Six simple every day activities that help ease anxiety

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression are believed to be the mental disorders that only adults can suffer from, but children can also suffer from such disorders. Lack of healthy activities can lead a child to the state of anxiety and stress. It could be easily assumed by the behavior of a child that he/she is going through a rough phase. The slamming of doors, stomping of feet, yelling or not eating and getting proper sleep are some of the indications towards anxiety or stress. Just asking your kid to calm down is not a solution. You need to sort it out from the root otherwise it is going to impact your child’s personality badly. Your kids need your adequate attention and some healthy activities to help them ease anxiety. Here are six simple every day activities that can keep you kid mentally healthy and fit:

1. Fly a Kite and stay active

father-and-son-playing-at-the-park-at-the-sunsetIt is one of the most interesting outdoor activities that can make your child active. Flying a kite is full of fun activity and can relax your child’s mind. Not only flying but creating, designing and decorating the kite is also a healthy activity. It helps in reducing the anxiety and stress. Kite flying also gives your child an opportunity to learn about weather, science and develop other skills. Take your child out to some park with his friends, help the childes make their own colorful kites and let them fly kites. This outdoor activity is going to brush off all the stress and anxiety of your child and he will be happy again.

2. Gardening keeps your mind healthy!

gardenerGardening is a healthy and therapeutic activity which is also full of learning for your kid. It keeps your child busy in sowing seeds, watering the plants, and taking care of the growing plants. Your child will be able to learn about the seeds, plants, vegetables, and fruits, etc. it gives your child the sense of achievement when the seeds sowed by child grows fully. This healthy activity helps your child relax and reduce stress level. Involve your child in such activities that are productive in many ways. Green environment is healthy not only for your kids but for everyone. So, engage your kids in gardening

3. Book reading is the best therapy

woman-reading-a-book-in-a-wheelchairReading keeps the mind healthy. To ease your child’s anxiety select his/ her favorite book and read it aloud. Reading stimulates the brain cells and lowers the chances of mental illness. It makes your child learn about the world, cultures and other important stuff. Books tend to increase the concentration level of your child. It is healthy as well as a fun activity to help ease anxiety. Collect your kid’s favorite book collection and make a small library at the corner of a room. Books are like our friends so, in this way your child will stay busy and active with his friends.

4. Try Scooting in the fresh air

children-scooter-isolated-on-whiteRiding a scooty is not a bad idea. Scooting Is an outdoor activity that can help your child socialize and reduce stress. Scooting keeps your child stay out and away from the electronic gadgets. The whole family can join in to double up the fun of scooting. It is an activity which is enjoyed on a beautiful sunny day and rainy days as well. So, to make your child mentally fit, let him enjoy rides on scooty along with his friends and family. It is going to ease the anxiety for sure. After having fun on the scooty, ask your kid to clean it with a wet towel or ask him to decorate the scooty according to some theme. This will add up to his fun. Such activities are good for mental health. So, do go out for scooty rides with your children. You can check out the best Scooters at Scooter Scouter.

5. Journal writing is a healthy habit

Journal writing is a healthy habitWriting does help in reducing stress and anxiety. It has always worked for everyone. Gift your child a beautiful diary and pens. Motivate him to start writing. Make your child write down everything he or she feels, the things that make them happy, sad, worry or angry. Let him put out his feelings on a piece of paper. Let him create fantastic stories, stories of the magical realm, of superpowers. Let him be creative. This will not only help them in reducing anxiety but also in improving their writing skills. Writing journal is always full of fun because no one is going to judge you for that. You are free to write about everything. So, write!

6. Painting can help fight anxiety

paintingKeeping yourself busy is important to stay away from anxiety. Painting is the best activity to keep your child busy in. Make your child an artist, give him a chance to play with colors and paint his stress out. Art is something natural. It is not learned. The first thing a child does when he starts making sense out of things is to hold a color pencil and draw. Through this mental activity children can express the delights, sadness, injuries, fears, triumphs, excellence, and offensiveness of life. Painting and drawing allow your kids to explore colors and imagine things. Along with reducing the anxiety, the painting also helps in sharpening the skills of a person. So, do motivate your kids to play with colors and paint out some pictures, scenery or anything they like, when they are feeling down.

There are many other ways to fight anxiety, but these are the most interesting and exciting ones. Like plants, children also need proper attention, care, and a real healthy environment to grow in. Nowadays, electronic gadgets have overtaken the world which leads to laziness. The lack of fresh air, outdoor games, and healthy activities can make your child mentally weak and would leave him in anxiety. So, we hope that the list of everyday activities we have provided in this article will be helpful in many ways.

About the Author:
Lara Stewart is a fitness expert and gym owner. She is obsessed with physical health as well as healthy eating. She has in-depth knowledge about the fitness needs of the body and how one can stay healthy on a budget. She regularly posts at Scooter Scouter.