What are the best home remedies to treat seasonal allergies naturally?


When your body reacts in the negative sense to something, it means you are allergic to that thing. These days’ number of allergies is rising due to many reasons such as dust storms, pollution, smoke, food, pets, medicines, insect bites and many more. When you get allergic to something you never want to get close to that thing, but you can never run away from it. One day or another it will ambush you, then what will you do? Don’t run away, but better find a cure to this allergy and enjoy a healthy life.

What are the symptoms of allergy?


  • These allergies display a number of symptoms like itching, runny nose, sneezing, swelling, asthma, and rashes etc. This can happen to anyone from anything. No these don’t spoil your health but makes your life very restless.

You seem to avoid that thing or go to your doctor to find a remedy. It certainly means that your immune system has gone weak on seeing that thing. Nature has bestowed many natural remedies to find the solution through herbs and our physical movements. Let’s discuss some of them

Best Home Remedies to Treat Seasonal Allergies

1. Exercise


  • When you are physically crummy, the last thing that you think is exercise, you never feel like doing it. But research has found various amazing facts about exercises. If you are feeling droned out due to some allergy or ailment, do move physically as it enhances your immune system and helps in reducing your inflammatory effects from your airflow nasal canals. It just cleans them up, lowering down the allergy symptoms.
  • If you don’t find the weather suitable outside, do them indoors as it is more beneficial, as it lessens the re-exposure. But do the regular exercise, but a recent study found out that exercise can be done intensively, but rest becomes mandatory between the 2 sessions.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar


  • It will be present in every kitchen to do various jobs. It can add to the power of salty water, cleans shower & sinks, remove the sweating smell from your clothes, deals with dandruff and lowers heartburn, means it is a total superstar.
  • It can help you eradicate the allergy, in a wonderful way by perishing the mucus manufacture that has accumulated in your nasal canals, cleaning them thoroughly.

How to take

  • You can consume it in a raw condition by putting its powder in a spoon or put it in a glass of hot water and drink it. Add a bit of honey to enhance its taste.

Local Honey


  • The reaction of your body to some allergies can prove to be hazardous for the body’s physical fitness. Your consistent runny nose, continuous cough, and watery eyes, spoil your public appearance.
  • A continuous cough can become asthma if not treated in time, causing further trouble. You can get allergic to pollen and grass, but giving small doses of them will not affect your body. That’s when honey enters your world as bees collect honey from the surrounding flowers, the one that was allergic to you.

How to take

  • One or 2 tablespoons are enough. You’re allergic symptoms will not get eradicated instantly, but will certainly reduce and in a few days, you will feel the relief from your allergy.

Nettle leaf


  • This plant might be a nuisance in your garden, but it has vast medicinal features. It helps your body manufacture histamine, which relieves you from an allergy in a natural style. You might find its leaves grown everywhere around you, but it is safe if you buy them.

How to take

  • It is available in capsules, but better buy the raw leaves, mix them with peppermint leaves and add a little honey to the mixture. A herbal tea gets created, which tastes good and provide you with many benefits.

Alter your Diet plans

  • Diet plays a vital role to keep us fit & fine. The healthier you are, your body can handle more allergies. Some foods are also responsible for getting the allergy. So better avoid those foods. There are some foods that respond great to a number of allergies like Peanuts- the cheapest nut, Wheat, Soya, Bananas, Melons, Sunflower seeds, Cucumbers, Sugar and Shellfish.

Prevention & Tips


Wash yourself:

  • Whenever you reach home after finishing your job or business from the outside world, your clothes, shoes, hair and skin collect particles from everywhere you have been to. All you need to do is take off your shoes at the door step and have a shower, divest yourself and throw the clothes for washing and put on the new ones. This will help in washing away the allergies.

Wear a mask

  • You get allergy by inhaling some contents of the thing you are allergic to, in order to avoid an ambush, better wear a mask the moment you go out. A N95 will be enough, to avoid you from getting the allergic particles.

Drink more

  • You have postnasal drip from your allergies or are feeling stuffy, start drinking more liquids water, soups, juices etc, but beware don’t have any beverages having alcohol in them. The extra liquid in your body will dilute the mucus present in your nasal tracts, providing some relief to you. Even the hot drinks like tea, coffee, broth and soup also erase mucus by their hot steams.

There are some other ways that can do away with your allergies like keep your house totally clean and tidy, inhale some steam after boiling the plain water, better avoid going near the persons who smoke, you need to be sure about the allergy and the trouble it causes and don’t increase the number of indoor plants, because soil promotes the mold. Remain a little alert while doing these simple things and you can drive away the allergies. If all these foods don’t reduce your allergies, better pay a visit to your doctor for finding a cure, before it becomes too late.

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