local seasonings

Put all ingredients in a wok or frying pan, steam all together until done, as you desire. Serve.

Negative & Positive of Graves’ Disease Diet

One more great issue for people with Graves’s disease diet is managing stress in their lives, as anyone else. We all have diverse ways of coping method. Those who unable to deal with stress will probably have strained out their adrenal organs. It can prompt and rise up autoimmune system.

Many people are swinging to natural treatment to restore the function of thyroid gland. Skillful doctor that focuses on this issue can assist you with Graves’ disease diet. He will also suggests some diet supplements, and put you on complete program that can likely restore your health back to normal.

Hence, for those who searching for ideal Graves’ disease diet, you must be aware of the allowed foods. In fact, many people take healthy diet, regardless of its effect to autoimmune thyroid disorder. This diet can prevent such conditions by healthy living, like routine workout, quality rest, and dealing with stress.

A planned workout will have best results for people with this disease. Workout such as walking, stretching, and strengthening can improve oxygen consumption limit, reduce fatigue, and control thyroid hormone levels both in short and long term. Have an exercise five times every week with quick walking for 45-60 minutes, and stretching and strengthening for extra 45 minutes.

Get more info about Graves’ disease Diet in Managing Graves’ disease with Diet and Exercise. here

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