Home Remedies For Toothache

I am 100% agree, one of the worst pains that we can feel, apart from a broken heart , are toothaches, they are able to throw to bed even the bravest of our family and always, always change our face expression. So it is easy to identify the one who is suffering from this pain as his/ her hand is always glued to the jaw and eyebrows will be puckered even though at that time we are giving them great news like they won the lottery.

Home Remedies For Toothache

But there are ways you can help yourself with stuff you (probably) already have in your house.

Just as in dentists‘ offices old magazines are never missing, there is no shortage of home remedies.Let’s face it, home remedies exist, have existed and will continue to exist. Whether you believe it or not, they achieve their goal, and are considered almost patrimony passing from generation to generation with much pride and there are as many diseases as their home versions of cures.

How could we not dedicate a few lines to these “infusions” that have given us some kind of relief.Or you do not remember the cough that appeased with honey and lemon during your last cold?
There are several options for home remedies for toothache. Things you can do by yourself. Although the existence of these should not mean that we should stop having scheduled visits to our dentist.

I remember two occasions in particular where a home remedy filled me with relief, the first occasion was etched in my memory because I did not believe my grandmother that what she was about to get into my mouth worked. The second time because when my mom tried to ease my aching tooth, I was not sure that she had correctly learned my grandmother’s recipe.

I will share my top three favorite remedies:

Our Beloved Garlic / Allium Sativum


The famous infusion of garlic crushed with salt!

What my grandmother used to do was crush two large garlic cloves and mix them with common salt until a paste was formed which I then applied very carefully to the aching tooth, she always knew the correct amount (because if we applied too much, the burning sensation can be very unpleasant) left this “paste” on my affected tooth and then sent me to the bathroom to rinse with warm water with salt in order to remove all the bacteria that contributed to toothache.

Science says: Garlic is effective because it possesses ingredients capable of combating different types of fungus, antiseptic properties and anti-bactericides all contributed by an element called Allicin.

Wheatgrass / Triticumaestivum


Wheat grass mouth wash!

This plant has the property of “extracting” the toxins that are affecting our teeth. Causing us pain and the reproduction of more bacteria,my mother always gave me to choose if I wanted to chew some twigs and extract all their juices and that they act directly on my affected tooth while she watched me not swallow the plant. Or I could use the juices extracted from this plant and do mouth washing with that. Whatever you choose, this remedy works! And of course I always chose to chew simply because it was funnier!

Science: This plant is full of antibiotics, which effectively makes it work.

Vanilla extract / Vanilla Planifolione /


Chewing some moistened cotton!

Last, but not least. Vanilla, (that is in fact dark brown in contrast to as it is usually known with a cream color thanks to the ice cream) makes a great contribution in the home remedies resources.

You just have to soak a clean cotton in the extract of the vanilla until it is well soaked and let it rest on the tooth that is bothering us several times a day, I remember I could do this myself without major problems and always get relief but do not get confused, the taste is not as pleasant as you may be thinking if you’ve never used this remedy in the past.

Science: It’s a numbing effect of the alcohol contained in the vanilla. So do not stop taking the next step because in reality what is happening now is that you are under the effects of naturally induced numbness.

Note that the preparations of these recipes are simple and their ingredients are common, however there are steps to follow and care to be taken to observe standards of hygiene as we observe them when we are preparing a common dish so you have to pay attention to the following 5 aspects:

  1. The garlic have a kind of stem in the center whose taste is in fact different from the rest of the clove, try to open the garlic in half, remove this center or proceed with grinding.
  2. Wheat grass, it should be still “crunchy” and the green should be a vivid green , there is a part of this leaf that is the closest to its birth side, try to cut this part that is usually a little whiter and use only the part that is totally green and always wash them first with lemon or vinegar.
  3. The water you use in these preparations should be potable.
  4. The items you use for these preparations should be properly cleaned
  5. Usually the home remedies are to be used just after they have been prepared, this is because the cooling from the freezer usually reduces their properties so I recommend not storing and apply always fresh

Pay attention
DO NOT stop being critical in any case, although there are home remedies of proven effectiveness there are also myths and legends that are still shared and that in effect can be counterproductive and even risky for health so always read and be informed.

I invite you to share with us with which home remedy you remember having obtained the greatest of the reliefs so that the useful information does not stop flowing!

Authors Bio:
Peter Boulden is the head dentist at http://www.atlantadentalspa.com. In his spare time he likes to help people anyway he can, and his best spent time is a movie night with the family.