How Eating No or Less Meat Can Improve Your Happiness and Health

If you’re looking to completely change your life and boost your health and happiness, you might consider making one lifestyle change related to what you eat. That’s vegetarianism.

There are multiple benefits to not eating meat but you can easily see improvement soon if you eat less of it.

If you’re curious to know how such a change in your diet can let you enjoy life more, have more energy and better mood, and improve your spiritual, mental and physical well-being, then read on.

You’ll cleanse your body from the toxins of animals.

minced-meatOne of the reasons people go vegetarian or vegan is meat contamination. Multiple pieces of research have shown that the meat that gets to us contains many types of dangerous bacteria which live in the feces and flesh of the animal.

This enters our system which isn’t prepared to fight something like that or to digest it properly for that matter. Antibiotics can’t kill such bacteria either and the only way to avoid consuming it is to stop eating meat.

But that’s not all. Due to the way animals are being “encouraged” to grow in order to be killed and the industrial livestock production, they are also injected with growth hormone. Even after the meat is processed, this goes directly into the body of the meat eater, together with all the chemicals of such unnatural hormones.

Some of the growth-promoting drugs include “natural and synthetic versions of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone”.

The next important point we must make here is that eating red meat and any sort of processed meat increases your risk of cancer. That’s a result of the chemicals contained in meat. Not just the added ones but also those that naturally occur there.

By choosing to eat less meat or give it up once and for all, you’re guaranteeing a healthier body for the rest of your life.

You’ll find more joy in fresh food.

happy-woman-cooking-salad-bio-food-preparingWhile the way the animal was kept right before being murdered is almost always unpleasant, its negative energy and final moments of misery are captured in its cells. Even when the meat is processed and ready to be sold to people, it still contains all these emotions. That’s not fresh food and it’s not what we’re supposed to be eating.

Vegetarians, on the other hand, are more joyful and mindful eaters who like to try new foods that are rich in fibers, vitamins and nutrients, and often prepare their own meals. You’ll also see them eating more fruits, veggies and whole-grain foods and plant based proteins as opposed to a meat eater.

That gives them energy, they can focus more easily, and their happiness increases.

Factory farms have inhumane practices. Animals are often never outdoors, they grow bigger faster due to the hormones being injected into them, they are kept in cages with little to no room to move freely, they get aggressive to each other due to the unpleasant conditions and being treated badly, and they are given antibiotics to remain healthy before entering the slaughterhouse.

By including food other than meat in your diet, you avoid all that, but also your taste buds change, your mood improves, and the skin gets better.

You’ll feel good about your new lifestyle choice.

family-having-grilled-foodIntensive animal farming (producing and killing animals for the sole purpose of making money from their meat) has detrimental effects on human health but also the environment.

The animals in the farms require huge amounts of food and water. The food itself means more lands with crops being used for that. All this could easily be invested in helping Third World countries.

The soil, water and air are polluted by the pesticides and fertilizers involved in intensive agricultural production.

By refusing to buy from them, you don’t contribute to that industry. And while that itself is not going to change the way in which animals are being treated before being killed, it does mean you’re helping the environment instead of harming it.

You can experience anything in life fully when meat isn’t in your menu anymore.

peeling-fruitsThere’s a connection between vegetarianism and spirituality that only those who stop eating meat for some time can understand. See, when you avoid the chemicals and bad energy you consume together with meat, you cleanse your body, mind and soul.

You can then be more mindful, grateful, and peaceful.

If you’re looking to use more of your potential and want to live life to the fullest, then you need a spiritual awakening. That usually happens by increasing your vibrations so you can be at ease, boost your confidence, improve your relationship with yourself and those around you, feel deeper love, find meaning in life, and raise your energy levels.

Meat has little to no vibration. Instead, you want fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, olive oil, honey, whole grain bread, and more. It’s true that you are what you eat. And by eating natural foods like that you can exist in a higher vibration, experience greater awareness and strengthen the mind-body connection.

Eating no or less meat is one of the easiest solutions to finding more positivity in your life, to being humble and appreciating all you have and let life give you even more of what you thank for.

Vegetarianism also promotes kindness. You will treat yourself, other people and beings better, will show understanding and do no harm.

Refusing to eat meat makes you a better citizen of the world. Other magical things happen inside of you such as understanding why you do what you do, letting go of the fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions, cleansing your soul and filling it with love and self-acceptance.

Limiting the consumption of animal products doesn’t need to happen at once. You can do it slowly so your body gets used to the change. The cravings for meat will soon be gone as it wasn’t anything your body naturally desired, it’s just what you taught it to love.

It will also take a few weeks or even months to completely get rid of any toxins in your organs that were in the meat you last ate. But that’s okay.

We’re talking about a lifestyle change here. It’s worth investing your willpower to turn this into a habit and embrace vegetarianism now, so you can enjoy increased happiness and health for the rest of your life.

Sarah is the rogue adventurer and main editor at Wingman Magazine. She is passionate about helping men in their social interactions and to transform themselves into the best version possible of who they can be. Personally she is a complete nutrition and healthy lifestyle freak.