Physical Education Jobs – An Amazing Responsibility on International Yoga Day

As everyone knows, the international Yoga Day is on June 21. The very first idea for a Yoga day was proposed by Mr. Narendra Modi. Many health organizations are going to hold various kinds of programs on this day. It may be a Yoga exercise session, orientation about Yoga or something related to health and fitness.

According to my opinion, in the Yoga day, the most important part played by the physical educationalists. It is very important to get the service of a talented educational teacher. It is a kind of great responsibility as there can be many guys who don’t know anything about Yoga and 21st would be their first Yoga experience day.

Are you planning to get the service of an excellent educational teacher for the Yoga Day?

If so, there are some points that you should consider about selecting a best teacher.

Gender – In a live yoga program, there will be both male and female trainers. Some Yoga exercises are challenging to do by watching and need the help of the trainer. Some women do not like touching herself with another male teacher. So it is essential to have both male and female trainers.

Experience Level – Second most important thing is his level of experience. He may be a guy who has about one year of experience. It is really difficult to perfect some yoga moments within one year. At least the coach should have about three years experience as a teacher.

Personality – He/ she must be a person who is well socialized and specialized in hard working. It is a huge responsibility to be a coach in the national yoga day.

Know the responsibilities of a physical educationalist

group-of-people-doing-yoga-exercises-at-studioWhen it comes to physical education jobs, nowadays it frames only into the gyms. Coaches are role models and instructors helping learners achieve healthy life goals long from the yoga session. So education specialists today have many responsibilities besides showing some moments to students and controlling the learner behavior.

Physical education is not like math, science, or music. But it is also a different kind of art. It needs patience, dedication, determination, and tricks to learn and teach. Both teaching and learning is tricky because if you make a mistake, it will directly affect on the body.

Some guidance of low qualified educational teachers can ruin a bunch of people’s lives. A teacher must be patient when teaching yoga. It is not a subject that can rush. It takes time for the learner to grab the perfect methods. If someone did wrong moments, the coach must be able to detect it and personally correct him.

Kindness is another quality that a yoga teacher that should have. Most of the yoga professionalists are ladies. Most of the gym trainers don’t care about the person who trains under himself. Getting the service of that kind of guy is really useless on the yoga day.

Instructional Preparation

instructor-and-groupInstructors must be ready before two days. There should be an introduction to the yoga, how it works, and according to the age which exercises will fit. It is really good if the teacher can teach people about how yoga helps people to get rid of diseases by an exciting video. There are so many videos on youtube too.

It is okay if the teacher can make their own explainer videos. Second most important thing is time management. The instructor can use about six hours on the yoga day for his session. In the middle, there should be about two or three intervals. And he should plan when to start and stop.

Must be ready for the accidents that might happen in the session. It may be damage that occurs to a student. For an incident like that, there should be first aid. It is really challenging for the teacher to think these all.

Perfect ideas for the international yoga day

time-for-relaxAccording to my ideas, these are some things that an organization, can work with. I personally prefer if you can give these things for free.

A live exercise session on TV – This is an essential thing that TV channels focus their attention on. It can be a yoga exercise session or an introduction to yoga. People can call and ask their personal questions, and teachers can answer them. It is their responsibility to give the perfect answers. Although it is really difficult to show hard moments, the teachers can teach some slight moments.

A yoga session in a public place – This is the most natural thing that can organize. The area can be an open ground. Sharing some handbills on the previous two days is fair enough to get some students. If the place is getting hot or has vast sunlight, there should be a place like a hut to rest. Good supply of water and some foods is essential.

Educate people by going to their homes directly – This can be done with the help of the village headman. Ten yoga specialists are enough to educate about thousand people. They can walk into the door by door and teach people about how to build their physical strength and how yoga helps.


Day by day, people die from diseases like Diabetes, cholesterol, High blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney diseases, etc. Exercise is a central part of everyone’s lives. Yoga is also a good idea to get rid of so many diseases and to live a healthy life. According to my explanations, you would understand that Physical Educationalists must take a proper responsibility regarding the yoga day. But it is not very difficult if you plan the day well. It is a day that helps people to give an idea about yoga and how it works. If you are going to hold a campaign on that day, it is really important to find the perfect teachers.

If you have any idea about this topic, please comment. And don’t forget to participate in the Yoga day.