How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your Body

Did you know that your mouth and your body benefit each other in many ways? This doesn’t just mean food is digested beginning in the mouth. The health of your mouth and your body are dependent on each other. According to experts at and other dental sites, taking care of your mouth is a no-brainer. As a part of your body, it is just the logical thing to do. Of course, caring for your oral health is important because you have to prevent tooth cavities and gum disease. Other than this, your body stands to benefit a lot from good oral care. Here are some of the ways in which dental hygiene benefits the rest of your physique.

Healthy Mouth

Heart Diseases is Prevented or Reduced

Heart Diseases is PreventedThere are multiple studies that prove that gum diseases of the inflammation type can increase your risk of getting heart diseases. Major North American collaborations between academic associations have conducted studies into this. Your risk of suffering from a heart attack that could result in death is increased if you have gum disease. Any gum condition can qualify.
If your gum condition is because your mouth has been exposed to bacteria, you’re simply at a higher risk of cardiovascular disorders. This is mainly because inflamed gums can lead to inflamed blood vessels and organs. Inflammation in your blood vessels, especially those near your heart, can lead to a higher risk of cardiac arrest. On a typical visit to your dentist, watch for the classic question of whether or not you have a medical history of heart problems. Most good dentists inquire after this. Your heart doctor (cardiologist) usually checks your mouth too.

If You’re Pregnant, Oral Health is Critical

Pregnant WomenAre you a pregnant woman? You may need to do a lot more than visit your family doctor during your term. Checking in with your dentist is very important. In fact, good oral health is more important for expecting mothers than anyone else at any time. If you’re pregnant and you have bad hygiene habits for your mouth, there are risks. These include the chance of having a premature delivery. The better the condition of your mouth, the higher the chance is of delivering your child on time and in good health.

Many babies born to women with bad oral hygiene are either premature or have an abnormally low weight at birth. Both of these significantly increase the risk of further post-delivery complications. Some of these include learning disorders, asthma, infections, deformities and more. The risk of your child dying after birth is also increased when they are delivered too early or in bad condition. If you are pregnant, you have to practice good oral habits. Visit your dentist or hygienist on a regular basis.

Gum Diseases Can Cause Diabetes and Vice Versa

Diabetes WhiteboardDid you know that as a diabetic, you’re more likely to get gum disease? This is a pretty well-known fact. What you may not know, though, is that having gum diseases can lead to an increased risk of getting diabetes. This doesn’t mean small-scale inflammation of your gums. Serious gum problems can be a causal factor in diabetes because they change the way your body handles glucose levels.

This happens when the gum condition is caused by exposure to bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth that causes inflammation does so with the release of toxins. These toxins cause the cells in your body to stop processing carbs that you take in. The more toxins there are in your cells, the fewer carbohydrates are metabolized in them. This leads to elevated levels of blood glucose in your system. In addition to this, your body responds to the presence of this bacteria by increasing the cells resistance to insulin, which causes cells to metabolize carbohydrates. Since your cells and incapable of processing carbs due to both the toxins and the body’s natural response, your levels will rise.

Your Chance of Detecting Mouth Cancer Increases

cancer-symbolA large part of good oral health is linked to your dentist. Regular checkups with a hygienist or dentist is the best ways to keep your teeth and gums sharp. As a part of your regular checkup, your dentist will check all the tissues and surfaces in your mouth for abnormalities. It is also standard procedure to check for signs of cancer during the checkup. They can do this by looking very closely at your soft tissues such as your inner cheeks, lips, tongue, gums, and the roof of your mouth.

If you practice good oral habits by regularly visiting your dentist, you have a better chance of early cancer detection. A common first sign of possible cancer in the mouth is a lesion. This is a small red or white spot on your gums or other soft tissue. There won’t usually be other signs of the cancer setting in, and you won’t feel any pain. Checking in with your dentist regularly allows them to see these for themselves and determine whether or not to worry about them. The earlier this disease is detected, the higher your chances are of saving your own life.

Brush Your Teeth to Lose Weight Better

lose-weightWhen you brush your teeth, your brain tells you that you are done eating. This allows you to stop yourself from snacking, eating sweets, and eating more servings. Overeating and indulgence are both prevented if you just brush your teeth after meals. One other reason why this works is taste. When you brush your teeth, the fresh aftertaste of toothpaste makes food less tasty. In fact, it can taste pretty bad when you eat right after brushing. This allows you to stop yourself from eating right after!

There are many other ways in which good oral habits directly or indirectly help your body become healthier. Regularly visiting your dentist is the best way to get started. Ask them about what you can do to be more responsible about your oral health. They will help you become happier, healthier and safer through great oral hygiene!