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How is Fasting Helpful for Better Health?

Ayurveda has a long tradition of utilizing fasting as an important practice for better health. It may be a new trend for western world but in India, it exists for thousands of years.

Fasting means voluntarily abstinence from the intake of food for a specific period of time. In Ayurvedic text Astang Hridyam, there are two timings for eating food, in morning and in the evening- one after sunrise and one before sunset.

So, there should be a gap of 8-10 hours between the main meals.

What is the Importance of Fasting?

black-plate-with-knife-spoon-on-gray-brown-tableNow-a-days, the majority of our food lacks prana or vital force as we are consuming processed foods, foods with pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, chemical additives etc. These low quality foods have lead to imbalance in the body.

  • Due to this, our digestion suffers and there is an accumulation of ama or toxins. Ama is nothing but an undigested food matter.
  • Ama is formed due to poor digestion. If poor dietary habits are continued, then this toxic undigested food stuff migrates into the blood stream and circulates throughout the body. This sticky and heavy toxic material settles into khavaigunas or the weak spots in the body which eventually manifests into more serious conditions.
  • It is important to eliminate and halt ama before it causes deeper problems and fasting is one of the best methods to eliminate toxins within the system.
  • Due to over-eating, the food is not digested properly and can become toxic if it is not processed.