7 Health Benefits of Daily Routine Exercise

So many of us plan on starting a whole workout routine every day but cannot seem to get around to it. It is understandable that we’re all busy, but is it okay to lose our health in the midst of our work?

Many people seem to think that they will have to spend hours at the gym and do hard workouts and only then it will count as exercise. This belief is not true because we can do any number of physical activities in the name of exercising, including walking, running, yoga, or even playing sports.

Other people need a certain level of motivation actually to take time out to work out every day. The motivation could be looking good for an event or health concerns. We are all for body positivity, but many people out there are facing problems regarding their health because they live sedentary lives. If you need health to be your motivation, here are some of the most notable benefits of exercise:

Weight Loss

asian-woman-weight-loss-and-diet-conceptObesity is one of the most prominent problems we see in people these days. Obesity causes lethargy in people, and it increases the risk of several diseases that a person can contract later in their lives.

Everyone is aware of how exercise causes weight loss. Weight loss during exercise is not rapid unless you are doing some serious cardio. What daily physical training does for you is that it tones your body. You can try exercising daily for even one week, and you will notice that you look slim.
When you lose weight with exercise, you get rid of a lot of excess fat in your body. When you get rid of this excess fat, you flush away a lot of toxins that get trapped within these deposits. These toxins prevent many potential diseases and health conditions from affecting you.

Losing weight promotes your self-confidence and helps you get rid of low self-esteem and social anxiety that you feel because of your body.

The best way to lose weight with exercise is by controlling your diet alongside as well. The key is to burn more calories than you consume every day and you will eventually reach your target weight. Try to count the number of calories you eat and note them in a journal, and note the number of calories you burn during each bout of exercise as well.


stressed-business-woman-crumpling-paperOur sedentary lives and desk jobs combined with the pressures we feel in daily life can stress us out magnanimously. If you let this daily dose of stress be as it is, it can get worse and transform into anxiety or even depression.

There has been a lot of research showing the benefits of exercise for people who are stressed out. Firstly, it helps in releasing endorphins in our body. These endorphins are feel-good hormones that make us happy and relieve stress and anxiety.

Other than that, people who are depressed usually spend a significant part of their day on their beds. Exercise helps people who are recovering from depression by keeping them active and productive through the day. When these people are busy, their mind is distracted from depressing thoughts.

Thus, exercise is beneficial for our mental health as well.

Boosting Overall Health

senior-adults-doing-their-daily-exercise-routineExercising, especially weight training helps us in converting the fat content in our body to muscle mass. More muscle mass in the body increases our rate of metabolism. An increased metabolic rate helps us stay active through the day.

Exercising also elevates our immune system. The blood circulation in our body improves, and better blood flow in our body helps our immune system work more efficiently in getting rid of foreign particles that invade our body. Other than that, better blood flow is also excellent for helping our organs work more efficiently.

Even we do not have any pre-existing health conditions, a few weeks of exercise helps us feel so much more active and healthy that we can pretty much all testify to this claim!

Disease Prevention

rinsing-and-washing-the-handsPeople, who live stagnant lives are susceptible to many diseases, be it conditions of the heart, liver diseases, or even kidney diseases. Many obese people are also prone to infections because their immune system does not function optimally.

When you exercise, the cholesterol that blocks your arteries, washes away to the liver where it detoxifies and taken out of your body, and this is how exercise helps us keep our hearts healthy.
Exercise keeps the liver and kidneys functioning efficiently as well, and this helps people stay away from diseases of these systems.

Increased Metabolism

beautiful-gym-woman-exercising-on-a-cardioThe metabolic rate in our body increases when we exercise; this is especially true for people who do resistance training. Resistance training in the morning can help you lose weight and be productive all day because our metabolic rate is shooting.

An increased rate of metabolism is also vital in helping our organs function more effectively. It also keeps our outward appearance healthy. Our hair and nails grow better, and our skin looks healthy and glowing.

Keeps Your Muscle Mass Intact

man-in-fitness-gym-doing-weight-liftingWe mentioned before how resistance training helps us in increasing our muscle mass. When you grow your muscle mass, you don’t lose weight, but you do look slimmer and healthier. Your metabolic rate also increases, and you can perform many physical demanding tasks with ease.
Not losing weight is not a big deal in this case, because muscle mass is much denser than fat content, which means that five pounds of fat will have much more volume than five pounds of muscle. So even if you don’t reach your goal weight with exercise, you do end up looking stunning!

Helps with Addictions

couple-with-smartphones-having-breakfast-at-homeDrug addiction is very prevalent. There are many medical uses of medical marijuana, but we all know why most people use it! There are even worse drugs out there that can reduce your body to nothing.

People in drug rehabs are recommended lots of exercises since exercise helps people in flushing out every last trace of the drug from their body. People find it is quicker to recover with the help of physical training.

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