Health and Wellness Mobile Apps for Weight Loss Tips

Our worlds are inundated with technology and media so why should our health and wellness be any different? If you are one of so many people trying to get healthy and lose weight, you know it can be a real challenge on your own. However, you don’t have to do it alone. There are many great mobile apps to download, which will keep you on track, accountable and feeling successful.
It is important to note you should consult your doctor online or by appointment before attempting to lose weight. These are some of the best health and wellness mobile apps for weight loss tips and tricks.

Health and Wellness Mobile Apps


By downloading CuraHealth, you have access to doctors and medical advice 24/7. These practitioners can handle your questions about wellness, getting healthy and losing weight to improve your health. You could get texts sent right to your phone with the information you are looking for.

By paying per consultation you can search for doctors with the exact certifications geared towards your needs and get answers and information for your specific situation. If you need help on a longer term basis, you could get a monthly subscription.

My Fitness Pal, Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal

This free app is available for both iPhone and Android users and is a very popular one at that! You can track and record everything you eat and even look up foods to see their nutritional value. The app is equipped with a food database of over six million different foods. If you cannot find a food in the database, you can scan the barcode and enter the values in manually for future tracking.
If you wish, you can connect with other apps to track exercise into a fitness journal. This helps give you a better picture how you are progressing with your physical activity. The social aspect allows you to stay in touch with supportive friends and others who are trying to lose weight as well.

MyNetDiary Pro

If you are an Android user, this app is free and for iPhone users a small fee ($3.99USD) applies. With this app you will be able to see a full analysis of your progress with visual aids such as charts and graphs. This will help you track your food intake as well as your exercise. If you have a favorite fitness device, simply connect it to the app and it will track your fitness as well.
MyNetDiary Pro will send you tips and hints on how to improve your eating based on the foods you have entered plus it will factor in the physical activity you have logged via your connected fitness device. With the custom diet analysis that this app will provide you with, you will have a much easier time losing the weight.


Eliminating the wrong kinds of foods from your diet can be difficult or overwhelming for some people. The free Fooducate app helps you do this through nutritional education. Each food is assigned a letter grade to you a simple way of judging which foods are good choices and which should be limited or eliminated.

If you are unsure what is contained in certain foods, all you need to do is scan the barcode for a detailed outline of what is inside. Along with this helpful information, you can also keep track of the foods you have eaten, the exercise you have done, your current weight and even how you are feeling emotionally. All this information serves to create self-awareness. This self-awareness, along with the valuable education you get regarding foods and their nutritional value, goes a long, long way to helping guide you along on your weight loss journey.


This is for both iOS and Android and assists in weight loss and wellness through coaching from Ria, an artificial intelligence coach. Ria is like if you were to consult your doctor online.With this app you can track your food, fitness and water intake. There are built-in reminders to drink your water, which is important in any weight loss regime.

The database has over 200 million foods listed with their nutritional information. The app gives users personalized menus and planners to reach their weight loss goals. Along with food tips, you will get fitness tips with this app, to help you along the way as well. You have your own news feed within this app which updates daily with both food and fitness tips and tricks.


Eating out doesn’t have to be a thing of the past once you have decided to eat healthier. Although choosing which meals are right for you if you are in a restaurant, it is not impossible. The HealthyOut app is a great companion to give you tips and tricks how to change things here and there with foods you wish to order to make them healthier options.

By entering your address, this app will give you options around you where you could dine out in a healthy manner with better food choices and nutritional information. This could help you to avoid restaurants or diners that have little options available for you to choose from, thus avoiding unhealthy eating.

Healthy eating, getting in enough exercise and overall wellness don’t have to come at a huge cost. These mobile apps are great for helping you achieve your goals and helping you stay on track. Since many of them consider your own personal information and the information of nutrition labels, you can get a better picture of what works best for you.

You should decide what goals are most important to you and focus on those when you choose which app to download. Some people prefer to tone up and strengthen their muscles, so apps geared towards exercise are more appropriate. However, weight loss seems to be a popular issue with people so finding an app which helps you lose weight as well as track your exercise is key to your success.

Ala’a Alkhatib
Alaa-AlkhatibAla’aAlkhatib is a passionate digital content marketer based in Jordan who has previously worked in a variety of industries including software, transportation and aeronautics. She is currently helping people live healthier by integrating their doctors into their day to day schedule more efficiently. She is also a frequent user of Cura app having been known to use it to chat with doctors in all kinds of place – even while on the bus!