Brain food for studying exams

Health and healthy life are one of the blessings of God. Everyone wants to become healthy to enjoy their life pleasantly. Also keeping healthy yourself keep help you from the risk of obesity, diabetes and other heart diseases. Also, people do not want to live their whole life on medication. So to get rid of it healthy and brain foods are very important. Especially if you are young and student you need lots of brain food to preparing yourself for the exam and achieve your academic goals.

What is a Brain Food?

people-eating-healthy-foodThe brain of food includes 20% glucose, 35% vitamins and minerals, 40% water, and 50% fat in our body. As we know that food is good for nourishing the brain and to keep it healthy and fight against different things. So in this articles, you will gain the knowledge regarding the brain food that is helpful for the students during the preparation for their exams.

Most of the student during their exams days are more focus on their diet and eat poor and unhealthy food. Students eat lots of junk food, chocolate chips and drink other energy drink. These foods not only bad for their long-term health but also put the negative impact on their exam performance. So stay connect with us and learn some brain foods you every student eat before and during exams to stay proactive.

Oily fish

salmonFish is considered to be one of the best brain food that strong brain muscles and give more strength. Some of the fishes like Salmon, sardines, and mackerel are the type of fish that is very healthy for the brain. These fish contain protein and omega 3 elements that are very important to keep functioning of brain properly. Oily fish contain vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Sardines is cheapest among all so students can eat it during mealtime along with bread. Fish help to prevent ADHD disease among the children, help to improve learning capabilities, the risk of cognitive decline is reduced, improve memory, eyesight, and improve cognitive functions and many more benefits of fish. The oily fish is very important for the brain because it helps to create new neural pathways.


boiled-eggsAccept it, eggs are the most multipurpose food in the world. Either you like fired, boiled or poached egg, it gives you the same health-related benefits. Eggs are healthy and good for the brain. It is a good day to start your healthy day. Only single egg contains lots of nutrient including 6g of protein, vitamins B12, and less than 100 calories. Eggs help in brain development process, improve energy and alertness in the brain and help to improve cognitive performance. The single egg is the combination of lots of minerals, vitamins, and fats. Research has found that taking single egg each day help you to avoid the risk of heart failure, fatigue, and cancer.

Dark leafy greens

raw-fresh-spinach-with-drops-in-a-colanderAll dark leafy green vegetables full of Vitamin K and nitrates. Natural nitrates are contained lots of other vital nutrients that are healthy for your body. There are some artificial nitrates that found in preserve foods but it is not good at all for the brain. Kale, chard, spinach, and broccoli are some dark leafy green that helps to keep healthy. These are the main source of vitamins that is effective to get energy during exams. Leafy green contains vitamin K that is significant for the clotting the blood in the brain and it also helps to form the pathway for new neurons. Moreover, in the dark green leaf contain nitrates and antioxidants. These leaves also contain B6 and B12 that is helpful to improve memory and alertness.

Peanut butter

peanut-butter-and-peanutsMany people feel that peanut butter is an unhealthy food but actually, it is not. Peanut butter contains healthy fats and healthy protein in every serving. Which mean it is a brain food that helps you to keep energetic for a long period of time. So rather than to eat porridge in the morning eat peanut butter along with bread and egg, it must be a healthy breakfast ever. Peanut butter is extremely an effective brain food.

Green tea

mint-teaCaffeine is a short-term remedy that boosts energy immediately before the exams. Coffee is a good alternative that is more effective than the other artificial energy drink. As drinking too much drink distract you from focusing properly on exams days but coffee help you to stay focus and free from tiring. Green tea is a good alternative that contains high caffeine that helps to stay focus. It contains antioxidants that help you to improve student concentration.

Fresh fruit

fresh-fruitIf you are craving of sugar or sweet then eat fresh fruits rather than to eat chocolate. Fresh fruits are the great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Either you eat mango, apple, banana and any other fruits you will get the benefits of definitely. Fruits help to improve brain muscles and help to keep the focus on the particular thing.


mix-nutsNuts are the major source of brain food that really help to keep your brain muscles strong. The nuts are actually a small packet of nature and big energy packet. Nut improve memory, help to stay focus and retain knowledge that you have learned for a long period of time. Nuts are full of nutrients, fats, and carb and easy to eat at any time. Hazelnuts and cashews are the great sources of nutrients that help to keep the brain healthy.


blueberriesThe dearest fruit in the world is blueberries it is a natural brain food that is full of nutrients and antioxidants. These nutrients and antioxidant contribute to improving memory, decision-making capabilities, numerical functioning capability and verbal comprehension. Also whether it’s a blueberry or strawberry, all types of berries are the main sources of antioxidants that prevent brain cell from oxidative damage.

Olive Oil

olives-and-olive-oilOlive oil is the major part of the daily diet of the Mediterranean people. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats that are good for health as well as for brain. Olive oil help to improve memory and cognitive functions. In olive oil vitamin E and vitamin K is present naturally that help to improve memory and prevent any type of mental decline.

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