4 Reasons Why You’re Waking Up Exhausted

Nothing is worse than getting to bed early, only to wake up feeling tired. If morning grogginess and exhaustion have been your norm, you probably want to start figuring why you’re still weary after a slumber. Sure, it may not seem like a big deal, but not getting quality sleep can directly impact your life. Not only you will feel weaker, but your skin will also look less appealing. Thus, getting to the bottom of the issue is essential.

Here are the possible reasons why you’re waking up snoozing in the morning:


woman-with-insomniaThis sleeping disorder is one of the leading causes of fatigue, affecting 20 percent of the general population. Medical conditions can cause insomnia, unhealthy sleeping habits, eating, and other biological factors. Check out the other grounds of this ailment:

  • Certain Medications – Drugs for many conditions ranging from the common cold to fever can cause insomnia. Many kinds of medicines, especially the over-the-counter ones, contain caffeine and other stimulants that can take a toll in your sleep.
    Good thing, there are less disruptive alternatives to many-insomnia causing tablets, so ask your doctor if you’re medicines can affect the quality of your shut-eye.
  • Asthma – Asthma, a disease that affects your airways, can also steal your well-deserved shut-eye. In fact, according to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, people with this condition were found to be more likely prone to different sleeping disorders like insomnia.
  • Depression – Sure, your daily struggles can undoubtedly keep you wake, but an underlying clinical depression could be the reason why your worries and stressful thoughts are upsetting your nap. If you have been feeling down lately, at the same time, having a hard time getting a shuteye, you should consult a psychologist to identify your condition.

Restless Leg Syndrome

woman-lying-on-bedDo you wake up feeling restless, next to an angry partner who claimed that you’re kicking them all night long? If so, you might have restless leg syndrome.

This neurological disorder is a periodic movement of the legs during sleep. People with this illness often feel a crawling sensation on their body, which is primarily true if they hold their legs still for an extended period. This discomfort can also often disturb their sleeping patterns.

Good thing, since RLS is a common disorder, there are many ways to work with the issue. Eating a balanced diet, reducing stress and setting and following sleeping patterns are some of the things you can do to prevent getting this ailment.

Exercising can also help alleviate restless legs. A morning weight training or jogging several hours before you go to sleep may help improve your condition.

Get Rid of External Disturbances

overhead-view-of-couple-with-relationshipExternal disturbances such as noise, bright lights, and uneven temperature can keep you up and about. To prevent tossing and turning until midnight, remove all of these turbulences.

First thing first: close all of your windows before sleeping. By doing so, you can prevent any disturbing sounds from the outside from coming in. With this, you don’t have to worry about stressful vehicular noise and other sounds. Furthermore, you can also have peace of mind that your house is secure from any burglars. You see, many criminals enter properties through their windows, so locking and closing your glass panes can help you sleep better, at the same time keep you secured.

Another thing you can do to be able to get quality Zzzz is to install window treatments. These covers can avert harmful UV rays that may affect your slumber. Just make sure to determine the size of your windows first before purchasing these fixtures. You don’t want to get a substantial window treatment that doesn’t fit your glass panes, right?

Many companies that sell blinds and shades offer free measurement, so be sure to avail that service to get the right products that can improve your slumber. Also, mind your needs. If you want a window treatment that can block the sunrays, at the same time add aesthetic appeal to your room, you should purchase blinds. However, if you are about efficiency and durability, shutters are your best option.

Another way to make your bedroom sleep-worthy is to adjust the temperature of your room. While it might feel nice to turn off your air conditioning system during hot season to save money, but this simple act could be what’s keeping you up. If you want to lower your utility bills, you could switch to cheaper cooling devices like fan and air cooler. These appliances not only make your room cozy and ventilated, helping you sleep comfortably but also help you save cash when it comes to your electricity bill.

While fans don’t cool the air per se, they set the atmosphere in the motion, which helps clear away your body’s evaporated sweat. To get the preferred temperature, mount your fans near your windows as they should suck out hot air coming in the room. Also, make sure that the fans are turning counterclockwise to distribute heat and air evenly.

Binge-Watching Before Bedtime

sleepless-senior-woman-in-bed-at-nightTechnology is often touted as both a blessing and a curse. While we marvel over how technological devices and internet has made our lives easier, we also find ourselves grumbling when this modern invention get in the way.

For example, mobile phones, and social media bring people closer together, but they have also been blamed for damaging relationships. We can’t even count how many friends become strangers because of social media.

However, there’s one area where technology also takes its toll, and that is sleeping. In a study conducted by the researchers of the University of Michigan, people who browse the web and binge-watch before bedtime are more likely prone to insomnia and other diseases.

Using your phone may not seem like a big deal, but technology affects your sleep in more ways than you realize. Whether you’re surfing the net, playing video games, or using your laptop for work-related matters, you’re keeping yourself from a restful night.

We understand that it’s not plausible for you to get rid of your devices altogether, but you can still take steps to keep them from getting in the way of your shuteye.

Here’s how:

side-view-of-smiling-young-woman-with-laptopDon’t Work at Home – Here’s the thing: finishing your work at the office is one the things you can do to have a balanced and happy life. You see, working at home not only make you stress, which can lead to burn out, but also affect your sleeping patterns.

While it’s a great thing to be an over-achiever, it’s not healthy when it starts to nudging your sleep. So, break the habit of bringing back home with you.

While it’s not as easy as it sounds, it doesn’t mean, it’s not possible. In fact, by maximizing your time and organizing your tasks, you can finish your work in your office. Moreover, by knowing your limits, you can keep stress and additional functions at bay.

Turn off Your Social Media Notifications – Social media can feed our obsession with our friends and idol’s lives. However, these things can also prevent us from doing our daily tasks at hand. The next thing you know, it’s already midnight and hours before you go to work. If you turn off your social media notifications, you’re likely less to be tempted to browse your feed.

If you can’t help but stare at your social media profile, you can disable your applications at night. Then, reinstall the apps in the morning so you can stay updated with your friends’ activities and lives.

Read a Book – If you’re like most people, you probably snuggle up to your mobile phone in bed, before sleeping. However, this is not advisable as smartphones can only keep your brain alert, affecting your sleeping routine. To prevent using your phone before bedtime, read books.

Reading is a great work out for your brain, as it makes your mind a healthy boost. According to the University of Sussex, skimming books reduces stress levels more than several methods of rejuvenation like listening to music. And since stress is a significant factor in sleeping disorders, this activity can help you get rid of the distressing thoughts that swirl around in your brain before a nap.

However, before you grab a book, be sure that your nightstand lamp has glowing light. Meaning, it’s not too bright nor too dark. Adorn your bedside lamp to limit its brightness.

Quality sleep is essential for your health as it helps regulate your temperature, hormone levels, and appetite. What’s more, it repairs your damaged cells, energizing you. If you’ve noticed, people who sleep correctly are more energetic and happier than those who don’t have enough naptime.
And while we all know that not sleeping enough can cause health issues, there will always be times when you’ll skip a few hours, at the same time wake up feeling tired for one reason or another.

Fortunately, by following these tips, you can get your well-deserved Zzzz, and feel better waking up.

Author Bio:

Japs Buidon is a sleep researcher from Beddingstock. He loves hiking as well as electronics.